Wednesday, October 7, 2009

EntreCard: Here are the first sponsored ads!

This is the sponsored ad for the EntreCard-Marketplace, i guess nobody has to complain about this or opt out to pay 50$?

And the other sponsored ad is the same like for getting referrals, nothing new if you read my previous post about the reply of the new owner from EntreCard, Andrew Te (at the end of the article).

If you like, you are allowed to disable ONE of these ads. Just look in your Dashboard in the middle on the right side it's written in bold letter "Sponsored ads". There you can uncheck one of the green circles!

EntreCard will charge more money if you pay the Opt out-fee monthly :) Instead of 4,17 $ they charge you 5$ per month which results in 60$ per year. The yearly charge still remains at 50$. But i doubt anyone wants to pay 50$ in advance at it is not sure, if the ad service will be stable and profitable until next year.


  1. it really does cover the paid EC. EC that one works so hard for. *sigh*

  2. I can not understand why they use sexy women on their sponsor ads. Do they think only men will response,lol?

  3. The way I drop is by using the drop-and-hop method, which means I drop then I click the widget to go on to the next blog and drop there. The paid ads were disrupting my pattern, so now when I see them, I immediately refresh the page so I can see the blog ad and just skip the paid one.

  4. I did see one of those while dropping, not much to complain about as far as I'm concerned. I did read on someone's blog yesterday though that they are charging a 75% tax to purchase ads? is that for real? I guess I should have checked their blog to see but never did.

  5. I have expressed in other blogs I'd be leaving Entrecard, but once I will study first how they will handle it. Let me see if they let members have the option to reject offensive blogs. If not, I'd be out.

  6. I saw the paid ad on my blog this morning, then when I refreshed it was that is how it works. I have not been following the EC stuff so thanks for making it simple here.

  7. The end of the world is not scheduled for three years, so everybody should just calm down.

    Trust me, EC doesn't even figure into anything so far as the end of the world thing goes.

    These are people who change gender and philosophy minute to minute, so it's not like you really need to worry about them. Turn the light on in the middle of the night with some bug spray, and that will solve it.

    As for the titsas in the fraudulent ads currently running, I offered them several isometrics of my insignificant penis for their ads but they banned me from the forums, and they're probably upset that I downloaded the entire blog and forum databases before they cut everything off.

    Don't worry. Whatever you wish for will come true. That's what Zombieland is all about.

    Have a nice day worrying about clicks and bounce rates.

  8. I really don't understand why they don't just have a double-framed widget so the paid ad and EC ad can be shown at the same time. They claim the users wouldn't want to devote so much extra space for the widget, but why not at least have it as an option and see how many go for it? Some of the "no paid ads" widgets are as big or even bigger than the EC widget itself, and a lot of bloggers are devoting many posts to the problem. Seems to me a double framed widget would solve everything.

    Oh, and from what I can tell they're only running two right now, but I wonder if it's going to stay that you can only block one ad at a time? If you have a couple dozen paid ads like the system they had before only being able to block one ad at a time is a joke.


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