Saturday, January 16, 2010

Inspired by Alyssa Milano's Haiti earthquake Tweet Challenge!

Alyssa Milano PETA campaignAlyssa Milano, the famous actress from "Charmed"and one of my favorites, started on 15th January a Tweet Challenge in which she wants that corporations shall match her own donation of 50.000 $ for the disaster relief in Haiti after the earth quake which might cost 100.000 persons their lives and several millions will stay homeless for weeks or even months.

Her successful charity funding in December 2009 as she wanted instead of own birthday presents a donation to Charity: Water which was mainly promoted by tweets of her and many thousand other twitter followers around the Twitterverse, it won't take long and she can write again history with her new approach for Haiti!

She estimated 25.000 $ for her last funding but she ended up with over 92.000 $ (after a major donation by her husband).

I think it's a clever way from her to ask additionally just for 50.000 $, instead of donating 1 Million $ like Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie have done it in the last days. Usually the smaller amounts of 5, 10 or 25$ let the funding raise much faster than the few BIG amount.
That's why the Red Cross has collected with their Text message campaign (each SMS - 10$ donation) already over 4 million $ in the last few days!

Why do i want to combine my Adgitize ad - Giveaway with Unicef Charity founding?
  1. Something has to be done by myself and i think it's better to let other bloggers help me to get the word out of it
    1. In exchange they'll have the chance to win each month a one week Adgitize ad (7$) or to get a bonus if they sign up with Adgitize
    2. The victims and survivors of the Haiti earth quake get additional donations for each Adgitize referral (1$) & each written blog post (0,10$)

  2. I was completely surprised after i tweeted Alyssa Milano about a FAKE Milano account who tweeted about the Tweet Challenge.
    Suddenly i got a Direct Message from Alyssa Milano in my account, she actually read my tweet and wrote me the following message:
    Twitter Direct Message from Alyssa Milano
  3. I choose UNICEF as Alyssa Milano is a goodwill ambassador for them and 100% of the donations will be transferred to the projects (we don't loose it to administration and so on).
At last, did you know that 10$ can give 1.000 persons for ONE DAY clean water?
This said, every $ which is donated can save lives or improve the lives of these victims & survivors.

I hope you support me by writing a blog post in the next days and raising awareness for donations and help for HAITI! (Contest post will be published soon)


  1. so are you donating to unicef or the waterprogram ? I've donated several times already and I plan to donate again in a few weeks when I can see the results of the aid delivery by different agencies.
    medicines san frontiers is at the top of my list for next donations. they're in Haiti and were there already when the quake struck. so I know they are in need - always.

  2. I commend you for writing about Haiti! xoxo


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