Tuesday, August 25, 2009

EntreCard: Breaking NEWS - Only 1 credit per drop from 1st September on!

EntreCardThat's new, that's amazing or is it the worst decision ever made by the new management of EntreCard?

From 1st September on, only the person who drops the card will get a ONE EC. The member who receives the DROP gets NO MORE ONE EC. This means if you want to advertise in the future, you have to be active and drop cards, otherwise you won't have many chances to advertise.

I guess the advertising prices will drop too in the long run (when the ECs that are hold back from the Cashout program will flow into the Economy!)

This action had to be taken by the management to solve the Entrecard Inflation.

I guess our contest will be welcome from 1st September on, by the members who don't want to click so often. Instead of clicking so many members to pay for a good advertising spot, they just have to visit some blogs to get a chance of winning several thousand ECs each week!
Thank you EntreCard Team for this step :-) (ironic!)

What is your opinion to this new decision (again no word about the strange paid ad from the previous day)?

1 comment:

  1. I'm a little worried about how this new dropping policy will affect me and my fellow bloggers that I have met through EC. EC has been helpful to me, so I don't want to rush to judgement, but I am concerned.


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