Friday, January 29, 2010

CMF Ads - My Network Ads suggestion - a better way for publisher and advertiser

In my previous post about Network Ads i complained about the low payout for publishers and the influence of my existing campaign advertisers. After i wrote that article i thought about it and how CMF Ads could make it a successful Network ad for both parties - Publishers as well as Advertisers.

What if we just fill the empty ad slots with Network ads instead of CMF House Ads?

If a widget is already full, Network ads would not show up until one slot would be empty (otherwise it hurts the actual advertisers).

In this case, you could run the CMF House ad (if you don't like any of the existing Network ads) and earn 0 cent or you could run one or more of the Network ads and earn more than with the actual 30 day-Flat-rate solution.

Sure, this will cut down the page views/clicks for the Network advertiser by a high percentage.

In this case the ad price could be set by Page impressions 10.000/25.000/50.000 and not by a time period.
The price should be 5,5555 cents for 1.000 page views with 90% of the revenue being shared to the publishers and 10% for CMF Ads (it would equal to 50% of the suggested price).

Another addition would be to expand it to a certain formula:

- For each ad slot, only one Network ad
- a maximum of 5 Network ads can run simultaneously, if you have the 5 ad slot widget
- if you have only 1 ad slot, only 1 Network ad is allowed to run
- wouldn't hurt the classic advertiser (like it does NOW)
(End of Update)

Why is this a fair offer?

With the actual pricing system only members with HIGH TRAFFIC (more than 7.500 page views) and LESS ADS (double amount of available slots - 4 ads running with 2 slots or 6 ads running with 3 slots...) get a significant payout (more than 3 cents) from the Network ads because the actual Network ad price is fixed to 30 days and not to page views but the payout is calculated by own ad views/overall page views!

Most members contribute on a monthly basis less than 1.000/500/100 ad views for each running Network ad! For my Network ad this would mean you would get less than 3/1,5/0,3 cents after the payout is calculated (based on 300.000+ page views - after 80 hours i got now 41.000+ page views).

If we calculated the payout by "how many days/hours the ad was running" which would be appropriate as the Network ad is for a certain TIME PERIOD (30 days) the payout amount would look differently especially for LOW TRAFFIC BLOGS (then High Traffic blogs would earn less than 2 cents or not participate at all and Low Traffic blogs could earn easily more than 2 cents for each ad)!

With the new pricing and change to page impressions there would be a fair price to run one or more Network ads on an empty slot (when i look at my suggested price with 77 cents and i charge usually 60 cents). If the Cost/page impression would be just 5,5555 cents, you would still get 50% of your suggested price for an previous empty slot with the actual solution you get between 3 - 25% of your suggested price (depending how many ads you are running)!

And if publisher like to increase their earnings they can use with this solution the biggest widget with 4 or 5 slots as there will be a fair price for empty slots and Network advertisers will be more than happy to buy such an ad.

What does this mean for Advertiser?

Advertiser pay more (up to 100%) but the exposure on the blogs will be better because the publisher approves your Network ad while an empty slot is available. There should be a possibility to choose one or more ads which "share" ONLY THIS EMPTY SLOT (Why more ads? When one ad has reached its page view limit there is the need of another ad running immediately).

It is better to pay more for this Network ad and have a SATISFIED PUBLISHER as they are the majority who approve at the moment Network ads (with too little to earn).

Otherwise there will or are already more and more publisher who let the current Network ads pending or cancel it immediately as soon as they are queued up!

I believe Network Ads can get a success when the payout for publishers is significant higher than with the current system and if it doesn't influence the actual campaign advertiser (like it does now if you approve additional Network ads).

To join the discussion i published this article in the CMF Ads forum, too!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CMF Ads: Network Ads - bad for most publishers, good for some advertisers

Yesterday CMF Ads launched Network Ads within their System. It's a new way to get your name out in the blogosphere. With a Network Ads you can advertise on over 640 blogs for a time period of 30 days and it costs only 10$ (similar to Adgitize, mostly rotating ads, just no need to click on your ads!).

