Tuesday, January 26, 2010

EntreCard: Another Ad Scam! In your queue, too?

Sponsored Tweets - make money the easy way, write a tweet and take the money homeAs i logged in my EntreCard Dashboard to see which ads have been auto-approved in the last days i came across this ad on the left side. It was paid with ECs (it's not one of the sponsored Ads!).
This is NOT an ad for a blog. This is an ad for Sponsored Tweets from Izea. It means it's an affiliate ad. If i would run this ad on my blog, you would be redirected to Sponsored Tweets Sign-up page.

It's similar to the ads which showed up in the previous month. Someone just edited the landing page and EntreCard does not check this change of your landing page!

If you see this ad in your advertiser queue, PLEASE REPORT IT to EntreCard.
So that they can delete this blog and of course you should REJECT the ad!

Tomorrow i will blog about the new feature in CMF Ads - their Network Ads for 10$ (what's good or bad about it for publishers and advertisers)

In two days i will post "Facts about Sponsored Tweets and other money-making programs for Twitter - how to be successful with these programs".

Small Adgitize update: You can already login and do your clicks, the stats haven't been updated yet but you still CAN'T renew your ad! -> follow me on Twitter for realtime updates from Adgitize's forum!


  1. I haven seen this ad on my blogs Martin, will keep a lookout! ;) I avoid clicking EC paid ads actually lol..

  2. @Mariuca:

    It isn't a paid ad. It's an EC paid Ad which appeared as normal advertiser in my Dashboard.

  3. Entrecard seem to have completely given up vetting sites and removing anything suspicious :-(


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