Friday, October 2, 2009

EntreCard: Do you want FREE advertising for your blog?

After ranting the previous days about the changes in EntreCard, i offer you now a way which gives you free advertisement for your own blog (or for your TOP Droppers) with the help of EntreCard.

Many members of EntreCard publish each month for their loyal TOP Droppers a blog post or put a TOP Dropper/Recent Dropper widget in their sidebar (like in my case). This is already one way to get FREE advertisement and more exposure for your own blog!

Therefore it's necessary to stick with dropping on these member's blogs without missing more than 1 or 2 days during a month. The reward will be a backlink (some widgets are NOFOLLOW!) but nevertheless a link is a link and everyone can click and visit you :)

The Website who offers you some additional rewards when you are a regular dropper on several blogs (usually your favorites) is

Reward # 1: Many of them drop back and reciprocate your drops
Reward # 2: Most of them are DAILY active members, especially when you look into the TOP 100
Reward # 3: You help them get a better score, they help you to be a TOP Dropaholic!
Reward # 4: You will find many new interesting blogs!
Reward # 5: It's completely FREE to join, just copy two links (your profile link and TOP Dropper feed) and you're in the GAME!

How to give your TOP Droppers free advertisement?

After you copied the two links in the boxes, you get the offer to put the Dropaholics widget on your blog. It can look like mine in the sidebar (i will change it to "only badges" as soon as my TOP DROPPERS have registered :) ) or you can choose to use
  • different fonts,
  • colors,
  • number of displayed TOP Droppers
  • and many more options
You can also stalk other member by clicking on Widget Code and typing in (a part of) their blog name in the given box :)

Please leave me a comment if you are yet a Dropaholic, so that i can visit the blog and if i like it, i will definitely visit you regularly!


  1. I will tell you I have dropped every day for a few months and never have seen my blog listed on the top ten. I believe it is because there were so many dropping each day and the list is only compiled of the top ten! I will tell you I do not get the 300 dropped on by me to drop back. so I have become less interested in the top ten.

  2. I have also noticed I great drop in my inbox. due to what I believe is the taking away the 2 ecs drops, 1 for you 1 for me. In my view Entrecard is headed in a downward spiral.

  3. dropaholics is a great idea. I checked it out and now have the widget on my blog. I'll be doing a post sometime today about it. I'll be including the links to this post as well as the dropaholics link. Thanks for posting this

  4. I am a drop a holic. I am also going to get the widget put back up on my blog. Thanks for your great post!

  5. Hi Martin,
    Looks pretty interesting and more than useful. I'll take a deeper look tomorrow after some deserved sleep after harvesting grapes in the rain today.
    Regards as always

  6. Came back to reread. Looked at the Dropaholics site. very interesting. Does it slow your page upload?

  7. I try to drop on you every day any way,and yes I have a top dropper widget on my site.

  8. I also meant to mention that another good way to get link backs is to comment on blogs that you actually stop and read. Those links always come back not only by you placing your link in the URL box, but most times those blog owners will come to your blog and place a comment on your blog and it is reciprocated.

  9. Norrkoping Sweden, October 5th, 2009

    Dear Mr. Cornyman,
    My name is Christina Wigren and I have three blogs, one of which is on EntreCard.
    I'm still pretty new to blogging and only joined EntreCard in September. I put the Dropaholioic widget on my blog, but I am not ranked as a top dropper yet.
    Please take a peek at my blog(s) whenever you get the time:

    Anna's Adornments

    Tinas smycken

    Sara Katt skriver / Sara Cat writes


    "Anna..." is about jewellery-making, so it may not interest you that much. Most of Anna's readers are women who are crafters themselves.

    "Tinas smycken" is my Swedish-only-jewellery-blog. When I tried to join EntreCard in August it was required that your blog be only entirely in English. So I split my then jewellery-blog (called "Glad smycken/Happy jewellery") in two.

    I also have a cat-blog "Sara..." that is still bilingual, both in Swedish and English.
    I wrote a letter to EntreCard a couple of weeks ago and asked if my cat-blog could be an Entrecat-blog, since I have noticed that there are blogs on EntreCard that are at least partly in other languages than English! [And the English texts on "Sara's" are all parallell to the Swedish texts and easy to find; they are also all translated by ME and not Google.) But EntreCard has not replied to this request.

    As time goes by, I am less concerned about Sara's blog becoming an EntreCat blog, because she gets a surprising amount of trafic thanks to Daisy-the-Curly-Cat and other cat-bloggers. We are a group of pet-owners that write as if our pets could press the computer-keys and comment on each other's blogs through our animals. It's lots of fun! I leave links where I find them, for example when there is a "Photohunt-theme" on Saturdays or Wordless Wednesday and Sara Cat gets visits through these links. But this means alot of extra photo-work that has nothing to do with the documentation of my jewellery.

    What I feel I need to do more of now is to go back to putting more content into my jewellery blogs, which was why I started blogging in the first place. I need to do more jewellery and sell it. That is my real problem. But I understand that a hard sell does not work. It's better to show more original and well-made pieces and present them in a pleasing way. (More photo-work. I am also my own photographer.)

    I like reading blogs about history, literature or current events, but I don't think anyone would read my blog if I wrote about such things. I am just trying to do what I think I do best.

    Sorry that this comment is so long. Thanks for letting me share.
    Christina Wigren

  10. Hello again Mr. Cornyman,
    Please allow me top correct myself. My Dropaholics-widget was not working. I have applied one more time to have my blog monitored. Hope it works now.
    Thank you,
    Christina Wigren

  11. droping with entrecard is the best way to increase your traffic blog.


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