Monday, January 25, 2010

UPDATE on Adgitize is down! Official announcement!

Adgitize is back again, you can do your usual blog hopping and checking your accounts - Twitter updates from Adgitize's forum are now available from my Twitter account!

At the moment renewing of your ad is not possible still "The connection was reset"-message!

3rd Update: Read the update at the end of the post + in the comments!

You can access the Adgitize website only with the url BUT YOU CAN ACCESS ONLY THE BLOG AND THE FORUM (all other links will redirect you to which is DOWN!).

On the forum they posted this announcement:

Just a notice to those who do not know already, the Adgitize server is currently down. We are looking into the problem now and hoping to have it back online soon. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is the link to this post

Some further messages from the Adgitize support and the reason why i didn't get any response to my e-mail:

Very frustrating, but no updates as of yet. Hoping that Monday morning will bring about some positive responses from our server. Again huge apologies!

And unfortunately this has knocked out our email as well, so sorry to anyone who has been trying to get ahold of us. We will respond to emails as soon as everything is back online.

Second update (my questions got answered in the forum):


Just wanted to ask what happened with the members who couldn't click?

Will you adjust the points to the points from the previous day as everyone will have lost the page/ad view points + some members their click points (important for the Preferred Publisher program, too).

My ad has expired yesterday, will the ads be extended by the time of the downtime (1 or more days)?

Support Adgitize:

We will make sure everything is taken care of for points and for the advertisers. Still trying to get this taken care of, really hoping it's back up soon. Expected it to be running again by now, very frustrating for us as well.

3rd Update - Real-Time update in my (your) Twitter account, Same happened one year ago, too?

In case you want to know the real-time development and the announcements of the Adgitize forum, simply follow me in Twitter - Cornyman.
I set up a twitterfeed which will cover all updates from the Adgitize forum, so we will never miss their announcements and our comments. It will link directly to the forum post, so you can read directly what's the whole message!

John from Ask the Blogster wrote in the comments that the "same" happened last year in January 2009. A sudden downtime - i researched it in the forum and it's true. One day earlier on 23rd January 2009 the server went down for more than 10 days.

You can read about this problem on the following Forum discussion "Login and widget problems" and a second discussion "Adgitize ads not showing up". Please don't forget the offers in these previous discussions are related to the problems at that time. Perhaps the same solution will be offered to us again (a one month ad extension) :)


  1. Thanks for the update on this. Hopefully, it will be up soon, too.

  2. Hi Martin, thanks for the info. I was shocked when all my adgitize ads were lost..i thought something wrong with my HTML so i visited my friend's blog who has adgi ads also and i found out that all of us has no adgi ads, so i jumped here to your blog hoping i can hear something about adgi and here you are posting about adgi's down. Thanks again. I hope adgi will be back soon. Have a nice day.

  3. Thanks, I knew I could xome here to find out the scoop on the adgitive fail.

  4. Good looking out, Cornyman. I knew something was up when I saw no ads on any of my blogs, and then saw that no one else's Adgitize ads are running either. They must have gotten hit pretty hard with whatever it is, because they've been down all day.

    Hope they can fix it and bounce right back soon.

  5. Hi Martin,
    Thanks for the update. I was having problems accessing the Adgitize login page yesterday after I did a windows update.

    Now when I access, I am getting:
    jCarousel: No Width/height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting...

    Hopefully this can be resolved. My ad is expiring but I can't renew it without log in.

  6. thanks for let us know.. appreciate that.

  7. Thanks for sharing this update. I was wondering what was going on.

  8. Hopefully when it's fixed Ken will extend everyone's ads by a few hours.

  9. as usual, you provided reliable and timely updates re adgitize. thanks very much!

  10. Even before the website went completely down, the ad boxes were not working. It has been like three days. I removed the widget, until I know it is fixed, it looks terrible. As for the .net site you listed, I clicked it, and got a critical error message, and froze my computer, so for now I am not visiting that site either. I hope it will be fixed soon.

  11. I'm right corny man's blog is the site to look at when it comes to adgitize updates and things. Thanks for the info cornyman!

    Now the only problem here is that what will happen to our points?

  12. This pisses me out! I have just renewed my ad! Its been running for three days now and then suddenly what the heck happen to them? Are we going to have a refund for this?

  13. Thanks for your concern too. I wish to buy my first advertisement from Adgitize as soon as possible. Hope to see it come to normal again tomorrow morning.

  14. Thanks for the update, I think I may have to tack down the ads on my blog from Adgitize until they get it sorted.

  15. Ha Ha,

    Same thing happened last year, almost to the day. Read the Mature Not Senile post:

    I wasn't actively posting on AskTheBlogster then, so I don't have a specific time line.

    But from my memory, it seemed like it took a couple of weeks to get things sorted out.

    Ken and the Adgitize team originally intended on extending everyone's ads for a week. But, by the time they came back up, we received one free month.


    PS: I laugh because I thought this would have been straightened out last year. I will be interesting to see if it was the same problem or a different one.

  16. Hope everything is ok with Adgi and they'll be back soon! :)

  17. Glad I found this, Martin, because I had dropped an email to Adgitize too and wondered why there was no answer. I sure hope they fix it soon!

  18. Thanks for the update. I can't accsess my adgitize since yesterday

  19. I was wondering what was going on. I removed my widget thingy after so many days of not seeing anything. Guess I'll have to wait to get it back up when the site's up. Seems like they'd have a backup to email folks or something.

  20. Thank you for your updates, you really are reliable when it comes to Adgitize news :)

  21. oh my gush. I should have visited you earlier. I'm going crazy already. hehehe. anyway, yeah, i bet they're gonna adjust the points, or else i'll be losing lots of points from my ads and preferred publisher. ^^

    thanks, martin.

  22. i posted this to my blog and i put your link Martin...

    have a great day. how's the little martin..hehehe

  23. Thanks for this info! I am under the impression that my internet has a problem. I'll check the forum for the announcement and post it also in my blog as well.

  24. Thanks for commenting on my blog to lead me here. Will bookmark you for the future. Ken is a decent sort, and I'm am sure he will make it right with all of us. Thanks again!!

  25. thanks for commenting on my blog and informing me that Adgitize is already up!

  26. It's back up but I'm still having trouble renewing/editing ads.

  27. still not able to renew the ad not sure why... even try login and out and also try refresh


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