Is this good or bad news for Publishers?

There are different opinions as it depends how many page views your blog gets in these 30 days, which ad price you have set and how many ad slots are available or empty! The more ad slots available, the better your "return" for each Network Ad. This said, perhaps you should choose the 4 or 5 ad slot widget from now on to earn additional from the network ads and the classic ads.
What about Ben's discussion about an Advertisement experiment
In short: Reduce your ad slots (to one for each ad network), so that the readers don't get swamped with ads (and you could maximize your earnings).
That's what i call double standard in CMF Ads because NOW you SHOULD maximize your ad slots like Turnip reminded some members in the forum otherwise you WON'T earn anything from the Network ads + classic ads (and your direct classic/campaign advertisers wouldn't get much exposure).
It looks now similar to Adgitize, the more ads you display, the higher is your share on the overall ad views of the specific Network Ad. Only that you could get paid more in Adgitize (even when you don't click and write just occasionally an article daily, you could earn 1-3 cents DAILY not within 30 days).

What influences do the Network Ads have on your earnings?

This depends how many ads you have currently running. In my case i run already 9 ads on 5 ad slots with 8.000 overall page views. The 9th ad can expect 4.500+ ad views (i guess more as soon as some of the other ads expire in the following two weeks).
  • ADDING ONE of the Network ads reduces the page views to 4.000/month
  • ADDING a SECOND Network ad the page views would be again 10% lower - just 3.600
  • For each additional ad the available page views would be reduced by around 200 - 250.
At the moment there are 8 Network ads in the system (including mine), this would mean my classic/campaign advertiser who paid up to 60 cents for their ad would get an immediately effective CUT of 60% in page views (from 6.000 ad views down to around 2.400 ad views) for the rest of their ad period and in the end their clicks are lowered probably by more than 60%.


In my case, i will weed out in 3 - 7 days the ads which i have previously placed as some of them are no more WORTH THEIR money because of the extremely reduced ad views!
You can look it up in your Ad history and see how many ad views you got in the last days (divide it by the days), how many ads are running now on the advertised widget and then use this formula to see the NEW daily ad views for your ad and COMPARE if it's worth!

Ad slots/running ads * page views / 30 days

How much can you earn as Publisher from the new Network ads?

Now to the earnings estimation
The advertiser paid 10$ - 1$ is for CMF Ads and 9$ will be divided by all publishers who approved the Network ads.

There are over 600 blogs in the system: 900 cents/600 blogs = 1,5 cents (average)

What does this average price mean for you?

From the old ranking system by page views (which was ironically discontinued in early January) i remember that around 1.800 - 2.200 page views have been necessary to reach a rank of 300 out of more than 600 blogs. But this rank was just a page view ranking, not the real ad view ranking (more ads running than ad slots available reduce the ad views)!
But overall page views of your blog is not everything like i mentioned before, it depends how many ads you have already running!! And with actually 8 NETWORK Ads these page views will get reduced by more than 50%, even with a 5 ad slot widget, not to mention when you have only a 1 ad slot widget (from 2.000 ad views down to 222 ad views/month with previously ONE AD running).

Someone with 5 ad slots and 2.000 page views earns more than someone with 1 ad slot and 5 running ads and the same page views because the Network Ad would get just 20% (400) of the 2.000 page views. In the end you get less than the average 1,5 cents.

My Network Ad gets at the moment around 12.900 ad views/day (it's the first day so there will be a lot of blogs who have not yet approved these new Network ads or who will reject them during the 30 day period after reading this article!). This would equal to 387.000 ad views/30 days.

Here are real numbers from my campaign in terms of ad views of my ad on other blogs!
If you run my ad and you might get at the end of the 30 days (i will update this section daily)
  • 2.000 ad views (daily: 67), you could get 2.000/387.000 * 900 cents = 4,65 cents,
  • the person with just 400 ad views (daily: 13) will get 0,93 cents and
  • the other member with 100 ad views (daily: 3) 0,233 cents.
  • To get the average price of 1,5 cents 645 ad views (daily: 32) would be necessary.
I'm curious, how much ad views did my ad get on your blog in these days?

