Saturday, October 31, 2009

Adgitize: DING DONG - LAST DAY to SAVE $$

Adgitize your web site.

Today 31st October 2009 is the last day to grab an one-month ad in Adgitize for 14$ (1 or 2$ less if you have already two other ads running and they don't expire within 10 days).

If you like to read more about the benefits of buying now a SECOND ad in Adgitize instead of renewing your ad in November you should read my previous extended post "Adgitize: HURRY and SAVE up to 12$ for your new ad (in October)!"

If you are not yet a member of Adgitize, you should register immediately to start earning some money for your blogging efforts.
You can read about the benefits of being a publisher or an advertiser in my Review of Adgitize.

If you are already a member of Adgitize you should use all options to maximize your traffic from Adgitize by reading this post "Get FREE traffic with Adgitize now + more Adgitize success tips".

And if you like to earn 20$ and more with Adgitize EACH MONTH read the tips & tricks from the One Minute Guide "How to earn more money with Adgitize".

My posts will be updated with the new earnings projections during the month of November as it is to expect that we might see an increase in our earnings.

As a special bonus for my referrals they will get for their 1st advertisement
  • 3.00 $ if you advertise already in October (ad price between 7$ (1 week) and up to 14$ (1 month) )
  • 4.50 $ if you start advertising in November (ad price between 12$ (1 week) up to 24$ (1 month) )

Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday Giveaway - Happy 9.999 ECs for you!


i had birthday already some days ago :)

And my son invited you on All about babies and kids to guess how young his daddy is since the 27th of October.

If you like to win easy 33 x 333 EC, hop over to the Baby-Blog, read the HINT and start "guessing" my age.

The deadline is the 1st of November midnight (Malaysian Time +8 hours GMT), winners get the ECs on 2nd of November.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Facts about

Get paid To Promote at any Location
After the first payment from i knew it's not a scam but i didn't know what would happen the following days with my visitors.

The Facts about
  • Yes, they pay regularly on 15th and on 30th each month.
    Since the first payment on 15th September i received two more payments (30th September and 15th October). The total amount is 1.78 $ after 35 days.

  • Yes, it is easy money as long as you receive enough visitors from these countries:
    United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain.
    They have to stay longer than 10 seconds on your website (seldom to reach if you use EntreCard and Adgitize as most of these persons drop and run).
    On average i had 10 to 15 visitors from my 900 visitors from whom i got credits (0.004 $) from

The negative side effects of
  • If you are a Preferred Publisher in Adgitize, you will get suspended from this Preferred Publisher program as your website will redirect visitors or pop-ups occur. This will result in a loss of around 20 free visitors, more worse if you are a paid Preferred Publisher in Adgitize. After you delete your code, you can write them an e-mail to reinstate you again for this program!

  • It would be against the Terms of Service of EntreCard, too, when pop-ups and redirects happen on your blog.

  • You can't control which kind of advertisement your visitors will see. Some wrote me that they even got sent to PORN web sites (this was a redirect from our Baby-Blog).

  • You won't get approved by CMF-Ads if you have the Money-making code from on your website as it redirects the admin :(

  • That's the money-making code:
    <"iframe width=486 height=60 frameborder=0 src='' marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 vspace=0 hspace=0 allowtransparency=true scrolling=no><"/iframe">
    if you use this code, you will loose some of your visitors/future readers, it's up to you if you want to play this game for a few cents as the payout is just 10 cents.

