Thursday, October 22, 2009

EntreCard: Now the price is out - Time to start advertising

EntreCardOk, i guess the advertising price for the sponsored ads in EntreCards has been published already some days ago on the front page of EntreCard. But i seldom use this page... as i just click on the EntreCard Toolbar... on one of my Dashboards from my blogs :)

Now to the news:

The prices remain the same like from the paid ads in April 2009. You still have to pay
  • 0.60 $ for 1.000 page impressions (CPM) if you advertise over all categories
  • 1.20 $ for 1.000 page impressions (CPM) if you make a targeted ad campaign in one of the 50 categories (for example only blogs in "Make money online")

The only difference this time:
  • Instead of 10$ minimum deposit, they want now immediately 25$
Looks like it gets "more expensive" and not so blogger-friendly prices as we can't simply pay 25$ just to see how effective these new sponsor ads would be? Or is there a connection with Adgitize's price hike in November?

Would this be an attractive offer for you
  • to advertise in EntreCard for that price over all categories or in targeted categories
  • instead of clicking for hours to gain ECs for perhaps two or three more expensive ads (128 ECs and above)
  • for getting over 40.000 page impressions advertisement for 25$ over all blog categories or more than 20.000 page impressions in targeted categories?

What do you think about these questions?


  1. I pay $14 now and will pay $24 next month for advertising on Adgitize because I have every expectation of making that much, and more back.

    While some of the reason I click on EntreCards is to gain credits, I also do it find blog posts I'm interested in reading, paying for ads instead of clicking wouldn't really save me any time.

    If I can find a way of getting back at least $25 for every $25 I spend on EntreCard ads, I might consider it. However, as it stands right now, I do not see that happening.

    In addition, I still believe that paid ads have a potential negative affect on a blogs brand on EntreCard and I don't think it is a wise idea.

  2. I have shared your thoughts about Paid to

    Thanks. Find time to read my blog and share ur comments.

  3. @aldon:

    The advantage of advertising with EntreCard could be that you get additional traffic on a daily basis as your ads would be shown on all blogs several times a day!

    I guess in the first moment nobody would guess that this is a paid ad.

    It's clever from the EntreCard-Management to hide the sponsor ads behind the Dashboard-Menu and not show it publicly like it happened with the paid ads which have been located under the usual EC-paid ads.

    On the one side, you wouldn't get back the advertised money directly from EntreCard. Partially it would come back from Adsense as they pay also just for the view (CPM-Ads) and by getting additional clicks on your EntreCard, your ad price should move up.
    A higher ad price gives you additional ECs which you can spend for more ads... and again gain additional traffic!

    Additional traffic would mean more page and ad views in Adgitize (1.000 ad views = 10 additional points). In the 400 point area it would be around 2 - 3 cents more daily :)

    In the end you can't be sure if you would earn back the 25$ but it could be that you gain a lot of new readers which you never could reach in the past.

    Sure, it could also affect the blog's or website's brand negatively but as it is not shown so often like the former paid ads (50% of the time), it's less likely that you will see these sponsored ads each time when you visit another blog.

  4. @Liezl:

    Thanks for the link love about

    Already wrote a comment on your blog :)

  5. in addition, if you're selling a product (handmade jewelry and books) like me, you're reaching potential buyers. {:-Deb

  6. There's just too much underhanded stuff going on over at the Ecard for me. I got out and removed their widget.


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