Saturday, October 24, 2009

Facts about

Get paid To Promote at any Location
After the first payment from i knew it's not a scam but i didn't know what would happen the following days with my visitors.

The Facts about
  • Yes, they pay regularly on 15th and on 30th each month.
    Since the first payment on 15th September i received two more payments (30th September and 15th October). The total amount is 1.78 $ after 35 days.

  • Yes, it is easy money as long as you receive enough visitors from these countries:
    United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain.
    They have to stay longer than 10 seconds on your website (seldom to reach if you use EntreCard and Adgitize as most of these persons drop and run).
    On average i had 10 to 15 visitors from my 900 visitors from whom i got credits (0.004 $) from

The negative side effects of
  • If you are a Preferred Publisher in Adgitize, you will get suspended from this Preferred Publisher program as your website will redirect visitors or pop-ups occur. This will result in a loss of around 20 free visitors, more worse if you are a paid Preferred Publisher in Adgitize. After you delete your code, you can write them an e-mail to reinstate you again for this program!

  • It would be against the Terms of Service of EntreCard, too, when pop-ups and redirects happen on your blog.

  • You can't control which kind of advertisement your visitors will see. Some wrote me that they even got sent to PORN web sites (this was a redirect from our Baby-Blog).

  • You won't get approved by CMF-Ads if you have the Money-making code from on your website as it redirects the admin :(

  • That's the money-making code:
    <"iframe width=486 height=60 frameborder=0 src='' marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 vspace=0 hspace=0 allowtransparency=true scrolling=no><"/iframe">
    if you use this code, you will loose some of your visitors/future readers, it's up to you if you want to play this game for a few cents as the payout is just 10 cents.

This is the referral code which you can use to earn passive income with instead of putting the above mentioned code on your website!
Get paid To Promote at any Location
Try, but i warned you :)

It's best to use in combination with a traffic exchange.
Most of the time, the visitors have to stay longer than 20 seconds on your website, so you could get a nice amount in your Paypal-Account.
But remember to put the code only on your website after you got the approval and you wouldn't mind if they suspend your account after a while because of redirects and pop-ups!


  1. Hi Martin! I was deleted from EC thanks to had to write in and all that jazz, before my acct was reinstated. PTP gave me pop-ups. :(

  2. I'm glad you identified what program was causing those re-directs. Some of them were really bad. I'm just not willing to sign up to make a few cents on sites that promote such sleazy stuff. Besides, when your own site just gets the bounce after a few seconds it doesn't seem to me like you've helped yourself very much.

  3. I can't undertand why if PPP gives you a pop up, you still have it in your blog.

    Then for 35 days you just earned a measly amount of $ 1.78 only. So, from the point of view of economics, I don't think the cost of your ad space in your high traffic blog justifies the benefit.

    The way I look at it, the cost is more than the benefit, making PPP not feasible.

  4. Martin as always thank you. I check in at your blog daily and read whatever you decide to write about for that day :-). I have gotten many good ideas from you and also have benefited from your mistakes, like this one and you then write about it to tell others. What a great blogger you are and more then that a great friend, best regards, Glenn

  5. hello!

    did you really mean to say 1.78$ ?

    as in less than 2$?


    too low

    i have to agree with mr eli

    but then again

    i'm thinking that you mean to say 178$


  6. @Mariuca:
    I guess this was already long ago as i'm a member since April 2009 and since then i never read about this on your blog or had problems dropping my cards on you :)
    Was it the long blog post from December 2008 with your EntreCard rant which was caused by PTP?

  7. @Sharkbytes:

    The problem is... they don't tell you anything about the redirects on their website. Only that you get credits for specific visitors for the above mentioned countries.

    In the end i lost during that period some readers from the US as 50% of my visitors are from there. But i guess not many of them got redirected as my Google Analytics tell me, most of the visitors run away already within 10 seconds.

  8. @Eli:

    It doesn't give me a pop-up :) I don't live at the moment in Germany or the other above mentioned countries.
    It's the same for you, you will never see something like pop-ups or redirects from that Program when you access a blog with the code on it.

    The actual code is just the referral code for the sign-up... it looks the same like the "money-making code" :)

    To clarify the earnings with
    I earned the "most" money in the first four days from 11-15th September 0.47 $
    The following 15 days i got 0.84 $
    and from 1st-15th October i has been again 0.47$

    The code has been on this blog just for 10 days... afterward i deleted it on this blog as i got complains about redirects (and you know that the 1 Million EC-Contest was at that time, too)

    Credits are also only given if the visitor takes a time out of revisiting you after 24 hours. If the visitor comes again after 22 hours (which could happen with Entrecard/Adgitize visitors), you wouldn't get credits.

    On the other four blogs there is combined perhaps the same traffic like on this blog but at that time my dropping was reduced for the other four blogs. That's why the earnings have been that low.
    And i think i deleted the code on all blogs already before the 10th of October.

    Perhaps you want to try it for the next three days and see how much you could earn.
    I guess you could achieve 0,75$ as the first days are always the best days and the next payout is already on 30th October *lol*

    Economically is just good when you use a traffic exchange program and you don't care about these visitors and target on the mentioned countries.
    Therefore you just need a "fake" blog (articles from article directories) without Google Adsense and then drive traffic to it with traffic exchanges (where the members have to stay longer than 15 seconds on your page to get advertising credits)

    Getting referrals could generate a small portion of money but most of the referrals stopped already promoting this program, too. Guess why... complains about redirects :)

  9. @Glenn:

    Thanks for your comment.

    Sometimes it's better to make it clear for other readers that there are programs who show you a nice big number of $$ but in the end you have more troubles with the program than it is worth.

    Hope others won't make the same mistake just because one person promoted this program throughout the month of September in Adgitize :)

  10. @sterndal:

    would i have deleted the code if i made 178$ in this time, i don't think so

    but on the other hand, losing the membership of EntreCard would hurt my blog visits too much. So it's better not to risk it for these pennies which i earned.

  11. I experienced some of the negative sides that you've mentioned. My ad was put on hold because of the ptp pop-up and I had to delete it. I wouldn't risk earning more than a penny FOR a penny with less visitors. :)

  12. LOL @ blog rant on EC ha ha...yeah but EC was really nice to me, Andy from EC that is. He made sure my acct was not deleted and it was just put on hold. I had to change my template and removed all my widgets section by section before reinstalling them, also bit by bit in order to detect the culprit, which was PTP. I removed the code, hence no more pop-ups at MPG yay! :)

  13. I'm earning 10,000+ dollars with, each and every month. I'm one of the biggest partner zirong chen (ptp admin) have.

    There's nothing wrong with this program. I don't think it will cause any problem getting approved by other networks as it is a legit source of traffic for some media buyers.


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