Now lets look at Turnip's Electric Car Blog -
16 ads running (canceled mine as i'm in his opinion an attention seeking jacka$$ because i show off the negative things for publishers/classic advertisers - my tone is just more aggressive than from the other members who complain) -
480 page views - 4 ad slots = 120 ad views gives him a whopping 0,28 cent for each Network ad instead of the 2 cents which he usually charges.

Isn't that a lot of money for a 30 day? It's faster to get this 0,28 cent by clicking one more Spikes each month, isn't it :)

My advice:

Network ads might be worth the money for members who
  • have not many ads running and expand their widget to the maximum of 5 ad slots
  • have empty slots
  • will have empty slots in the next 12 days (this means, don't put your ads on auto-approval, let the ads pending until they get auto-approved after 12 days or cancel the ad on the 11th day or approve the ad within the 12 days as soon as you have an empty slot)
If you approve a Network ad you should cancel the Network ad when you get again a classic/campaign advertisers because they give you the REAL EARNINGS and for them each CLICK/Page view is counting (more ad views for them, higher possibility of a click, better return, might advertise again), a Network Advertiser doesn't care about your earnings (earnings from Network ads will be at least 70% less than what you usually charge).

Another tip for your CMF PROFILE!

Write it detailed in your CMF Profile description if you allow Network ads or not and if allowed how many you approve and if you cancel the Network ads when a classic/campaign advertiser buys an ad space (which just filled out the usually "empty" CMF Ad house slot)!

As soon as the first payout will take place in March (as there are several members who don't approve the ad, so it will take 42 days until payout), less members will approve the Network ads when they see that they earned less than the average 1,5 cents and lost traditional advertisers for which they charged 5, 10 or even 30 cents.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

EntreCard: Another Ad Scam! In your queue, too?

Sponsored Tweets - make money the easy way, write a tweet and take the money homeAs i logged in my EntreCard Dashboard to see which ads have been auto-approved in the last days i came across this ad on the left side. It was paid with ECs (it's not one of the sponsored Ads!).
This is NOT an ad for a blog. This is an ad for Sponsored Tweets from Izea. It means it's an affiliate ad. If i would run this ad on my blog, you would be redirected to Sponsored Tweets Sign-up page.

It's similar to the ads which showed up in the previous month. Someone just edited the landing page and EntreCard does not check this change of your landing page!

If you see this ad in your advertiser queue, PLEASE REPORT IT to EntreCard.
So that they can delete this blog and of course you should REJECT the ad!

Tomorrow i will blog about the new feature in CMF Ads - their Network Ads for 10$ (what's good or bad about it for publishers and advertisers)

In two days i will post "Facts about Sponsored Tweets and other money-making programs for Twitter - how to be successful with these programs".

Small Adgitize update: You can already login and do your clicks, the stats haven't been updated yet but you still CAN'T renew your ad! -> follow me on Twitter for realtime updates from Adgitize's forum!

Monday, January 25, 2010

UPDATE on Adgitize is down! Official announcement!

Adgitize is back again, you can do your usual blog hopping and checking your accounts - Twitter updates from Adgitize's forum are now available from my Twitter account!

At the moment renewing of your ad is not possible still "The connection was reset"-message!

3rd Update: Read the update at the end of the post + in the comments!

You can access the Adgitize website only with the url BUT YOU CAN ACCESS ONLY THE BLOG AND THE FORUM (all other links will redirect you to which is DOWN!).

On the forum they posted this announcement:

Just a notice to those who do not know already, the Adgitize server is currently down. We are looking into the problem now and hoping to have it back online soon. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is the link to this post

Some further messages from the Adgitize support and the reason why i didn't get any response to my e-mail:

Very frustrating, but no updates as of yet. Hoping that Monday morning will bring about some positive responses from our server. Again huge apologies!

