Saturday, October 10, 2009

Get FREE traffic with Adgitize now + MORE ADGITIZE SUCCESS TIPS!

Yes, it's true! You can get FREE traffic with Adgitize even as a PUBLISHER!
Additionally you will maximize your earnings by a few cents or more EACH DAY if you follow this simple TIP:

  1. Join the Preferred Publisher Program. You can find it when you click Member's Lounge - Manage Blogs - Add Preferred Publisher (no matter which blog you click).
    Click the images for visible instructions

  2. Read the Rules on the Preferred Publisher Registration page (this image) and then rearrange your blog to fulfill the rules of ONE of your ad groups.
    Click the images for visible instructions

    After you registered, you have to wait for a e-mail from Ken Brown, the admin of Adgitize. He will confirm that you are now a Preferred Publisher or he will write you, if you have to change something (if you didn't match one of the rules!).

  3. Now the free option requires you to reach 300 click points over each 4 DAY Period, this means very simple
    -> click each day the 51 advertisers (if you are a paying advertiser) or 100 advertisers (if you are publisher), read below why i think this is the way to go!

  4. If you are approved you can expect up to 25+ FREE visitors daily, more page views, more ad views, more followers and comments!!

    So many advantages already and now one more advantage if you follow the next advice which will bring you DAILY MORE MONEY!

    Why should you NOT miss one day (even when you're allowed)? :)

    Each 100 click points give you daily earnings (+ 10 for the free Preferred Publisher Program!).

    These amounts can you expect daily more in your Adgitize account (Three different scenarios depending if you are advertiser or publisher):

    1 or 2 cents (if you don't publish an article and are not an advertiser, scoring usually daily less than 100 points)

    14 - 44 cents (if you are advertiser, but no article written for that day, if you are publisher with daily written articles, scoring daily between 100 and 190 points)

    22 - 30 cents (if you are advertiser with daily written articles, scoring daily between 220 and 360 points)
*Fixed Earnings are never guaranteed, they depend on the daily available funds from the advertiser, these are amounts from statistics of the previous month and can vary for the future for each day.

I hope you can see which positive effects the Preferred Publisher Program will have for your BLOG and FINANCES!

First of all it's free!
Second point after you clicked 3 days the necessary 100 click points your blog will be automatically in the rolling Preferred Publisher list (visible to the OUTSIDE WORLD) and in the BLOGS NOT CLICKED TODAY-list.
From this point on it's your choice to click or miss the fourth day.
But on the fifth day clicking is necessary, otherwise you have to click again
first 3 days to achieve the 300 click points within a four days period! (1st day - 100 click points, 2nd day - 100 click points, 3rd day - 100 click points, 4th day - no click, 5th day - 100 click points and so on)

NEXT TIP for ENTRECARD Members or Members who have quit EntreCard because of the Sponsored ads:

In Adgitize you have FULL CONTROL over the ADS YOU WANT TO DISPLAY!!

There have been comments (on my blog and others) and blog posts in the last weeks which stated there is no or little control over the ads in Adgitize.

Here is the way how to DISABLE ADS in ADGITIZE:
  1. Click on MEMBER'S Lounge - MANAGE BLOGS - Reject Ads
    Click the images for visible instructions

  2. On the Reject Ads-Page you will find these information:
    You must allow enough ads to cover your Adgitize Ad groups! If you display X Ads (maximum of 10 ads within TWO ad groups), you have to allow this amount of X Ads (minimum of 10 ads).

I hope i could help some members in earning little bit more and get some more exposure for their blog with the Preferred Publisher Program tip!

Too many pics for displaying my Adgitize Payment proofs (as i didn't update it last month, too). But it have been two amazing months for me with more than 78 $ revenue (after deduction of 28$ paid ads, i still have 50$ left!). The overall earnings since i started in April 2009 with the four payments from July 2009 on totaled 136,20 $ (deduction of 70$ for five months paid ads make NET earnings of 66,20$), more about it tomorrow with tips for Adgitize!
My Referrals still earn 3$ if they sign up with this Adgitize-Link and start their first ad (in October).
With the new ad price in November, my referrals will receive 4,50$ with their FIRST-TIME-AD!

What are you're thoughts about the Preferred Publisher Program?
Which experiences did you make with it?


  1. Thank you for the explaination! I have been wondering about the control over the ads.

  2. Great tips and I have started using them. THEY WORK!! Thanks for all your help and passing them on to others, you're a great mentor, Glenn

  3. As always all of your articles are very informative and very helpful. I need to deal with Adgetize myself.

    My time off to dedicate to my online studies and also get back to painting has left me zero time to blog!

    I need to see if we can suspend our accounts and ads or if I just have to leave. I cannot afford to pay if I am unable to run my clicks daily!

    Have great week!

  4. Hi Cornyman,

    as per my comment on your other post previously that I will inform you about my experience with the Adgitize for the advertiser.

    I have check my point earned today.... hehehehe.. I got 500 point.

    Btw, I would like to be a preferred publisher which will give me the opportunity to get 520 point a day with only 5 minutes effort per day...

    I can't see the earning for my 500 point right now, but I will see it tommorrow...

    I would like to see how much that I can earn for 500 point with 148 active advertiser...

    I will inform you and the other for the update later.... thanks,

  5. @Bachrum:

    You can only get the FREE preferred publisher option and 10 points for ONE BLOG!

    That means the maximum on points for you will be 510 daily :)

  6. hey :) thanks for the comment! yeah glad to be back ;) thanks for your endless support! more power to your blogs!

  7. I just signed up this week with them, and just about 5 mins.ago I found your blog about it.
    The information is good.
    I am just a little fuzzy on what #'s on our report should we keep up with the most?
    I want to make sure that I get my clicks in per day but I would like to see how much traffic I get to my blog(all this while making $$).

    For me their site is a little tough to get through, may be because I am not use to it yet.

    The second site you mentioned above, it is ok or is it tought to figure out?

    Thanks Nancy


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