This is the referral code which you can use to earn passive income with instead of putting the above mentioned code on your website!
Get paid To Promote at any Location
Try, but i warned you :)

It's best to use in combination with a traffic exchange.
Most of the time, the visitors have to stay longer than 20 seconds on your website, so you could get a nice amount in your Paypal-Account.
But remember to put the code only on your website after you got the approval and you wouldn't mind if they suspend your account after a while because of redirects and pop-ups!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

EntreCard: Now the price is out - Time to start advertising

EntreCardOk, i guess the advertising price for the sponsored ads in EntreCards has been published already some days ago on the front page of EntreCard. But i seldom use this page... as i just click on the EntreCard Toolbar... on one of my Dashboards from my blogs :)

Now to the news:

The prices remain the same like from the paid ads in April 2009. You still have to pay
  • 0.60 $ for 1.000 page impressions (CPM) if you advertise over all categories
  • 1.20 $ for 1.000 page impressions (CPM) if you make a targeted ad campaign in one of the 50 categories (for example only blogs in "Make money online")

The only difference this time:
  • Instead of 10$ minimum deposit, they want now immediately 25$
Looks like it gets "more expensive" and not so blogger-friendly prices as we can't simply pay 25$ just to see how effective these new sponsor ads would be? Or is there a connection with Adgitize's price hike in November?

Would this be an attractive offer for you
  • to advertise in EntreCard for that price over all categories or in targeted categories
  • instead of clicking for hours to gain ECs for perhaps two or three more expensive ads (128 ECs and above)
  • for getting over 40.000 page impressions advertisement for 25$ over all blog categories or more than 20.000 page impressions in targeted categories?

What do you think about these questions?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adgitize: HURRY and SAVE up to 12$ for your new ad!

In the last two weeks i saw in many comments a lot of uncertainty about the upcoming price hike for the Adgitize ads after the price hike was announced on 7th October 2009 in the Adgitize-Blog "Adgitize to raise Ad prices in November".

The data provided from the Adgitize-Blog for the new earnings calculation was based on the 28th September 2009. There we had little bit more than 180 advertiser in the system.

Points Old Daily Earnings New Daily Earnings
under 200 points No Change No Change
200 points a day 15 cents a day 24 cents a day
290 points a day 22 cents a day 35 cents a day
300 points a day 44 cents a day 72 cents a day
360 points a day 53 cents a day 86 cents a day
430 Points a day 63 cents a day $1.03 a day
500 Points a day 74 cents a day $1.20 a day

The data which was provided in this list will only be effective from the day on when the same amount of advertiser has paid the 24$ for a one month ad (12$ for 7 days, 18$ for 2 weeks).

Guess when this will be? You're right, it can only be effective from 1st December on when the last ONE MONTH Ad of 31st October has been renewed!

Ken Brown gave the following answer to my question in the Adgitize-Blog:

@Cornyman - Your comment about the mixed earnings is absolutely correct. In November you will begin the month at the current earnings and then as more advertisers convert to the higher ad prices you will see your earnings ramp up to the projected higher earnings.

For the members in Adgitize who have to RENEW their ad in the first two weeks of November, there will be a loss for the month of November as you need 80 cents for the 30 days in November to achieve the 24$.

What would be, if you could preserve the old ad price of 14$ (or less) for another month?

  • Yes, it is possible to get it for the old price! But i would only suggest it for members whose ads are expiring in the first two weeks of November.
  • Just BUY an additional ad until the end of October! If you want to save additional 1 or 2$, you have to take care of the 10 DAYS Rule in case you want to run more than two ads!
  • If you buy a third/fourth ad 10 days before the old ad expires, you will get these ads for 13 and 12 $, this would result in a saving of up to 12$ in comparison with a renewal in November for 24$!
  • I would just advise you, NOT to buy two same ads for one blog. In case you want to do this because you have only ONE BLOG, you should consider to use TWO DIFFERENT AD PICTURES!

Benefits of buying a NEW ad instead of RENEWING the ad in November:

  • You save up to 12$ for one month!

  • You get additional 50 points until your "old" first ad expires in November, in case you have already two ads running, you would get additional 25 points for a 3rd or 4th ad!

  • The additional points will give you until the "old" ad expires between 5 and 40 cents more money each day (especially when you don't publish/click daily and had days with less than 300 points)!

  • You get additional page/ad view points for your new ad!

