Friday, April 30, 2010

MyLikes: How to advertise in Twitter!

Earn money on Twitter with MyLikes, sign up now and start today!
Earn money on Twitter
Today i would have reached my 2nd payout in MyLikes (1st payment proof Mylikes) with around 3 $. I reached this payout with just one Likes which i tweeted almost everyday. You can say 3$ earned for 5 Minutes work as you can schedule one Likes for 4 days.If they still have enough funds, you can re-post your Likes again for four days and so on (with a slightly different tweet). I guess as long as their budget does not run out of funds, i might go along with them throughout May 2010 :)

What did i do now with my earnings from the 2nd "payout"?

I transferred it into a MyLikes Advertiser account. The minimum balance to advertise in MyLikes is 20$ and you just add up the difference to your earnings via PayPal or directly with your credit card.

The first step in creating a MyLikes campaign is by choosing which kind of campaign you want to start.

Since a few days MyLikes added the possibility to make a Pay-per-video Campaign. The Pay-per-video campaign gives advertisers the opportunity to let a popular Youtube member create a video and this Youtube member will broadcast it to their subscribers for the advertiser I guess it will take some days/weeks until advertiser offer this kind of campaigns.
Pay-per-Tweet Campaigns haven't been used at the moment by advertisers within my selected MyLikes categories as i believe the price is too high for the common Twitter member. The price of the pay-per-Tweet campaign is similar to Sponsored Tweets suggested price but it can't be changed by the MyLikes-member.

Only if you want to advertise with some real influencer e.g. Stars, Problogger a pay-per-Tweet campaign could be an alternative to the Pay-per-Click campaign. The possibility that fans keep an eye on the profiles of these famous members even hours or days later and click on the ad link, could bleed out some Pay-per-Click campaign advertiser ;-)

The setup of a pay-per-click campaign is easy and fast to manage like you can see in this screenshot:

  • Simply type in the name of the campaign (Title)
  • Link to the advertised website/blog/affiliate program
  • Select from which location the clicks can get paid (for now the choice is only between United States or worldwide)

The third step is the final step before you make the payment and then your campaign will be already live available for the other MyLikes' members to be tweeted, posted or embedded.
You have to choose the maximum pay-per-click amount (min. 0.05 $) and your initial budget (min. 20$ can always be increased in the future by adding funds). Additionally you can choose in which categories your campaign will be displayed. These settings can be changed during the duration of an active campaign (you can decrease / raise the PPC amount, add or delete categories).
The last action to do will be uploading a picture (This is the "edit campaign" screen shot, in the "create campaign" procedure wasn't the possibility to upload a picture!)

My first impression of the MyLikes campaign setup:

  • Only little descriptions and no introduction about minimum cost per click or minimum budget available, only after you type in a too low amount you get a red warning with the minimum amounts
  • No approval of tweets for influencer required if you create a pay-per-click campaign (so far i didn't see a possibility to disapprove a created sponsored Likes)
  • No scheduled time of the sponsored Likes visible (guess will be posted after the tweet has been analyzed)
  • Approval of tweets possible with Pay-per-Tweet campaign (Step 2 - additional option to choose at which time the influencer shall tweet and if approval is required)
  • It seems that for each new created campaign a budget with at least 20 $ is necessary as there is no delete button for your "old" campaigns

In case you would like to earn from these MyLikes campaigns, you can easily sign-up with MyLikes and start liking products or Sponsored Likes and earn for each click/tweet or video a small, big or great amount of money. In my previous article MyLikes: Make money with Twitter i explained how to start, which earnings opportunity are available and which steps you should take to succeed in MyLikes.

Earn money on Twitter with MyLikes, sign up now and start today!
Earn money on Twitter

In the next few days i will write a second part about the success of Twitter Advertising in MyLikes.

Did you advertise in the past in Twitter? With which programs did you sign-up? Which campaigns have been successful for you?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spam from!! Viagra Spammer on the way

Just received a strange sounding e-mail from (screen shot) with the title Undelivered Message 22-318.

The screen shot looks like this

actual twitter email spam or scam

The problem is that the real link for this mysterious delayed message doesn't lead you to your Twitter account! email leads you to a reported attack page!

Be aware of E-Mails coming from - They are not really from Twitter.

In Twitter they talk that if you click through to the Reported Attack Page you might get a visit from malicious software, trojans or a Viagra website will be displayed!

UPDATE: On 29th April 2010 i got a second email from - with a slightly different message (You have 3 unread messages) which means you should take care - it's not over yet (the redirected URL changed, too!).

