Thursday, April 30, 2009 - Payment proof - get paid to e-mail

I joined Earnstar in November 2008 and enjoyed their Get Paid to e-mail and Get paid for offers-program because they are different than the other Get Paid-programs.

You don't have to click dozens of e-mails each day to get some cents. Usually each e-mail has a worth between 1 and 5 cents. They sent e-mails sometimes daily, but mostly you will get every second day up to three e-mails.

The rewards are extraordinary and the highest in the German Get Paid to-Market! You get money for registering in Lucky Draws (up to 1.00 Euro), Saving Accounts/credit card/mobile phone card (up to 30 Euro), Loan (up to 80 Euro), registering for paid surveys (up to 1.50 Euro), Newsletter subscriptions (up to 0.20 Euro), cash back for online-shopping and so on.

On top you get 5.00 Euro for registering, payout is available when you reach 20.00 Euro or you can already book advertisement when you reach 10.00 Euro!

The payout amount has been 52.46 Euro and was transferred to my bank account in the beginning of April 2009.

Here is the screen shot for the paid offers:

If you like to register (only Germany) follow this link. - Sparen-Gewinnen-Verdienen

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