  • You can change the ad after the old ad has expired by simply "Edit Info" in the Advertise section of Adgitize (change image and URL, resubmit and wait until it's approved)... Old ad for the old price :)

  • You can stay in the wait and see-mood throughout November, watching if the earnings develop in the projected direction and decide in the end of November if you want to try to renew your ad for 24$.

Are there benefits to pay 24$ even when you can't earn the full amount?

Yes, there are some, too :)

  • There will be a decrease in advertisers which will result in more clicks for the remaining advertisers - the previous advertisers are now publisher and have to click again on 100 ads instead of 51 ads!

  • Your page/ad view points will raise when there are less advertiser in the network which might result in better earnings to achieve your goal of a fully paid ad for the following month!

  • You still have to click only 51 ads instead of 100 ads (less time, more money)

  • You still get 100 advertiser points (or more, see next point) each day

  • Join the Preferred Publisher Program in Adgitize to increase traffic (more page/ad view points) and advertiser points for higher earnings! (read my guide and get more FREE Traffic!)

  • In case you would like to achieve your goal of a fully paid ad with your Adgitize earnings, you should read How to earn more money with Adgitize

  • When i could achieve each month since June that i got my money or sometimes the double or triple of my 14$ back (see my payment proofs), you can achieve the same!

BONUS-OFFER for my Referrals

If you are not yet a member of Adgitize, but want to get additional traffic for your blog and earn some $$, join as my referral.

You will receive 50% of the referral commission of your first time ad (only if approved from Adgitize!)
  • until end of October it will be 3$,

  • from November onwards you will get 4,50 $

I'm glad if i could help you in making a better decision for your new advertising campaign in Adgitize beyond the month of November. Let's see you again as a new member, publisher or a new/old advertiser.

Enjoy Adgitize!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

EntreCard: Tax cut on Ads - More "money" in your account from now on!

EntreCardGreat news from EntreCard ?! In their new blog post they announced now that we get 50% of the ad price instead of 25%!

Hi everyone,

We have received some concerns regarding the high 75% tax deducted from the price to advertise on your blog. So for the next 3 months we will be lowering the tax rate to 50%. This means that you will receive 50% of the price it costs to advertise on your blog! The other 50% will be deleted from our system. This is effective as of today. After 3 months, if there are no major problems with the EC inflation, we will keep the tax rate at 50%.

Please continue to email us at if you have any problems or concerns. We would love to hear from you. All emails will be answered within 24 hours.


What else could make EntreCard a better place as we now get again more ECs to spend on advertising or contest or...?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Save Money, Energy and green your Computer!

This is my contribution for the Blog Action Day 2009. Its topic is CLIMATE CHANGE like i announced in my previous post.

Everyone who is active in the internet has to use a computer, laptop, netbook, mobile phone or whatever new tech gadget with which you can access the internet.
But it takes a lot of energy when you are surfing or even when you just do your daily routine works on your computer.
In some countries (like Germany) you can choose your own Electricity supplier and choose the one who produce the electricity for example with renewable energy (Solar, Wind and water!). This will already reduce the emission of CO2 which seems to be the main cause of the ongoing Climate Change.

If you don't have the chance to change your electricity company, you might want to contribute your own part by using a software who helps your COMPUTER save energy and your WALLET some money!

It calculates how much you can save by optimizing three settings in your computer:
  1. Turn off display after X minutes
  2. Power down hard disk after X minutes
  3. Suspend computer after X minutes
In my case, i can save up to 496 kWH and reduce the CO2 by 306 kg each year if i use the "Save More"-Setting.
In Germany i would pay around 100 Euro less, in Malaysia it's more than 150 Ringgit (~30 EUR) that could be saved (there you pay more money when you exceed a certain amount of kWH).

It's a good opportunity for everyone to download this software, as it's free to use for the private user.
They make their money by selling this solution to companies who have an interest in reducing their electricity bills and saving the environment.

