Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adsense: Are Top Keyword Lists Scam?

If you type in the Search Engines the keywords "Adsense Top Keyword list", you'll get a lot of websites who offer you "high paying" keywords.

Most of the keywords are about
  • domain yahoo
  • domain registration yahoo
  • car credit
  • auto insurance quote
  • mesothelioma lawyers (lung cancer caused by asbestos)
  • prepaid credit card
If you look now what is behind this keywords you can see that a lot of persons will key in these words and search for it. In the case of mesothelioma, it will be just less advertisers who are specialized on this topic, so the clicks cost a lot for the specific lawyer.

The cost per click (CPC) -which the lists show us - are usually the costs the advertiser has to pay to Google, it's not the money that you will get for a click on one of this ads.

So what do these Google Adsense Top Keyword List represent:

Many searches for those keywords, a high amount paid by the advertiser but in the end we have also a lot of clicks.

And when these ads are clicked, the paid ad price has to be shared by the persons who have the ads running on their websites!

That means, if the Average CPC is 50 $ and there are 25 or 100 clicks each day, you can't expect that you will get 50$ for this click.
It should be perhaps between 50 cents and 2 $, sometimes even less, depending on which rank the ad is presented on your website!

If you like to have a specialized pre-built web page with high paying Adsense keywords you could be interested in the Adsense Package including already Amazon Affiliate Program links and usually more than 200 posts!

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