Thursday, April 30, 2009 - Payment proof - get paid to e-mail

I joined Earnstar in November 2008 and enjoyed their Get Paid to e-mail and Get paid for offers-program because they are different than the other Get Paid-programs.

You don't have to click dozens of e-mails each day to get some cents. Usually each e-mail has a worth between 1 and 5 cents. They sent e-mails sometimes daily, but mostly you will get every second day up to three e-mails.

The rewards are extraordinary and the highest in the German Get Paid to-Market! You get money for registering in Lucky Draws (up to 1.00 Euro), Saving Accounts/credit card/mobile phone card (up to 30 Euro), Loan (up to 80 Euro), registering for paid surveys (up to 1.50 Euro), Newsletter subscriptions (up to 0.20 Euro), cash back for online-shopping and so on.

On top you get 5.00 Euro for registering, payout is available when you reach 20.00 Euro or you can already book advertisement when you reach 10.00 Euro!

The payout amount has been 52.46 Euro and was transferred to my bank account in the beginning of April 2009.

Here is the screen shot for the paid offers:

If you like to register (only Germany) follow this link. - Sparen-Gewinnen-Verdienen

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Entrecard Paid Ads lets Google Pagerank drop!!

On 2nd of April i was so happy to see the first number appearing on my Google Page rank button. Even it was only a 1, it showed me that i improved with my content, the linking to other blogs and other blogs linked to my blog, use of social websites and so on.

On 11th of April i was shocked to see that my Page Rank disappeared again. Now it shows the N/A-Sign which means Not Available.

At the moment i see only one clear link with the drop or disappearance of the Goggle Page Rank - Entrecard Paid Ad System.

I began to get very active in Entrecard on 4th of April. At this time i also accepted the paid ads (in the beginning accidently, later only for persons who drop cards on my blog ;-) ).

I can only guess that Google doesn't like it when a website is "sponsored" with paid ads.
Even when i don't get paid by these ads.

If you move with the mouse over one of the Entrecard's "ads", you can see if it is a paid ad. At the end of the link it's written "paid" instead of "Entrecard".

It seems to be the same like with the PayperPost-Button which many bloggers use and afterwards their Page Rank drop or disappears completely like in my case now.

So i decided to start with PayPerPost, too, but continue to drop Entrecards in the next days again (at the moment too busy with our newborn son and with finding a new apartment until May).

Sorry, if i didn't click on the blogs from your Entrecard these days. I will start from tomorrow on again!!

My Question is now:

Has anyone the same problem in the last days since Entrecard started their Paid Ad Campaign?

And a second question would be:

Are the possibilities to prevent this kind of downgrade (does the nofollow-code work in this case, how to use this code?)

Hope some of the Entrecard members can help me and i guess if this happens to other members, the comments will help them, too! Thanks for every comment!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adsense: Are Top Keyword Lists Scam?

If you type in the Search Engines the keywords "Adsense Top Keyword list", you'll get a lot of websites who offer you "high paying" keywords.

Most of the keywords are about
  • domain yahoo
  • domain registration yahoo
  • car credit
  • auto insurance quote
  • mesothelioma lawyers (lung cancer caused by asbestos)
  • prepaid credit card
If you look now what is behind this keywords you can see that a lot of persons will key in these words and search for it. In the case of mesothelioma, it will be just less advertisers who are specialized on this topic, so the clicks cost a lot for the specific lawyer.

The cost per click (CPC) -which the lists show us - are usually the costs the advertiser has to pay to Google, it's not the money that you will get for a click on one of this ads.

So what do these Google Adsense Top Keyword List represent:

Many searches for those keywords, a high amount paid by the advertiser but in the end we have also a lot of clicks.

And when these ads are clicked, the paid ad price has to be shared by the persons who have the ads running on their websites!

That means, if the Average CPC is 50 $ and there are 25 or 100 clicks each day, you can't expect that you will get 50$ for this click.
It should be perhaps between 50 cents and 2 $, sometimes even less, depending on which rank the ad is presented on your website!

If you like to have a specialized pre-built web page with high paying Adsense keywords you could be interested in the Adsense Package including already Amazon Affiliate Program links and usually more than 200 posts!

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