Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time to take part in the Blog Action Day 2009 on 15th October!

This year will be the first year that i can take part in the Blog Action Day 2009 as i started blogging last year in the end of November.

This year's main topic of the Blog Action Day on 15th October 2009 will be


You can write and post about anything that is related to Climate Change on that day and if you like you can register on their site.

There are a lot of information available for your research or for blog posting ideas. I have already one or two topics in my mind which fit to a Money-Blog.

It will be something about saving energy + money and to "green" your computer.

I hope some members of EntreCard and Adgitize will take part, too.

In case you write one article about the topic Climate Change, i would link towards your post on 15th of October 2009.

Just leave me a comment on that day!

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  1. hi Martin!
    I participated as well. Check this out!





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