Thursday, October 15, 2009

Save Money, Energy and green your Computer!

This is my contribution for the Blog Action Day 2009. Its topic is CLIMATE CHANGE like i announced in my previous post.

Everyone who is active in the internet has to use a computer, laptop, netbook, mobile phone or whatever new tech gadget with which you can access the internet.
But it takes a lot of energy when you are surfing or even when you just do your daily routine works on your computer.
In some countries (like Germany) you can choose your own Electricity supplier and choose the one who produce the electricity for example with renewable energy (Solar, Wind and water!). This will already reduce the emission of CO2 which seems to be the main cause of the ongoing Climate Change.

If you don't have the chance to change your electricity company, you might want to contribute your own part by using a software who helps your COMPUTER save energy and your WALLET some money!

It calculates how much you can save by optimizing three settings in your computer:
  1. Turn off display after X minutes
  2. Power down hard disk after X minutes
  3. Suspend computer after X minutes
In my case, i can save up to 496 kWH and reduce the CO2 by 306 kg each year if i use the "Save More"-Setting.
In Germany i would pay around 100 Euro less, in Malaysia it's more than 150 Ringgit (~30 EUR) that could be saved (there you pay more money when you exceed a certain amount of kWH).

It's a good opportunity for everyone to download this software, as it's free to use for the private user.
They make their money by selling this solution to companies who have an interest in reducing their electricity bills and saving the environment.

Here is the download link to EDISON

With one little click you can start saving energy
and fight climate change. Absolutely free.

Edison was developed by Verdiem, a company that has helped enterprises the world over reduce energy waste from IT devices. Now Verdiem is bringing Edison into your home—at no cost whatsoever. Download Edison and start saving energy today!

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  1. I'm embarassed to say that I never gave much thought to the amount of energy being used by my computer. Since there are 2 of them in my house that means double the usage. Thanks for the link I will definitely check it out.


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