Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adgitize: AdgiScore Statistics getting colorful!

Today, Adgitize announced that they implemented some new features into their AdgiScore statistics.
  1. You can see now all blogs in the account of the blog owner (in case there is more than one blog registered)

  2. You can see a daily updated graph with the statistics of your Traffic Rating and your AdgiScore over a period of 31 days.
After i typed in my Money-Blog, i captured the following screenshot:

AdgiScore - better statistics released on 13th January 2010
What's your impression of this new improvement?
And what's your AdgiScore :)?


  1. Congrats, Martin. Adgiscore works on your blogs, it's not on mine so I can't give you my score. Any way, nice job for Adgitize.

  2. It's a nice little improvement, but other than being an ego boost, or perhaps a motivation for people from other advertising sites to advertise on a blog (if a list gets produced,etc), then I don't really see a lot of use for it.

    But, that might just be sour grapes. Today, my Adgiscore was only 3 and my traffic rating 59.

  3. @aldon:

    It could get more interesting when there will be a TOP 50 AdgiScore list published.

    As the frequency of posting is the most valueable criteria in the AdgiScore, these members might get additional traffic as new content should be mostly daily published!


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