Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Entrecard: Do you have so many ECs to pay for advertising here?

Just made my rounds in the search for some good advertising opportunities when i came across the most expensive advertisement i have ever seen.

The ad on The Journey costs at the moment 262.144 ECs for one day.
I would like to know who bought the previous advertisement for 131.072 ECs. At the moment the price drops, perhaps it was only a glitch in Entrecards system or someone rejects the ad at the moment! In case you want to advertise on her blog, here is the EntreCard profile of The Journey.

Otherwise it would have been a good opportunity for this person to sponsor our 1 Million EC-Free Traffic-Contest with 100.000 ECs ;-)
For this contribution the member would have received 6 weeks free advertisement/traffic on our blog.

For luck we will know or we can guess in three weeks who paid so much ECs for one day advertisement. The Journey publish every week additional the last weeks advertisers.

Starting from this week, i will offer this Thank You, my advertisers, too as everyone else receives from our advertisers each day ECs for placing their ad in our EntreCard.
I receive for example between 64 and 128 ECs (depending on the ad price, you get 25% from the paid ad price).


  1. I was one of those who bought an ad spot for a day from The Journey. But I only paid 256ec for it for 3 of my blogs. I think it might have been that so many bought from The Journey on the same day that the price per ad on her widget increased exponentially.

    - Sasha

  2. I am pretty certain, even if I had that many credits, I would not spend that many on one blog. I wonder how many hits are generated from that blog, to the advertisers.

  3. thanks for the special links of my blog in your post. i am also wondering why my ec credits went that too high. i was away last weekend and when i came back i had many ec advitisers to approve.

    The Journey

  4. Corny, I would drop on your card if I could find it.

  5. @zizzybob:

    The Box to drop your card is at "The blogs of the day" under the Followers!

    In case you can't see, please press the key "F5". The website will refresh.

    Has anyone else this problem?


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