Thursday, October 1, 2009

EntreCard: I was deadly wrong with the sponsored ads!

EntreCardHiding in one of the last comments on the EntreCard blog, Cindy announced the 50$ are not for each account (including all your linked blogs). NO! EntreCard wants now 50$ for each blog.
Here is a quote of her comment:

Entrecard will remain free for all users because it will be funded by the sponsors, not the users. The $50 per blog fee is just another option for users that wants to opt out of the sponsor ads program completely. It’s an option, not mandatory.

Good luck, EntreCard without any benefits for your members no one with more than ONE BLOG will pay you so much just for an ad-free EC-widget!

This is the only sunshine from her comment:

We know users fear that that ads served might conflict with their blog. Because of this, we will give users an option to opt out of the ads that you do not find appropriate on your blog. This is also free.
By the way, Cindy, did you think that the members are happy when you announce that they have to pay 50$ for each of their registered blogs? NO WAY, you thought they will stay calm and accept when you make your announcement?

6 hours after she published her comment on the EntreCard blog, you are no more allowed to post comments on the EntreCard Blog.

Her statement:

Because of our recent change of service, we have a small group of users that are extremely angry and using the blog comments to get other members to rebel against Entrecard. Due to this reason alone, we have decided to disable comments and will be restored in the near future.
However, if anyone still have questions about our services, please email All emails will be answered within 24 hours. Thank you so much!

You might wonder why i don't link anymore to the EntreCard blog directly. Therefore i want you to read from my Weekly Wednesday Worth readings for this week (sorry, no time for it yesterday):

Jamie from comatised wrote Yet another EntreCard post.
There she points the light to areas which have been not yet highlighted in other blogs (PageRank and about Graham Longdon) + her second post about it Digging Up Bones is also worth reading!

Another post about how EntreCard users are utilizing the EntreCard service on our blogs, especially focusing the time we have to spent for dropping cards, on the duration of the visits and the bounce rate was made by Antique and Vintage Button Jewelry, it's called EC Free Ads...Is it worth it?

The third post is from Eli's Business Sphere. He named his post Quo vadis, EntreCard? Can it still survive this time around?
He looks at it from the view as lawyer and points out interesting facts about your Online property - your blog/website. The comments are also worth a look!


  1. Oh, so you're deadly wrong with the sponsor ads?!

    Me, I misunderstood Cindy's post. I thought we were given $50 a year for NOT accepting those sponsor ads, so I did not cancel my account with Entrecard yet.

  2. Wrong in the meaning of paying just 50$ for one account (all blogs included).

    But i guess the readers will understand the sarcasm in this post ;)

    Hope you won't cancel your account even when you don't get the 50 $ *lol*

  3. I understood the 50.00 per blog from the start. I do not like having to accept sponsor ads(the new name for the old Paid ads). I will stay and put their widget closer to the bottom. If the ads get too bad then I will move it to the bottom and bury it within others. I do not want to leave as of now.... But, I will not support an ad I totally disagree with. I will not pay to use their service. So All this means is at some point I might have to leave but not now. With the taking away the receive one- earn one EC dropping it really does not behoove me to drop on any that drop on me. So, I think I have develop and different Plan of Operation with entrecard. It has already changed since the New take over And I know there will be more when this new program doesn't work out. They can not make money if people do not click on the ads. And we will not, after the first few times. I have read a lot of articles on this change and see that most people are skeptical. I'll wait and see. It is a shame that she closed the form because it does not show willingness to listen to the users. However that is a choice she made. don't you think it is like a "Tea Party". throwing the widget over in the blogasphere be seen no more,lol.

  4. This is a total betrayal of all Entrecard users - see you all at Adgitize and CMF Ads!!

  5. Wow.

    And we all thought Graham had his head up his rear end.

    Like Graham, they not comprehend how pissing off all of us will directly affect how much they will be able to charge advertisers to display a banner ad on the widget network.

    Also like Graham, they do not comprehend how commercial banner advertising is the least effective means of online advertising. What I think will bite them in the rear is the fact that potential advertisers DO know this and likely will not pay high dollar to advertise on the Entrecard network.

    Just saying.



  6. Martin, the real deal is to control the economy entrecarders need to get IN the game.
    entrecard has started their game, now it's time for the "Players of those Cards" to play.

    please take a moment and look at my most recent post about feeding the Dead Blogs. if people stop feeding those dead blogs, and stop being kind to vampires - which are blogs that offer nothing back - the entrecard economy will begin to right itself. the management will benefit from the righting of the economy when they produce more members who are willing to support a thriving community.

    Stop Feeding The Dead Blogs and let Them Die so Entrecard has a vibrant community that is based on real value for each blog, instead of a virtual game of click and run.

    own your hand and you can play in the game.
    how bout it martin, are you ready to stop feeding those dead blogs for one ec ?

    it's time we all did, dont' you agree.


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