Friday, April 9, 2010

MyLikes: Make money with Twitter

MyLikes is another way to get new followers on twitter and earn additional money from sponsored Likes. The company is already several months old but MyLikes offers one of the best earnings opportunities. You will get paid for each click a certain amount which MyLikes calculates after you signed up. This price is fixed until your score moves up/down. Payout is every Friday as soon as you reach 2$.

Influence your CPC-Score

To move your score, the ads have to be relevant for your Twitter audience. If you get a nice amount of clicks which might result in purchases or activities on the advertised websites, your CPC will move up after adjusting your account (done every two or three weeks). Posting irrelevant ads might lead in the future to a lower CPC for your MyLikes account.
The score is NOT depending on the amount of Twitter-Followers you have as i saw several MyLikes members (with less followers) who have a higher CPC than myself with more than 11.900 followers (mine is 0.43 $/click). It seems important, too, that you have more followers than you are following.

Become an MyLikes Influencer and win additional cash prizes for your recommendations!

Inside of MyLikes are different levels to become a better influencer. The more points you get (higher level you reach), the more often your Likes will be shown on the front page and after other members submit their Likes to the same topic.
There are several competitions running every month which highlight usually the best lists (for a specific topic - at the moment e.g. Best restaurants list and 8 other lists). To increase your chances in winning a 10$ cash prize, you should do the following actions
  • achieve the level of a Fiery pro (300+ points) in MyLikes, it just gives you better chances in winning one of the additional competition prizes (as they see you are active and helpful)
  • follow other members inside of MyLikes
  • recommend not only sponsored Likes (your paid ads) but what else you like (Pizza brand, Fast food chain, restaurants, movies, actors, mobile phones, computer, cars, clothes and so on), so that you can create some of the competition lists ;-)
  • comment on other followers Likes to encourage them to comment on your likes as well
  • write good recommendations for the Likes which you include in your competition lists
More opportunities to earn money with MyLikes

You can
  1. send a tweet to your followers on Twitter,
  2. make a blog post about the sponsored Likes and/or
  3. put a widget with the active sponsored Likes on your blog/website (similar to Google Adsense, only the MyLikes-CPC might be more lucrative)
and get paid by MyLikes every time they count a valid click for one of your sponsored Likes!

My first payment proof of MyLikes

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is Hubze a Scam? Fishy, Fishy or How to build a big list fast!

On 5th April it was time to listen again to a webinar of founder and CEO David Foster of Hubze.
Most of the points mentioned in my previous post about a possible Hubze-Scam or the new Hype in Social media turned out to become reality.
I'm wondering what you are thinking about his message and the e-mails they send us in the last week.

First, the affiliate program for their new customized Facebook Fan Page-Application is only available for you if you BUY the Facebook Fan Page Application. Referrals who signed up under your Hubze Card are not reflected as your referrals for this Facebook affiliate program.
He said, it might be perhaps connected in the future when they have finished their Hubze Card. I can only say in this case they could have linked it up directly with your username which they are not doing!
So how do they link it up in the future with no connection to your Hubze Card account now? Do you really think you would get $$ in a few months for your referrals who bought now the Facebook Fan Page Application (1. if you didn't buy it 2. Nobody gives months later commissions when they cashed it in now)?

Advertising around Hubze Cards

Second, he announced there would be advertising spots available around the Hubze Card only from members of the community which will be most likely Internet marketers. Lots of advertising for E-Books and Get Rich Schemes, Diets and so on will be coming.

Launch of the real Hubze Cards postponed

Third, doesn't it look fishy now as they announced in one of their first webinar in early March the Hubze Card will be launched for the Beta-Tester (more than 4.000 members) in the first week of April. But all you can hear and read now are Internet marketing strategies like
  • look for new members who shall sign up under you, it's a great and FREE program and you might earn some commissions if they will buy some of our programs in the future
  • sign up and buy this Facebook Fanpage Application now and start earning commissions before we sent the e-mails to the BIG Internet marketers
He even mentioned that his graphic designer is on holiday right now. Hmm, what the heck has he to do in holidays? The real big deal, the Hubze Card, would attract much more persons to sign-up, if it would be online right now (even when you have only a few social media sites available but that why it's called BETA-version!).
I forgot to mention, in this webinar David Foster said "We are not even in Beta, we are just in the Alpha-Version. We have only the Skeleton of the Hubze Card. But it looks great better than he thought it would look in the Alpha-Version".

Is the FREE Hubze Card only a marketing gag for building a BIG LIST to sell products to several 10.000 members?

