Saturday, August 29, 2009

Entrecard: Good bye cheap ads! Consequences of EC's policy change

I promise you, as soon as of the first week of September, you won't find anymore good and acceptable adspaces in EntreCard between 8 and 128 ECs.

It's already now like this:
for 2 EC ad    - 12 popularity points (means 2,5 EC-visitor/day)
for 4 EC ad    - 25 popularity points (5 visitors)
for 8 EC ad    - 50 popularity points (10 visitors)
for 16 EC ad   - 80 popularity points (16 visitors)
for 32 EC ad   - 160 popularity points (32 visitors)
for 64 EC ad   - around 300+ pop.points (60 visitors)
for 128 EC ad  - around 600+ pop.points (120 visitors)

What does this mean?

As i started my ad campaign for our contest on 10th of August, the advertisement cost were 50% cheaper. That means you could say popularity points divided by 10 and then you had a good ad price. It means you reached the double amount of visitors with your ad!
The ad price went up (doubled!) since they announced the new policy for 1st of September.

Why do the ad prices go up already now?

People want to "save" up the ECs for future advertisements. But at the moment they will mostly get crap for their money. As i spend in the last three weeks over 10.000 EC (on ad spaces from 2 to 1.024 ECs) i got around 220 clicks, from the low cost advertisement (32 EC and below) i got in 80% of the cases 0 clicks. In the future you will get from most of the 32/64 EC ads 0 clicks, too. It will be the biggest waste of ECs!

Who can afford ad prices from 1.024 EC and above in the future?

Calculation: 300 drops = 300 EC, ECs for displayed ad must be 3.072 ECs= 768 EC

Only persons who have their "saved up" ECs from the previous CashOut program can advertise on these high priced ad spots or you have to wait 3 or more days (when your ad price is let's say 128 EC = 32 ECs in your account) if you can drop 300 cards each day.

What EntreCard should do now!

This means EntreCard should find a way to regulate the Ad price more to the reality after they cut the ECs we can receive for our drops.
Instead of doubling the price from 64 ECs on, they should just add -from this price on- 32 ECs.

In this case the members will have a wider range of blogs to advertise with affordable prices and a chance of some clicks from these ads!

Otherwise the members will start to save up more and more ECs to wait for lower, acceptable ad prices. This means there will be again much more ECs in the system than EntreCard wants us to have!


  1. Your analysis is superb. You have hit the nail right on its head. I will wait and see what will happen when the new policy on 1 credit per drop, no credit for the site drop back takes effect by September 1, 2009. That's why there's no more reason why your biggest EC contest will not succeed. People who don't want to advertise on the blogs to get traffic will participate in the biggest EC free traffic contest.

    Eli, Business Sphere

  2. Hello Eli,

    thanks for your compliment. Like you know, everyone is waiting for your next part - "How to solve the EC inflation".

    I think i got nearly the same amount of clicks from my sponsors and their reviews than from the advertisements in EntreCard.

    For me it seems like the contest is similar to Adgitize... you get guaranteed traffic but you have to pay a premium.
    The most clicks which i got from one ad campaign have been 33 clicks (384 ECs) Meow Diaries.
    This is my goal which should be topped with our contest.


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