Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adgitize: AdgiScore + Traffic Rating

Adgitize announced today a new method to measure your Blog Rating (or Ranking) and a easy comparison with other Adgitize members (in Adgitize's blog it's called competitors but i believe we are a big family as we have to visit each other daily to reach our 100 click points). The new measurement is called AdgiScore and represents a mixture of your daily Adgitize clicking, page views of your blog and blog updates.
  • The clicks have the least influence in this AdgiScore and are calculated for the last 31 days.

  • Your blog updates (posts) are calculated into the AdgiScore for the last 31 days.

  • The page views are at the moment only calculated into the AdgiScore from the previous day (as more data is available this might get expanded)!

  • The lower the numbers of your Traffic Rating & AdgiScore, the better is your ranking inside of Adgitize!
Ken Brown's explanation for the purpose of AdgiScore (like written in the Adgitize Blog comment):

The goal for the AdgiScore in my mind is giving members an idea of how active a blogger is. Did the blogger just create a blog and hasn’t touched it for years? Or are they actively writing and visiting other blogs?

In my experience, if you are visiting other blogs you are more likely to be commenting and making relationships with other bloggers. Both of these events are huge when it comes to long term success in blogging.

Additionally there is a Traffic Rating available which shows the Page view rank in comparison to all active Adgitize publishers with ads on their blogs.

In case you want to advertise on Adgitize blogs, you can check now how they are ranking inside of Adgitize and how they interact with the blogging community by posting article and visiting other blogs (in comparison to your own rank and in a few days/weeks more statistics will be available).

The Ranking system is for everyone to use, even when you're not an Adgitize member. In this case CMF, EntreCard members or other bloggers could look up your Rating Scores before buying an ad on your blog :)

Here is the Screenshot of the new baby from Adgitize - AdgiScore + Traffic Rating with a short explanation how to use the new rating system.

In case you want to know your own blog rating you could join Adgitize now for free - The ad network with World Class Advertising on a Blogger's Budget
(Additional there is paid advertising available for 7$, 10$ and 14$ you could get 50 -80 visitors/daily).

My (old & new) referrals (who didn't advertise yet) get as Welcome-Bonus a ONE WEEK AD (value 7$) for free to start immediately with a traffic boost into this NEW YEAR 2010!

More details -how Non-Referrals and referrals who advertised already can join- about this 777$-ADGITIZE 1-WEEK-AD-Giveaway will be published on 11.November 2010.

First winner who got a ONE WEEK AD in Adgitize (left 110 from 111 ONE WEEK ADS):

Marice from Life can't wait


  1. This looks quite interesting! I went and checked AdgiScore after reading your post. Five of my 6 blogs are doing fairly good but I discovered a problem with my 6th in that I had a typo in the url. So it was a good thing I read your post. I like that there is now a way to track how well blogs are doing in the Adgitize system. I think this is going to be quite a useful tool so once again kudos to Ken!

  2. Martin I think the new gimmick on adgitize is a great idea. I might play around with it. You can check out other blog members also.
    Oh yes! I am picking up between 410 and 430 points a day on adgitize. I should be able to cover the expense.

  3. Interesting post Sir. I'll check my adgi score if its okay. thanks for the post.

  4. Hello, thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, my earnings are truly okay but not compared to your monthly earnings from Adgitize.

    I've been reading some of your articles and found it really interesting and very helpful. At least I get a piece of your mind to make my blogging experience more fun, informative and productive which in return give us more income.

    I agree that interacting with other bloggers is a great way of building relationship. It also gains you a valued traffic, like what I am doing here right now and not just blog-hopping and ec dropper or adgitizer but real people.

    Thanks for the insight, how I wish I have time to do not just hopping. Time is very limited to me right now and only a few bloggers I visit and comment like this.

    I'll be following your blog from now on. Thank you for visiting my blog (Baul ni Noel), if you have time, please visit my XLEON Tips blog - However, I don't think my tips will help you on things since you are already doing great as you are.

    I'll be waiting for your upcoming contest and probably join it if I can. God bless.

  5. It is an interesting system, and can be a good ego boost or encouragement to be more serious about ones blogging. However, I wonder what sort of effect it will really have. On Adgitize, you don't buy ads for specific sites, so it seems unlikely to boost revenues there. However, as you note, it could be useful if people use it to buy ads on CMF or EntreCard. It will be interesting to watch.

  6. Thanks for posting about this. Just checked my own Adgiscore. Have a good one! :)


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