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Twitter: How to be followed, retweeted, mentioned by a celebrity!

NEW YORK - MARCH 30:  Actress and author Alyssa MilanoImage by Getty Images via @daylifeTwitter is one of the most powerful marketing & promotion tools anyone could think of! But for using it as a powerful tool, you have to accumulate thousands of followers and interact with hundreds of them. Otherwise you will end up with followers who are not responsive at all to your own tweets. But building up such a huge follower base is a time consuming job and could even get your account suspended by Twitter if you follow and unfollow too fast too many other members!

The easiest way to get noticed your tweets would be to get a Retweet or a Follow from a member with many followers (which would be a celebrity, another possibility for free is mentioned at the end of the post).

My experience in getting a retweet from Alyssa Milano

In March 2010 i found an extraordinary website which combined music and beautiful animations while you moved your mouse to the music! And Alyssa Milano found it so cool that she gave me a Retweet for it.

The first preparation should be to take care
  • how many @-replies the celebrity gets at the moment.
    REASON: As soon as the celebrity made a tweet, hundred of fans will do a retweet of it. This would mess up with your intention that your tweet will be seen by your celebrity in the mentioning-Timeline.
    The best time to send your celebrity a tweet would be when the retweets are dying down to just one per minute (Can take 1/2 - 1 hour after the previous tweet depending on the tweet).
Now you should just tweet your celebrity something like
  • outstanding news,
  • beautiful animations/music or
  • cute videos
  • funny graphics
  • helpful advice for other members
  • funny comment on one of the celeb's tweets.
  • or you take part in

The TwitChange-Celebrity-Charity-Auction

Getting more than a Retweet is possible until Saturday 25th September by a charity event called Twitchange.
Twitchange did setup an Ebay-Account "TwitChange-Auction" and is auctioning the following items of more than 100 celebrities (358 auctions to take part in).

You can bid on
  • Twitter MEGA packages which include a single mention, follow for at least 90 days and a retweet.
For the smaller budget you can bid on
  • a single mention,
  • a retweet or
  • following you for at least 90 days.

At the moment the cheapest prices for
If you have a fat pocket, you might enjoy to bid on these three TOP auctions for a Twitter MEGA Package:
  1. Dana White
  2. Zachary Levi
  3. Jewel Staite
  4. Eva Longoria
You may ask why are there not the celebrities with the most followers on TOP of this list?

The cause for this order in the list is that these celebrities offer a special bonus for the winner of their MEGA Package auction. Most celebrities offer additionally a phone or Skype call, tickets for their shows/events, backstage meetings, signed DVDs/Books/autograms or fashion tips.

For example Dana White offers additionally the complete costs of a journey to his next fight that's why he seems to be ahead with the highest bid of more than 15.000 $.

The Background for this TwitChange-Celebrity-Auction is to raise money for a good cause!

The TwitChange-Auction is for a good cause, that's why so many celebrities take part in it. When you bid and win the auction the spent money will be donated to
This is a charity who takes care that the Miriam Center can be finished to be rebuild. It's a Home for orphans with major life challenges like cerebral palsy or severe autism.

Do you think it's worthwhile to take part in this kind of auction and do you think it will be beneficial to grow your own Twitter account when you buy a mention, retweet or a follow from a celebrity?

Tomorrow you can read on The One Minute Guide - How to get Retweets to thousands of Twitter followers for FREE! (even when you have just 1 Twitter follower)

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