And unfortunately this has knocked out our email as well, so sorry to anyone who has been trying to get ahold of us. We will respond to emails as soon as everything is back online.

Second update (my questions got answered in the forum):


Just wanted to ask what happened with the members who couldn't click?

Will you adjust the points to the points from the previous day as everyone will have lost the page/ad view points + some members their click points (important for the Preferred Publisher program, too).

My ad has expired yesterday, will the ads be extended by the time of the downtime (1 or more days)?

Support Adgitize:

We will make sure everything is taken care of for points and for the advertisers. Still trying to get this taken care of, really hoping it's back up soon. Expected it to be running again by now, very frustrating for us as well.

3rd Update - Real-Time update in my (your) Twitter account, Same happened one year ago, too?

In case you want to know the real-time development and the announcements of the Adgitize forum, simply follow me in Twitter - Cornyman.
I set up a twitterfeed which will cover all updates from the Adgitize forum, so we will never miss their announcements and our comments. It will link directly to the forum post, so you can read directly what's the whole message!

John from Ask the Blogster wrote in the comments that the "same" happened last year in January 2009. A sudden downtime - i researched it in the forum and it's true. One day earlier on 23rd January 2009 the server went down for more than 10 days.

You can read about this problem on the following Forum discussion "Login and widget problems" and a second discussion "Adgitize ads not showing up". Please don't forget the offers in these previous discussions are related to the problems at that time. Perhaps the same solution will be offered to us again (a one month ad extension) :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adgitize is down! What are you doing now?

Adgitize seems to be down since 10 pm Malaysian time (2 pm GMT). That means i can't renew my ad which will expire in the next 12 hours and i didn't click my 50 ads too.

Additionally the ads are not displayed on our blogs which means our page and ad views will be lower than normal. Until now i can't see any message on Adgitize's Blog which would indicate how long the website will be offline or what has been the cause for this unexpected downtime. In the past Ken Brown usually informed us about this kind of interruption.

So what are you going to do today (without Adgitize)? :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Save your MONEY - ICECOLD!

Coke with IceDid you ever enjoy a drink with lots of ice cubes in it?
What was your feeling while drinking it?

  • it refreshes my body
  • it keeps me cool on a hot day
  • simply delicious
  • and so on
but hold on before you start dreaming from your next ice cold Coke, Pepsi, Sprite or Ice Tea :)

What was your feeling after you finished the glass of your chosen drink?

Too less?
So many ice cubes left?
Still thirsty - Shall i wait until the ice cube turn into water?

Ice and Coke
If you look how many ice cubes restaurants and fast food chains put in your favorite drink, you can see very fast how less worth the spent money was (if you don't get directly a bottle + a glass with ice like in the picture above).

Up to 50% of the content of your drink is pure water/ice cubes.

In case you want to save money ask the next time in your restaurant
  • for a bottle + separate glass with ice cubes
  • for less ice cubes in your drink
  • or for no ice cubes in your drink
Unfortunately some restaurants react already on such requests (without ice) and increased the price for ice less drinks, so take care of it before you order!

I'll go now for my own Ice Tea, bye bye!

777$ Adgitize One Week Ad Giveaway

Monday, January 18, 2010

777$- Adgitize - Ads- Giveway + Haiti Donation Challenge

Let's start with the Giveaway of 111 Adgitize ONE WEEK Ads with a value of 777$.
To be part of this Giveaway you just have to write a blog post and mentioning how to enter the contest, which prizes are given away & what i will donate to UNICEF USA.

How to enter the contest:
  1. Write in your own words why you would like to win an Adgitize ONE WEEK Ad!

    If you have several blogs, you can write for up to 5 blogs such a blog post.

    Mention my blog + a link to this post + for each blog post i will donate 10 cents to UNICEF USA!

    Each blog post qualifies for all twelve drawings + all surprise drawings throughout the year 2010.

  2. If you're not yet member of Adgitize you can get automatically qualified for a FREE ONE WEEK AD from Adgitize. Simply sign up using the large banner on top of this blog and be my referral!

