Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cashgopher lets you earn money for doing nothing on your Computer!

Cashgopher - make money online for doing nothing!
The title sounds too good to be true for you?

I thought the same as i saw the advertisements in my preferred discussion website myLot (by the way, a fun way to earn some extra money too - read my myLot guide if you're interested in discussing almost everything you like!)

So i signed up a few weeks ago and what shall i tell you... it's as simple as it can be.

  1. Download their free CashGopher software
  2. Cashgopher is working in the background when your computer is idle
  3. It tests the website up-time for webmasters who like to know if their websites are accessible from different parts of the world for any given time
  4. A part of this income from these customers will be shared daily with the members who used Cashgopher.
  5. The income from Cashgopher depends on several factors:
    - Location of your country
    - Internet connection speed
    - Computer power
    - your usage habits of the internet
  6. Payout is monthly via Paypal as soon as you reach 10$.
  7. The earning estimate that we can achieve is between 10$ and 1.000 $ if we use Cashgopher each day for a full year.
  8. Increase your income by inviting your friends to use Cashgopher, too and Earn 25% of their income.
If you like what you read just now, simply sign up and start earning some extra cash for letting your computer do the work

Other easy ways to earn you some extra money without spending much time:

With these programs you can earn money on Twitter, Facebook or on your websites/blogs
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  • Sponsored Tweets (set your own price/tweet or earn for each click),
  • (pays per tweet),
  • Revtwt (earn for each click on Facebook + Twitter),
  • Twittad (get an ad on your twitter profile background and get paid to show it for up to one month)
  • Twivert (get money for each click)
  • Paid-to-promote (get money for each valid visitor to your blog)
  • myLot (Discuss & Socialize with the myLot community and get on top paid for doing this - How to get the most out of myLot? Read my myLot guide)
  • (earn up to 2.30 $ just for providing e-mail submissions for Tim Bekker's Affiliate programs, a free Clickbank Account is necessary before you sign up to earn additional commissions!)
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