Here is the download link to EDISON

With one little click you can start saving energy
and fight climate change. Absolutely free.

Edison was developed by Verdiem, a company that has helped enterprises the world over reduce energy waste from IT devices. Now Verdiem is bringing Edison into your home—at no cost whatsoever. Download Edison and start saving energy today!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time to take part in the Blog Action Day 2009 on 15th October!

This year will be the first year that i can take part in the Blog Action Day 2009 as i started blogging last year in the end of November.

This year's main topic of the Blog Action Day on 15th October 2009 will be


You can write and post about anything that is related to Climate Change on that day and if you like you can register on their site.

There are a lot of information available for your research or for blog posting ideas. I have already one or two topics in my mind which fit to a Money-Blog.

It will be something about saving energy + money and to "green" your computer.

I hope some members of EntreCard and Adgitize will take part, too.

In case you write one article about the topic Climate Change, i would link towards your post on 15th of October 2009.

Just leave me a comment on that day!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Does anyone NOT earn with Adgitize yet?

Here are my promised payment proofs from Adgitize as i didn't publish them last month.

As you can see i earned each month - except in April and May 2009 (just 4$ due to moving to our apartment)- enough to reach payout + since 30th May 2009 i advertise each month for 14$.

Even these 14 $ for the paid ad have been paid back the next month by Adgitize (if you are an ACTIVE blogger who visits daily other blogs and write one article/day + get visitor to your blogs).
I could double this amount thanks to some of my ACTIVE and to Paid advertisers turning Referrals from August on. In October i nearly quadrupled these earnings and can pay now already two ads for November with 24$. Thanks to FIVE new active paying referrals! Will be difficult to TOP the last payment of 50$ in November again.

Successful Referrals are your best Referrals!

One of the reasons for my and their financial success will be my support for them in guiding them to a successful start within Adgitize - I offer my Referrals additional since June 50% of my Referral earnings (3$) for their FIRST AD.

Yes, if you are my referral you will get additional in the first week of the following month 3$ from me.
This means, you earn already more money with Adgitize (up to 20$/month + perhaps referral earnings for your own paying referrals) + for the First Ad you get 3 $ (from me). The ad would cost you "only 11$".

With the new ad price (24$ instead of 14$ for one month ad) from November 2009 on, there will be more referral earnings, too! Ken Brown replied to my comment that we will earn from November on for FIRST time ads 8$ + 1 $ (as usual) for continuing ads.

This means my referrals would get 4,50 $ from NOVEMBER on in the first week of the following month in their paypal account from me.

Here's one more TIP if you want to save up to 10$ for the November ad... wait for this tip until next week - enough time to talk then about this topic :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Get FREE traffic with Adgitize now + MORE ADGITIZE SUCCESS TIPS!

Yes, it's true! You can get FREE traffic with Adgitize even as a PUBLISHER!
Additionally you will maximize your earnings by a few cents or more EACH DAY if you follow this simple TIP:

  1. Join the Preferred Publisher Program. You can find it when you click Member's Lounge - Manage Blogs - Add Preferred Publisher (no matter which blog you click).
    Click the images for visible instructions

  2. Read the Rules on the Preferred Publisher Registration page (this image) and then rearrange your blog to fulfill the rules of ONE of your ad groups.
    Click the images for visible instructions

    After you registered, you have to wait for a e-mail from Ken Brown, the admin of Adgitize. He will confirm that you are now a Preferred Publisher or he will write you, if you have to change something (if you didn't match one of the rules!).

  3. Now the free option requires you to reach 300 click points over each 4 DAY Period, this means very simple
    -> click each day the 51 advertisers (if you are a paying advertiser) or 100 advertisers (if you are publisher), read below why i think this is the way to go!

  4. If you are approved you can expect up to 25+ FREE visitors daily, more page views, more ad views, more followers and comments!!