    If you like to get an additional chance to win (a second ONE WEEK AD), you still can follow Number 1 after you got your FREE ONE WEEK AD.

    For each referral who hasn't advertised yet and takes the Giveaway-Offer, i will add 1$ to the UNICEF-Donation!

The advantages of a ONE WEEK AD in Adgitize:

You get FREE Traffic for one week on average you will get 350 - 500 visitors for a one week period. You can earn additional money in Adgitize when you visit 50 blogs & write daily one blog post.
Scoring between 300 - 470 points can give you between 35 and 60 cents daily when you advertise + blog hop + post daily.

The Giveaway prizes:

Monthly Giveaway of 1 ONE WEEK AD until end of 2010 -> 12 Ads (choosen by
Surprise Giveaway of additional ONE WEEK ADs throughout the year to referral & posting participants (choosen by

Referral Giveaway up to 99 ONE WEEK ADs unlimited time offer!

There will be three additional posts for this contest to keep track of the participants (who wrote a blog post), the winner of the monthly Giveaways and the referral Giveaway (all getting link love from this PR3 blog).

Each time 10$ in donations are reached, the amount will be sent via Paypal to UNICEF USA.
A payment proof will be shown after payment has been sent to UNICEF USA.

Help Haiti - Donate for the earthquake victimsDON'T FORGET, you are doing a good job if you write ONE BLOG POST and getting the chance of winning more than 12 times a ONE WEEK AD from Adgitize, in exchange we help the children in Haiti with each blog post (10 cents) & referral (1$).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Inspired by Alyssa Milano's Haiti earthquake Tweet Challenge!

Alyssa Milano PETA campaignAlyssa Milano, the famous actress from "Charmed"and one of my favorites, started on 15th January a Tweet Challenge in which she wants that corporations shall match her own donation of 50.000 $ for the disaster relief in Haiti after the earth quake which might cost 100.000 persons their lives and several millions will stay homeless for weeks or even months.

Her successful charity funding in December 2009 as she wanted instead of own birthday presents a donation to Charity: Water which was mainly promoted by tweets of her and many thousand other twitter followers around the Twitterverse, it won't take long and she can write again history with her new approach for Haiti!

She estimated 25.000 $ for her last funding but she ended up with over 92.000 $ (after a major donation by her husband).

I think it's a clever way from her to ask additionally just for 50.000 $, instead of donating 1 Million $ like Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie have done it in the last days. Usually the smaller amounts of 5, 10 or 25$ let the funding raise much faster than the few BIG amount.
That's why the Red Cross has collected with their Text message campaign (each SMS - 10$ donation) already over 4 million $ in the last few days!

Why do i want to combine my Adgitize ad - Giveaway with Unicef Charity founding?
  1. Something has to be done by myself and i think it's better to let other bloggers help me to get the word out of it
    1. In exchange they'll have the chance to win each month a one week Adgitize ad (7$) or to get a bonus if they sign up with Adgitize
    2. The victims and survivors of the Haiti earth quake get additional donations for each Adgitize referral (1$) & each written blog post (0,10$)

  2. I was completely surprised after i tweeted Alyssa Milano about a FAKE Milano account who tweeted about the Tweet Challenge.
    Suddenly i got a Direct Message from Alyssa Milano in my account, she actually read my tweet and wrote me the following message:
    Twitter Direct Message from Alyssa Milano
  3. I choose UNICEF as Alyssa Milano is a goodwill ambassador for them and 100% of the donations will be transferred to the projects (we don't loose it to administration and so on).
At last, did you know that 10$ can give 1.000 persons for ONE DAY clean water?
This said, every $ which is donated can save lives or improve the lives of these victims & survivors.

I hope you support me by writing a blog post in the next days and raising awareness for donations and help for HAITI! (Contest post will be published soon)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Adgitize: The 7th payment proof rocks!

Some days ago a lot of members of Adgitize received their payout after they reached the limit of 10$.

In my case it has been an astonishing 46.91 $ which means i got more money from Adgitize than i have paid for my 24$ ad in the beginning of December.