I could bet in the next weeks, all members get flooded with more e-mails/webinars about new marketing programs and opportunities to sell them as affiliates (if you buy it first) instead of a further progress of the Hubze Card. It seems they use the FREE Hubze Card argument for sign-ups to build a BIG E-MAIL LIST and throw programs from their friends (he said it's one member from the community, difficult to check as you can't access the Hubze Cards :-) )

All you can do is wait for the real deal and not letting you irritating by the pitchy sales e-mails in which the Hubze Squad might promote over the next weeks several new programs!
What do you think about it as the time went by?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is Moneza (now: Hubze) a scam or THE new hype in Social Media?

Hubze, Moneza - the new way to connect with Social Media and Instant messengers on one placeHubze is a newcomer - who claims to connect the most famous Social media networking websites & Instant messengers under one umbrella for free. Hubze has started to promote its website just by recruiting new members with the help of its members.
At the moment there are just a few webinar videos available and promotional material. The videos sound very attractive (yeah, it's a commercial, won't hear anything bad in it, mind you) to a lot of members which reflects itself in the fast rising number of members (after 1 week more than 4.000 members, after 2 1/2 weeks already 13.000 members, goal of the website owner is 100.000 members in late May).

Here are some reasons why you should kind of critical towards their website.
  1. In the first week the name of the website was announced with Moneza, they changed it after the second week to Hubze. Their reason written in their blog was to reflect that the website is more a hub for all other Social media networking websites than a money-making opportunity without any additional information how to make money with their system (which was reflected by the word Moneza and with which they could attract 4.000 members in the beginning).
    Hubze - the new social media hub - socialize and earn some money

  2. Only screenshots are available from their Hubze cards which shall include the famous social media websites + Instant Messengers (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, FlickR, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, Feedburner, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and many more!).
    Hubze card, your NEW business card in the social media networking world
    You will find on your Hubze card the recent live status updates from your registered social media websites. The feature of Geo-targeting will be available, too (famous from Foursquare).

  3. No word about the safety of your data if you allow them to post your status updates from these Social Media networks to your Hubze cards. We just have to remember which problems Twitter and Facebook had in the last weeks with hacked accounts, fake e-mails, trojans and virus which have been sent to us by DM or e-mail.

  4. When i signed up in the second week, i didn't use a referral link but i still got referred to Hubze by David Foster. Only after the sign-up process i saw in the blog posts that David Foster is the CEO of this new company. This was one of the signs for me that it's not such an ethical company when the CEO tries to get as much referrals as possible in his private account. Later they told in one of the webinar videos about their Affiliate program which shall be a 2-Tier program. This means you might get a commission from your direct referral and a portion from the referral of your direct referral. At the moment this practice has stopped but he definitely got a lot of sign-ups under his name from the first weeks.

  5. It seems more to be a website for Internet and Affiliate marketers as the founders are from this business sector and most of the comments on the blog are from those marketers, too. Another reason why you could get swamped over with this kind of persons will be because Hubze will only allow advertisement from within their community.
    The question is if their calculation for their premium membership for 29,97$/month (additional a blog inside their Hubze card + Auto responder service) + for 37, 67 & 297 $ (one time fees) a fully customized Facebook Fan page will be enough to cover the costs for 100.000s of FREE Hubze cards or if they have to turn additional towards paid advertisement around the Hubze cards.

  6. Their affiliate program could be not so member-friendly like promised in the first weeks. At the end of the webinar of 29th March 2010 Mike Healy answered to a question "who would be eligible for a commission from the affiliate programs". His answer was that it's most likely that you have to upgrade for some services to enjoy a commission from that particular service from your referrals.
    This means you could "loose" a big amount of income as for the monthly premium membership the commission will be between 15% (4.49 $/month) and 45% (13.48 $/month) for the direct referrals and 5 - 9% (1.49 - 2.69 $) for their referrals (this depends how many of your referrals upgrade to premium, 45% is only achievable if 100 referrals upgrade in that particular month!).
    For the customized Facebook page you would earn 10% (3.70 - 29.70 $ - direct referral) or 5% (1.85 - 14.85 $ - referral of your direct referral) of the sales prices (37 - 297$)

My Conclusion:

If they can fulfill what they promise in their video commercial by taking care of safety risks and advertisements, it could get a great website to share your status updates in ONE place & connect with a lot of new persons (and simply forget about earning a bunch of money like Mike Healy announces on his blog with 10.000 $ weekly *lol*)!
New connections & friends might be more worth for your future than a few missed bucks.

In case you like what you saw in the video, feel free to register with Hubze, so that you are one of the first to enjoy their service when they will launch their Hubze cards!

Start your Networking and Social media engine with Hubze and your own FREE Hubze card
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