    So many advantages already and now one more advantage if you follow the next advice which will bring you DAILY MORE MONEY!

    Why should you NOT miss one day (even when you're allowed)? :)

    Each 100 click points give you daily earnings (+ 10 for the free Preferred Publisher Program!).

    These amounts can you expect daily more in your Adgitize account (Three different scenarios depending if you are advertiser or publisher):

    1 or 2 cents (if you don't publish an article and are not an advertiser, scoring usually daily less than 100 points)

    14 - 44 cents (if you are advertiser, but no article written for that day, if you are publisher with daily written articles, scoring daily between 100 and 190 points)

    22 - 30 cents (if you are advertiser with daily written articles, scoring daily between 220 and 360 points)
*Fixed Earnings are never guaranteed, they depend on the daily available funds from the advertiser, these are amounts from statistics of the previous month and can vary for the future for each day.

I hope you can see which positive effects the Preferred Publisher Program will have for your BLOG and FINANCES!

First of all it's free!
Second point after you clicked 3 days the necessary 100 click points your blog will be automatically in the rolling Preferred Publisher list (visible to the OUTSIDE WORLD) and in the BLOGS NOT CLICKED TODAY-list.
From this point on it's your choice to click or miss the fourth day.
But on the fifth day clicking is necessary, otherwise you have to click again
first 3 days to achieve the 300 click points within a four days period! (1st day - 100 click points, 2nd day - 100 click points, 3rd day - 100 click points, 4th day - no click, 5th day - 100 click points and so on)

NEXT TIP for ENTRECARD Members or Members who have quit EntreCard because of the Sponsored ads:

In Adgitize you have FULL CONTROL over the ADS YOU WANT TO DISPLAY!!

There have been comments (on my blog and others) and blog posts in the last weeks which stated there is no or little control over the ads in Adgitize.

Here is the way how to DISABLE ADS in ADGITIZE:
  1. Click on MEMBER'S Lounge - MANAGE BLOGS - Reject Ads
    Click the images for visible instructions

  2. On the Reject Ads-Page you will find these information:
    You must allow enough ads to cover your Adgitize Ad groups! If you display X Ads (maximum of 10 ads within TWO ad groups), you have to allow this amount of X Ads (minimum of 10 ads).

I hope i could help some members in earning little bit more and get some more exposure for their blog with the Preferred Publisher Program tip!

Too many pics for displaying my Adgitize Payment proofs (as i didn't update it last month, too). But it have been two amazing months for me with more than 78 $ revenue (after deduction of 28$ paid ads, i still have 50$ left!). The overall earnings since i started in April 2009 with the four payments from July 2009 on totaled 136,20 $ (deduction of 70$ for five months paid ads make NET earnings of 66,20$), more about it tomorrow with tips for Adgitize!
My Referrals still earn 3$ if they sign up with this Adgitize-Link and start their first ad (in October).
With the new ad price in November, my referrals will receive 4,50$ with their FIRST-TIME-AD!

What are you're thoughts about the Preferred Publisher Program?
Which experiences did you make with it?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

EntreCard: Here are the first sponsored ads!

This is the sponsored ad for the EntreCard-Marketplace, i guess nobody has to complain about this or opt out to pay 50$?

And the other sponsored ad is the same like for getting referrals, nothing new if you read my previous post about the reply of the new owner from EntreCard, Andrew Te (at the end of the article).

If you like, you are allowed to disable ONE of these ads. Just look in your Dashboard in the middle on the right side it's written in bold letter "Sponsored ads". There you can uncheck one of the green circles!

EntreCard will charge more money if you pay the Opt out-fee monthly :) Instead of 4,17 $ they charge you 5$ per month which results in 60$ per year. The yearly charge still remains at 50$. But i doubt anyone wants to pay 50$ in advance at it is not sure, if the ad service will be stable and profitable until next year.

Friday, October 2, 2009

EntreCard: Do you want FREE advertising for your blog?