Adgitize Payment proof 2009
My real Adgitize earnings have been 29.91 $ - the difference of 17$ was achieved by 4 referrals who advertised in December. One new advertising referral contributed with 8$ and two others with 2 + 3 $, additional there is for each of the 4 referrals a 1$ bonus if they start + continue advertising in the following months.

For this and the following months i'm cautious optimistic that i can get enough earnings to reach the ad price of 14$ as the earnings have been significantly lowered from January 2010 on.

Earnings round-up (higher earnings on weekends):
200 points - 6 - 9 cents
290 points - 11 - 16 cents

300 points - 30 - 35 cents
400 points - 45 - 50 cents
450 points - 51 - 58 cents

Lucky about my achieved earnings over the last eight months, i will launch officially my 777$-Adgitize-1-WEEK-Ad-Giveaway (111 ads for 7$).

777$ Adgitize ONE WEEK AD Giveaway
Help Haiti - Donate for the earthquake victimsIt will be a combination of Giveaway and charity funding as we all know that Haiti was hit by its strongest earthquake in its history.

I will donate 0,10 $ for everyone who writes a blog post about the contest, additionally you will have a monthly chance of winning a ONE WEEK AD in Adgitize throughout the year 2010.

For each of my referrals who will take my offer of grabbing the ONE WEEK AD (for free), i will donate additionally 1$ to UNICEF USA (as 100% of the money will go directly to the victims and not into some administration costs!).

My reasons for this kind of combination and the "rules" of the contest will be published within the next hours!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adgitize: AdgiScore Statistics getting colorful!

Today, Adgitize announced that they implemented some new features into their AdgiScore statistics.
  1. You can see now all blogs in the account of the blog owner (in case there is more than one blog registered)

  2. You can see a daily updated graph with the statistics of your Traffic Rating and your AdgiScore over a period of 31 days.
After i typed in my Money-Blog, i captured the following screenshot:

AdgiScore - better statistics released on 13th January 2010
What's your impression of this new improvement?
And what's your AdgiScore :)?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ONE DAY without Internet - What would you do?

Your account is suspendedThis is a question which i had to answer yesterday as my Internet provider suspended my account for most of the day. The suspension was due to a mistake in their accounting program and our payment was not booked correctly. So they (P1 WiMax - Malaysia) thought we have been over the due date :(

After a short talk on the phone and clarify that the payment was made already last week the accountant told me that it could take up to 24 hours until the Internet connection will be restored.

ONE DAY without Internet - at first i thought IMPOSSIBLE... but after a while i came to the conclusion what have i done in the past as there was NO Internet?

With my own family and a lovely almost 11 months young boy it's different than it was 10 years ago when the Internet-Hype started to spread. There i was single and had enough time to "waste" it surfing the Internet (mainly trading stocks, warrants and options, chatting with friends and flirting on dating sites :) ).

Now there was much time left to focus completely on our boy, play with him, laugh with him - precious moments!

During his napping times we could do our house chores and have a quick read of a book and after the rain had stopped in the evening, it was time to do some shopping while my wife took care of our son.

What i missed during the INTERNET-FREE time?

Nothing (i might missed some earnings in Adgitize and couldn't post my Adgitize Give-Away yet... but what do a few cents mean in comparison to a lucky laughing boy - this time-out was worth every lost penny!)

Luckily there haven't been other bills due in the time of our suspension - i think this would have been one of the disadvantages of being too dependent from the Internet - Online banking :)

Time is Money, but Money doesn't buy you more time...

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you had to live (unexpected) ONE DAY without Internet?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adgitize: AdgiScore + Traffic Rating

Adgitize announced today a new method to measure your Blog Rating (or Ranking) and a easy comparison with other Adgitize members (in Adgitize's blog it's called competitors but i believe we are a big family as we have to visit each other daily to reach our 100 click points). The new measurement is called AdgiScore and represents a mixture of your daily Adgitize clicking, page views of your blog and blog updates.
  • The clicks have the least influence in this AdgiScore and are calculated for the last 31 days.

