Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ONE DAY without Internet - What would you do?

Your account is suspendedThis is a question which i had to answer yesterday as my Internet provider suspended my account for most of the day. The suspension was due to a mistake in their accounting program and our payment was not booked correctly. So they (P1 WiMax - Malaysia) thought we have been over the due date :(

After a short talk on the phone and clarify that the payment was made already last week the accountant told me that it could take up to 24 hours until the Internet connection will be restored.

ONE DAY without Internet - at first i thought IMPOSSIBLE... but after a while i came to the conclusion what have i done in the past as there was NO Internet?

With my own family and a lovely almost 11 months young boy it's different than it was 10 years ago when the Internet-Hype started to spread. There i was single and had enough time to "waste" it surfing the Internet (mainly trading stocks, warrants and options, chatting with friends and flirting on dating sites :) ).

Now there was much time left to focus completely on our boy, play with him, laugh with him - precious moments!

During his napping times we could do our house chores and have a quick read of a book and after the rain had stopped in the evening, it was time to do some shopping while my wife took care of our son.

What i missed during the INTERNET-FREE time?

Nothing (i might missed some earnings in Adgitize and couldn't post my Adgitize Give-Away yet... but what do a few cents mean in comparison to a lucky laughing boy - this time-out was worth every lost penny!)

Luckily there haven't been other bills due in the time of our suspension - i think this would have been one of the disadvantages of being too dependent from the Internet - Online banking :)

Time is Money, but Money doesn't buy you more time...

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you had to live (unexpected) ONE DAY without Internet?


  1. I would enjoy it immensely; as I work on the internet. for me that would mean a day off. fantatique !

  2. Hey CM,

    I experience the same thing every 1-3 months or so, when we visit our family in Pennsylvania.

    Yes, no internet service there!

    So, we eat, drink, talk, and just enjoy ourselves.

    Sounds odd, but, its a cherished break!

    Welcome back and thanks for sharing that personal touch.


  3. Oh no internet! I am using Streamyx or Scream-yx as I like to call it.. checked out P1 the other day but will stick to Screamyx for now I guess. Glad u got to spend some time with ur son though, that was a welcomed break! :)

  4. It happened to me and I sure had withdrawal. But then after a few hours it got better and I got lots done but I sure did miss my internet world.

  5. I think we have all experienced a day or two in some cases without the internet and depending on the circumstances it can be either a relief or some frantic moments. Quite awhile back my blog went down and I had to depend on Google to get it back online so that case was not pleasant or relaxing at all. But I've also had a time when my hosting co. and cc all did not connect at the same time. I knew it would come on later in the night so I just relaxed and went about my day enjoying catching up on reading a book with real paper enjoying every moment of it. I think we all have to stop and step away from our cp's at certain times and learn to tune out even if it's only for half a day...our brain and bodies need that down time. Great post and sounds like you had a great distraction your little boy! jj

  6. It's so strange how fast one can become addicted to the internet. I only started going online a couple years ago and now I don't know what I would do without it. Sometimes I'm glad when the power goes off or the internet goes down for awhile -

  7. I think you need to get out more :). I frequently spend a day or tow beyond all reach of connectivity--and it is always a day well spent :)


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