Sunday, October 11, 2009

Does anyone NOT earn with Adgitize yet?

Here are my promised payment proofs from Adgitize as i didn't publish them last month.

As you can see i earned each month - except in April and May 2009 (just 4$ due to moving to our apartment)- enough to reach payout + since 30th May 2009 i advertise each month for 14$.

Even these 14 $ for the paid ad have been paid back the next month by Adgitize (if you are an ACTIVE blogger who visits daily other blogs and write one article/day + get visitor to your blogs).
I could double this amount thanks to some of my ACTIVE and to Paid advertisers turning Referrals from August on. In October i nearly quadrupled these earnings and can pay now already two ads for November with 24$. Thanks to FIVE new active paying referrals! Will be difficult to TOP the last payment of 50$ in November again.

Successful Referrals are your best Referrals!

One of the reasons for my and their financial success will be my support for them in guiding them to a successful start within Adgitize - I offer my Referrals additional since June 50% of my Referral earnings (3$) for their FIRST AD.

Yes, if you are my referral you will get additional in the first week of the following month 3$ from me.
This means, you earn already more money with Adgitize (up to 20$/month + perhaps referral earnings for your own paying referrals) + for the First Ad you get 3 $ (from me). The ad would cost you "only 11$".

With the new ad price (24$ instead of 14$ for one month ad) from November 2009 on, there will be more referral earnings, too! Ken Brown replied to my comment that we will earn from November on for FIRST time ads 8$ + 1 $ (as usual) for continuing ads.

This means my referrals would get 4,50 $ from NOVEMBER on in the first week of the following month in their paypal account from me.

Here's one more TIP if you want to save up to 10$ for the November ad... wait for this tip until next week - enough time to talk then about this topic :)


  1. Hi Martin, I'm still undecided on whether I will renew my ad in Nov. The first time referral fee goes up to 8 bucks but the monthly ref fee remains at 1 dollar right? Will wait for the 10$ tip to see my next move he he.. have a terrific week ahead! :)

  2. I have not gone to Adgitize yet. I've checked it out but I don't feel that it's really worth it to me to put money in to my blog since I've never meant to earn anything from it. it's just for fun. Great info though

  3. I am actually thinking about dropping adgitize... or at least move it over to a blog where I might actually make some money by writing posts. As it stands I have my adgitize widget posted on a site that does not get updated very often so I miss out on the 1 post per day thing for getting paid and honestly I don't really understand how adgitize works but that is only because I haven't ever really played around with adgitize that much to see what I need to do.... but meeting the requirements to make money from adgitize (1 post per day, visit 100 websites in the network) seems like a lot of work to do... who knows what I'll do LOL. I didn't think getting into these ad networks would be so stressful LOL.


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