Sunday, August 2, 2009

EntreCard Top Dropper July 2009

EntreCardThank you to all my Entrecard members who dropped by in the last month. You helped me to drop my blog into the TOP 15 of the Finance and Investing category!!

The TOP 3 Droppers of July 2009 which will receive a reward are

1st prize 500 EC (paid 08.08.2009)

2nd prize 300 EC (paid 08.08.2009)
Simple Forex

3rd prize 200 EC (paid on 08.08.2009)
Hello Kitty Gifts

4th prize 111 EC (randomly choosen from rank 4-25) (paid 08.08.2009)
Meow Diaries (ranked on 24)

The TOP Droppers are displayed on the sidebar, they are updated daily. So you can track your success immediately :-)

My contest is building up... if you want to be one of the sponsors (you will get guaranteed traffic to your blog), read the post about the sponsorship!

Keep on dropping by daily to read, comment and win some ECs and link love!


  1. good info for entrecard friend,thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Ohhh I won I won! Meow! Thanks so much, and happy dropping! :)

  3. I'd love to play but I can't find the drop box.

  4. @alom_doank:

    Thanks for your compliment, keep on dropping to reach the top of my list ;-)

  5. @Mariuca:

    I guess you could reach the top if i would have dropped more regularly on your blog :-P

    Keep up the fascinating posts on your blog!

  6. @Zizzybob:

    Sometimes this problem with the missing Entrecard appears.

    Just press F5, then the site reloads the content and the Entrecard should appear again.


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