  • Your blog updates (posts) are calculated into the AdgiScore for the last 31 days.

  • The page views are at the moment only calculated into the AdgiScore from the previous day (as more data is available this might get expanded)!

  • The lower the numbers of your Traffic Rating & AdgiScore, the better is your ranking inside of Adgitize!
Ken Brown's explanation for the purpose of AdgiScore (like written in the Adgitize Blog comment):

The goal for the AdgiScore in my mind is giving members an idea of how active a blogger is. Did the blogger just create a blog and hasn’t touched it for years? Or are they actively writing and visiting other blogs?

In my experience, if you are visiting other blogs you are more likely to be commenting and making relationships with other bloggers. Both of these events are huge when it comes to long term success in blogging.

Additionally there is a Traffic Rating available which shows the Page view rank in comparison to all active Adgitize publishers with ads on their blogs.

In case you want to advertise on Adgitize blogs, you can check now how they are ranking inside of Adgitize and how they interact with the blogging community by posting article and visiting other blogs (in comparison to your own rank and in a few days/weeks more statistics will be available).

The Ranking system is for everyone to use, even when you're not an Adgitize member. In this case CMF, EntreCard members or other bloggers could look up your Rating Scores before buying an ad on your blog :)

Here is the Screenshot of the new baby from Adgitize - AdgiScore + Traffic Rating with a short explanation how to use the new rating system.

In case you want to know your own blog rating you could join Adgitize now for free - The ad network with World Class Advertising on a Blogger's Budget
(Additional there is paid advertising available for 7$, 10$ and 14$ you could get 50 -80 visitors/daily).

My (old & new) referrals (who didn't advertise yet) get as Welcome-Bonus a ONE WEEK AD (value 7$) for free to start immediately with a traffic boost into this NEW YEAR 2010!

More details -how Non-Referrals and referrals who advertised already can join- about this 777$-ADGITIZE 1-WEEK-AD-Giveaway will be published on 11.November 2010.

First winner who got a ONE WEEK AD in Adgitize (left 110 from 111 ONE WEEK ADS):

Marice from Life can't wait

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CMF Ads - A critical look - Part 1

As we are heading now into Week 3 of CMF Ads new blog traffic option "Spikes" and several blog reviews about "Spikes" later, it's astonishing how positive some members are about the "Spikes".

Who are these members who have a positive attitude towards "Spikes"?

  1. Most of these members are "CMF Ads only"-members with no affilation to EntreCard or Adgitize. Some of these members get only 5 - 30 visitors per day when i look at the statistics which CMF Ads provides.
    Sure they are lucky to get -usually within 3 days- 50 additional visitors for 20 cents instead of spending three to five $ for different ad spaces on other CMF blogs to achieve the same result (within 30 days) if you can achieve so many clicks at all.

  2. Some members are EntreCard members, but again with just a small portion of traffic and mostly not very active in EntreCard, as always there are exception when we talk about more than 175 spikes advertiser (Admaster and Frugal Housewife, Kitchen Retro, Virtual Dime Museum).

  3. The other members are Adgitize members who are not advertising, so they don't get automatic traffic to their blogs. It's the same reason like in No. 1 - it's cheap traffic.
    By calling it "cheap" i really mean cheap!
Looking at the numbers from my Spikes #2 and #3, especially after you strip them down into real statistics and not just the average numbers of received visitors shows a complete different picture of the visitor's quality - not like the Admin's of CMF want to tell you that they give you better visitors than EntreCard or Adgitize or that their system is better as you don't have to write an article/daily to earn points, waste time by visiting other blogs!

Spikes - 2- just 31 seconds stay (average) but from the 46 recorded visitors (60 visitors overall including the additional 10 free visitors from 29th December) only 5 stayed longer than 0 seconds!
Spikes -3- getting better after i published the CMF Spikes poll -but only 25 visitors gave their votes yet- even when there have been 50 CMF visitors?

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