Friday, January 15, 2010

Adgitize: The 7th payment proof rocks!

Some days ago a lot of members of Adgitize received their payout after they reached the limit of 10$.

In my case it has been an astonishing 46.91 $ which means i got more money from Adgitize than i have paid for my 24$ ad in the beginning of December.

Adgitize Payment proof 2009
My real Adgitize earnings have been 29.91 $ - the difference of 17$ was achieved by 4 referrals who advertised in December. One new advertising referral contributed with 8$ and two others with 2 + 3 $, additional there is for each of the 4 referrals a 1$ bonus if they start + continue advertising in the following months.

For this and the following months i'm cautious optimistic that i can get enough earnings to reach the ad price of 14$ as the earnings have been significantly lowered from January 2010 on.

Earnings round-up (higher earnings on weekends):
200 points - 6 - 9 cents
290 points - 11 - 16 cents

300 points - 30 - 35 cents
400 points - 45 - 50 cents
450 points - 51 - 58 cents

Lucky about my achieved earnings over the last eight months, i will launch officially my 777$-Adgitize-1-WEEK-Ad-Giveaway (111 ads for 7$).

777$ Adgitize ONE WEEK AD Giveaway
Help Haiti - Donate for the earthquake victimsIt will be a combination of Giveaway and charity funding as we all know that Haiti was hit by its strongest earthquake in its history.

I will donate 0,10 $ for everyone who writes a blog post about the contest, additionally you will have a monthly chance of winning a ONE WEEK AD in Adgitize throughout the year 2010.

For each of my referrals who will take my offer of grabbing the ONE WEEK AD (for free), i will donate additionally 1$ to UNICEF USA (as 100% of the money will go directly to the victims and not into some administration costs!).

My reasons for this kind of combination and the "rules" of the contest will be published within the next hours!


  1. Oooooooh awesome Martin!!! You almost reached ur all-time high of 50 bucks, congrats!!! :)

  2. Wow! This is great. Just want to clear things. What is the requirements on this game?


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