Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mylot: The best paid forum since 2005!

We received again a payout from myLot after not being that active because of taking care of our little baby boy since March 2009.
This time we just reached the payout limit of 10.00 $ by end of July. All you have to do is taking part in discussions which the members start or you can start your own discussion.

It's great when you can help other members with their problems or they help you when you ask them questions and in exchange you get paid for it!

Also interesting for Blog owners who write paid articles!

Since March 2009 you can also take part in Tasks. It is similar to Pay per Post, only that you don't have to publish it on your blog. You deliver the article directly to the Task owner in myLot and for around 4 paragraphs (16 to 20 lines) you can earn up to 4 $ (2 $ is the average price).

I think myLot is a much better earnings opportunity than working for some of the paid blog post companies which offer you mostly less money but more lengthy articles to write.

Referrals give you on top 25% of their earnings!

We give everyone who signs up under this referral link 50% cash-back of our 25%-referral earnings. You earn 10$ - we get 2.50 $, we transfer 1.25$ into your Paypal-Account!!

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  1. I agree, Mylot is great. I have been there for a couple of years. I don't have the time for it anymore, but it is a honest, paying site, very hard to come by.


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