Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is Hubze a Scam? Fishy, Fishy or How to build a big list fast!

On 5th April it was time to listen again to a webinar of founder and CEO David Foster of Hubze.
Most of the points mentioned in my previous post about a possible Hubze-Scam or the new Hype in Social media turned out to become reality.
I'm wondering what you are thinking about his message and the e-mails they send us in the last week.

First, the affiliate program for their new customized Facebook Fan Page-Application is only available for you if you BUY the Facebook Fan Page Application. Referrals who signed up under your Hubze Card are not reflected as your referrals for this Facebook affiliate program.
He said, it might be perhaps connected in the future when they have finished their Hubze Card. I can only say in this case they could have linked it up directly with your username which they are not doing!
So how do they link it up in the future with no connection to your Hubze Card account now? Do you really think you would get $$ in a few months for your referrals who bought now the Facebook Fan Page Application (1. if you didn't buy it 2. Nobody gives months later commissions when they cashed it in now)?

Advertising around Hubze Cards

Second, he announced there would be advertising spots available around the Hubze Card only from members of the community which will be most likely Internet marketers. Lots of advertising for E-Books and Get Rich Schemes, Diets and so on will be coming.

Launch of the real Hubze Cards postponed

Third, doesn't it look fishy now as they announced in one of their first webinar in early March the Hubze Card will be launched for the Beta-Tester (more than 4.000 members) in the first week of April. But all you can hear and read now are Internet marketing strategies like
  • look for new members who shall sign up under you, it's a great and FREE program and you might earn some commissions if they will buy some of our programs in the future
  • sign up and buy this Facebook Fanpage Application now and start earning commissions before we sent the e-mails to the BIG Internet marketers
He even mentioned that his graphic designer is on holiday right now. Hmm, what the heck has he to do in holidays? The real big deal, the Hubze Card, would attract much more persons to sign-up, if it would be online right now (even when you have only a few social media sites available but that why it's called BETA-version!).
I forgot to mention, in this webinar David Foster said "We are not even in Beta, we are just in the Alpha-Version. We have only the Skeleton of the Hubze Card. But it looks great better than he thought it would look in the Alpha-Version".

Is the FREE Hubze Card only a marketing gag for building a BIG LIST to sell products to several 10.000 members?

I could bet in the next weeks, all members get flooded with more e-mails/webinars about new marketing programs and opportunities to sell them as affiliates (if you buy it first) instead of a further progress of the Hubze Card. It seems they use the FREE Hubze Card argument for sign-ups to build a BIG E-MAIL LIST and throw programs from their friends (he said it's one member from the community, difficult to check as you can't access the Hubze Cards :-) )

All you can do is wait for the real deal and not letting you irritating by the pitchy sales e-mails in which the Hubze Squad might promote over the next weeks several new programs!
What do you think about it as the time went by?


  1. Hello there!

    This is David Foster and I am the ceo of hubze and I really appreciate feedback both negative and positive. I know that it has taken a little longer to launch everything than we had originally anticipated, but what I don't think people understand is that I am funding this whole thing myself and I am not a millionaire...

    I have to pay developers, server costs and monthly service fees for various services that run my business and believe me it is not cheap...

    Did we build a big list? Heck yes we did and every single one of those people will get exactly what they signed up for once the final product is released...

    Now as far as the Fan Page Engine, we originally had 2 development teams working separately on different things because we thought the hubze card would be done first, but as it turned out the Fan Page Engine was done first, and I looked at it objectively because I wanted to allow people to promote it to make money, but the hubze system was not ready to even track affiliates, let alone sales so in order to raise some capital ourselves instead of bringing in investors that would put us in debt we released it and it has been sustaining us ever since. Once hubze is launched and we can actually track things, we will then start only promoting things that our members will make money on from their 2 levels of referrals...

    I know it has not been a perfect launch and I wish that anyone reading included would realize what it actually takes to create a successful online business these days. It is not easy. There is so much to do, and once people hear about it, it goes viral, and if you are not completely prepared people will just bombard you...

    We launched thinking we would only have a few people to help us test and 3 months later we have over 30,000 people registered and so we are working hard to make sure that they ALL get what they came for.

    So again I say I welcome the post good or bad, but try to get facts first. You are always welcome to contact us at if you have questions as to what we are up to, and I ALWAYS answer those emails...both good and bad because I know they are equally as important to the success of our company...

    Hope you had a great Fourth and look forward to hearing from you!

    David Foster | hubze ceo

    1. Regardless of the biglist you built David, you ripped people off! I personally paid you $300 for software that now I can't even use becuase the code is totally screwed up. If you're going to put that kind of a price on software at least support it. I've asked you on facebook to fix the issues, but instead of responding like an ethical business person would do, you simply delete the posts and keep spewing your BS on the hubze facebook page. I also paid you monthly fees to use the software I had just pad $300 for and then you take it down. So now you do have a big list, but I can't find one single person that respects you or your methods. So that big list...good luck selling them anything ever again. You're a rip off artist...nothing more. If you're so damned ethical, why didn't you refund the monies people paid you for software you refuse to support? Anyone with half a brain would know that there are costs associated with running a business. Was this a surprise to you? You're CEO of NOTHING! There is no product, no support and the software is crashing around your ears. On top of all the money you took from people in paymenst and monthly fees, you also got over $100,000 from a startup venture capital. Did you not know that you were to use that money to run yoru business, not create some slick looking office? Stop whining about your hard luck story...I have contacted you at what? You don't answer that either, EVER. So quite lying about how great your company is and how well you deal with people. We don't care. We didn't pay you for software as a benevolent service so you could talk bullshit...we paid you for it's use...which no one has now. More like a fraud than a good business minded person.

  2. Love the Hubze Card idea,now it sounds like it will launch.Have a good one. cheers b.Bryan

  3. Former Hubze MemberMarch 2, 2015 at 4:19 AM

    I too paid David Foster for the Hubze Facebook service. Now, none of the applications are working on my Facebook page. So, anyone who goes to my Facebook page and clicks on any of the Hubze-related tabs (free offer, etc) now sees a blank page. So Hubze now = nothing. It's very important to note that there was absolutely no word given of the Hubze service no longer being functional (I triple-checked my email records to confirm), so I have no idea how long the tabs haven't been working. Extremely unprofessional. now routes to a basic WordPress page featuring a half-assed homage to Captain America. Take a look for yourself. It seems David Foster has retreated from promising a service he can't deliver in the real world and moved on to a far more important mission of urgently contributing to the sea of inane comments about comic books. Tweet tweet. I regret signing up for this "service". It worked for a while, but ended up making me look bad because I had no idea that it had ceased to function. Now, onto the larger issue: Should the ethics of someone who sells a software "service" and then discontinues it with no word given to any of its subscribers (who paid good money for it) be in question?


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