Thursday, August 27, 2009

Build a popular blog with these three types of posts!

There are a lot of questions how to grow your blog and generate traffic which is what keeps your blog alive!

Are you a blogger who writes for yourself or do you write your blog posts for your readers? How can you attract your readers to read your posts? Which posts attract which readers?

What are the ingredients for a successful blog?

Like in the real life, we can not live without some sugar, spice and vitamins.

Why vitamins?

As everyone needs vitamins in the daily life, these posts are one of the essentials for the regular readers in your blog.

They represent your blog or your niche like in my case it would be the guides of myLot, Adgitize and EntreCard or the Scam posts.

These posts help you grow and build up the blog!

The purpose of sugar posts!

What do you think about your important blog posts? Do they always keep the attention of your readers or will it get after a while too serious?
I think you know what will come next. They wait for some sweeties from you! Why?
Sugar posts catch the attention of new readers and of your loyal reader much easier. The sole purpose of these posts is to make your blog easier to consume.

Sugar posts are usually blog lists where other readers can find additional information about a specific topic like the Scam List , paid survey list or freebies like the Suze Orman ebook

Like in the real life, try to keep your sugar posts in little dosages otherwise your blog will turn into a candy shop. The sugar posts shall attract new readers to keep on reading your vitamin posts and make them to one of your regular readers!

Why you should use some spicy posts!

The purpose of spice in your blog is to keep the whole blog interesting as every meal gets less tasty without some spicy herbs or chilli!
Sugar and vitamin posts will give you the opportunity to gain and hold your readers, they help you to grow substantially.

Within spicy posts you present your flavor and your own personality (opinion). This will, can and should cause some heated debates on your blog.
One of my spicy posts included EntreCard: The Wipe Out has already started.

Is it dangerous for your loyal readership to use this kind of spice?
Of course you can say, "Hey, they won't like my opinion about this topic."
Yes, that's might be true but first of all not everyone will flee and stop coming back. They may hate this particular post, ok. You won't like their comments on this post.
You have to bare it like they have to. But in the end your reader will no where else get this specific spicy flavor of your post!

Let's summarize the recipe...

Take a little bit of sugar to attract new readers, keep your readers and yourself healthy with the vitamins and make your blog more interesting with some spices!

What do you think about it and which kind of post might this be?

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