Monday, January 18, 2010

777$- Adgitize - Ads- Giveway + Haiti Donation Challenge

Let's start with the Giveaway of 111 Adgitize ONE WEEK Ads with a value of 777$.
To be part of this Giveaway you just have to write a blog post and mentioning how to enter the contest, which prizes are given away & what i will donate to UNICEF USA.

How to enter the contest:
  1. Write in your own words why you would like to win an Adgitize ONE WEEK Ad!

    If you have several blogs, you can write for up to 5 blogs such a blog post.

    Mention my blog + a link to this post + for each blog post i will donate 10 cents to UNICEF USA!

    Each blog post qualifies for all twelve drawings + all surprise drawings throughout the year 2010.

  2. If you're not yet member of Adgitize you can get automatically qualified for a FREE ONE WEEK AD from Adgitize. Simply sign up using the large banner on top of this blog and be my referral!

    If you like to get an additional chance to win (a second ONE WEEK AD), you still can follow Number 1 after you got your FREE ONE WEEK AD.

    For each referral who hasn't advertised yet and takes the Giveaway-Offer, i will add 1$ to the UNICEF-Donation!

The advantages of a ONE WEEK AD in Adgitize:

You get FREE Traffic for one week on average you will get 350 - 500 visitors for a one week period. You can earn additional money in Adgitize when you visit 50 blogs & write daily one blog post.
Scoring between 300 - 470 points can give you between 35 and 60 cents daily when you advertise + blog hop + post daily.

The Giveaway prizes:

Monthly Giveaway of 1 ONE WEEK AD until end of 2010 -> 12 Ads (choosen by
Surprise Giveaway of additional ONE WEEK ADs throughout the year to referral & posting participants (choosen by

Referral Giveaway up to 99 ONE WEEK ADs unlimited time offer!

There will be three additional posts for this contest to keep track of the participants (who wrote a blog post), the winner of the monthly Giveaways and the referral Giveaway (all getting link love from this PR3 blog).

Each time 10$ in donations are reached, the amount will be sent via Paypal to UNICEF USA.
A payment proof will be shown after payment has been sent to UNICEF USA.

Help Haiti - Donate for the earthquake victimsDON'T FORGET, you are doing a good job if you write ONE BLOG POST and getting the chance of winning more than 12 times a ONE WEEK AD from Adgitize, in exchange we help the children in Haiti with each blog post (10 cents) & referral (1$).


  1. I had mentioned your challenge over at my recent blogpost:

  2. I have mentioned your post in my blog too. Hope to win some prizes also this time.


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