After ranting the previous days about the changes in EntreCard, i offer you now a way which gives you free advertisement for your own blog (or for your TOP Droppers) with the help of EntreCard.

Many members of EntreCard publish each month for their loyal TOP Droppers a blog post or put a TOP Dropper/Recent Dropper widget in their sidebar (like in my case). This is already one way to get FREE advertisement and more exposure for your own blog!

Therefore it's necessary to stick with dropping on these member's blogs without missing more than 1 or 2 days during a month. The reward will be a backlink (some widgets are NOFOLLOW!) but nevertheless a link is a link and everyone can click and visit you :)

The Website who offers you some additional rewards when you are a regular dropper on several blogs (usually your favorites) is

Reward # 1: Many of them drop back and reciprocate your drops
Reward # 2: Most of them are DAILY active members, especially when you look into the TOP 100
Reward # 3: You help them get a better score, they help you to be a TOP Dropaholic!
Reward # 4: You will find many new interesting blogs!
Reward # 5: It's completely FREE to join, just copy two links (your profile link and TOP Dropper feed) and you're in the GAME!

How to give your TOP Droppers free advertisement?

After you copied the two links in the boxes, you get the offer to put the Dropaholics widget on your blog. It can look like mine in the sidebar (i will change it to "only badges" as soon as my TOP DROPPERS have registered :) ) or you can choose to use
  • different fonts,
  • colors,
  • number of displayed TOP Droppers
  • and many more options
You can also stalk other member by clicking on Widget Code and typing in (a part of) their blog name in the given box :)

Please leave me a comment if you are yet a Dropaholic, so that i can visit the blog and if i like it, i will definitely visit you regularly!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

EntreCard: I was deadly wrong with the sponsored ads!

EntreCardHiding in one of the last comments on the EntreCard blog, Cindy announced the 50$ are not for each account (including all your linked blogs). NO! EntreCard wants now 50$ for each blog.
Here is a quote of her comment:

Entrecard will remain free for all users because it will be funded by the sponsors, not the users. The $50 per blog fee is just another option for users that wants to opt out of the sponsor ads program completely. It’s an option, not mandatory.

Good luck, EntreCard without any benefits for your members no one with more than ONE BLOG will pay you so much just for an ad-free EC-widget!

This is the only sunshine from her comment:

We know users fear that that ads served might conflict with their blog. Because of this, we will give users an option to opt out of the ads that you do not find appropriate on your blog. This is also free.
By the way, Cindy, did you think that the members are happy when you announce that they have to pay 50$ for each of their registered blogs? NO WAY, you thought they will stay calm and accept when you make your announcement?

6 hours after she published her comment on the EntreCard blog, you are no more allowed to post comments on the EntreCard Blog.

Her statement:

Because of our recent change of service, we have a small group of users that are extremely angry and using the blog comments to get other members to rebel against Entrecard. Due to this reason alone, we have decided to disable comments and will be restored in the near future.
However, if anyone still have questions about our services, please email All emails will be answered within 24 hours. Thank you so much!

You might wonder why i don't link anymore to the EntreCard blog directly. Therefore i want you to read from my Weekly Wednesday Worth readings for this week (sorry, no time for it yesterday):

Jamie from comatised wrote Yet another EntreCard post.
There she points the light to areas which have been not yet highlighted in other blogs (PageRank and about Graham Longdon) + her second post about it Digging Up Bones is also worth reading!

Another post about how EntreCard users are utilizing the EntreCard service on our blogs, especially focusing the time we have to spent for dropping cards, on the duration of the visits and the bounce rate was made by Antique and Vintage Button Jewelry, it's called EC Free Ads...Is it worth it?

The third post is from Eli's Business Sphere. He named his post Quo vadis, EntreCard? Can it still survive this time around?
He looks at it from the view as lawyer and points out interesting facts about your Online property - your blog/website. The comments are also worth a look!
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