Monday, December 29, 2008

Stock market: A good dividend and value strategy

I read about many investment strategies in the last years since i began investing actively in the stock market.

But as i am a follower of Warren Buffet i like to buy undervalued stocks and additional they should pay some "big" dividends.

Ok, i know Mr. Buffet doesn't like them so much because a company should use the money for letting their own business grow faster and not giving it to the stockholders who use it for something else ;-).

With big dividends i mean not the amount but the dividend yield.
The yield should be above the 10-year-bond-yield - most likely around the double or triple amount - at the moment i speak from 5+%.

I like simple techniques like the O'Higgins-Strategy or Dog of the Dows (nearly the same).

Just look out for the 10 highest yielding dividend stocks from any index or the Dow Jones (usually at the end of the year).
Then buy these stocks and hold them for a year (or longer if you like). Otherwise exchange them after one year with the new dividend stocks who have a higher yield.

O'Higgins watches out for the 5 stocks with additional the lowest stock price out of the 10 picks.
It's more based on psychology because lower prices look cheaper for investors but it works out fine, too!
On the website of Dog of the Dows they call these the Small Dogs.

At the moment these stocks would be (percentage is the dividend yield):

Bank of America (BAC) 9,58%
General Electric (GE) 7,76%
Pfizer (PFE) 7,49 %
Alcoa (AA) 6,95 %
DuPont (DP) 6,57 %
AT&T (T) 5,87 %
Verizon (VZ) 5,54 %
Merck (MRK) 5,24 %
JP Morgan Chase (JPM) 5,10 %
Kraft (KFT) 4,35 %

For the O'Higgins-Strategy it would be the first five stocks in the list.

At the moment i would be cautious with the banking stocks because i guess the dividends won't be that big in 2009 because of the big write-downs in the last months (drop in this case BAC and JPM).

The other companies will have also significantly lower income but the dividends should be paid even in the coming two years. The strategy worked well in the last 30 years, it mostly outperformed the Dow Jones even when there were losses like in the Years 2001, 2002 and 2005.
They worked out better than the Dow Jones, meaning better than an index fund :-)
More of these statistics can be found on "Dogs of the Dow".

When you stick with dividend stock usually you get some money back each year and in the long run, this adds up to the additional stock price gain or a drop don't hurt that much because you cashed in already 5 to 10% dividend each year.

I bought in Germany in the year 2000 some good paying dividend stocks (already at this time 5 to 8%) and in the coming years they increased the dividend yearly around 10 to 15%.
This resulted for me in 2008 in a dividend yield of 11 to 15% already.
I think i just have to hold them another 3 or 4 years and my whole investment is being paid out by their dividend.
They are Norddeutsche Affinerie, Vossloh and Sartorius all from the German stock market.

If you want further information about the "Dogs of the Dow" visit their website. There you can also sign up free for their newsletter updates on this strategy!

I will update this informations every month or if some changes in the dividend policies of the companies occur.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Earning money with paid surveys

As everyone knows, there are many pages in the Internet who offer you some lists of paid survey companies. But you have to pay for them!

Most of these companies are a scam. They just want your money, even they know you could find these informations in the Internet for free!

On the other side, many of them also don't tell you, that most of the offers are only for citizens of the USA, Canada or UK. The countries with the highest spending in surveys.

I have found some pages where they separated the survey companies and the participant's country.

  1. Yellowsurveys - the yellow pages for survey - free
  2. Paidsurveychoices -includes a directory - free
  3. Surveypolice - check here if it's a scam site and look how other users rate survey sites - free

Feel free to contact or comment, if you have some other pages which i should mention in this list!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

SEO: Search Engine Optimization-Guide from Google

Today i found in the official Google-Blog the "
Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide".

I think it's mostly for persons who are
  • new to blogging or
  • who just began creating a homepage
  • and want now that other persons gain attention of their blog/homepage.
For users who have already some traffic on their webpages/blogs, it's more a refresher than something new.

I believe it's better to have a short look at it than to be sorry of missing something that we didn't know yet.

Like the guide writes in the beginning, they won't tell you how to get to the first rank in Google but with the methods you'll achieve some better pageranks.

By the way, you can use the "page rank tool" on the right side of my blog to check your homepage for your actual rank!
For my blog it was not possible yet, perhaps too young or because it's a subdomain of (the cornys-moneypage in front instead of the www.), like this and not only,
i will see after some weeks if it's only possible for "normal" websites or also for blogs :-)

If you want to have a look on their official blog announcement, you can click here for "Google's SEO Starter Guide".

On their blog you can also find a translation of the SEO Guide in Spanish, German, Portuguese and Turkish.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Get paid to post/write: Guide for MyLot -Part IV-

(Nearly) all the answers to improve your earnings in myLot!

st of all, there is no guarantee that this will work out for everyone because only the owner of myLot knows the exact algorithm of the earnings amount but these methods increased the earnings of many members in myLot DAY BY DAY!


  • Write responses with at least 4 - 5 lines with meaningful QUALITY content that matches with the discussion, if you can write more lines it's much better :-)(
  • The more QUALITY (meaning-/helpful content for everyone who reads your response) you put into your comments, the more and easier you will earn money
  • Add the participants as your friends, they like the same discussions like you
  • Open new discussions and add a picture that matches with your discussion
  • Write some or many lines as description for your discussion, this also gives you some cents more earnings
  • Add the participants as your friends because they helped you

  • Edit your profile and change the order of "Discussions I've started" to the top of your profile (when the new friends want to see your profile, many respond to one of the discussions!!)
  • Update your profile time by time with new interests, pictures or websites you like (to promote :-) )
  • Earn additional money by uploading pictures for established or new interests!


  • Edit your homepage by adding sorties like i wrote in MyLot-Part I

  • You can earn additional money by inviting new members to myLot
  • You'll get then 25% of their earnings into your account (for each day when they are active)

Be active, give them answers, comment on their responses to your discussions, give one of them a best response for your discussion, add them as friends, be friendly!

If you want to get a member of this great social community, you can register here in myLot.

More details about the functions and the preferences to come in the coming days!!

Stay tuned, bookmark/subscribe to this guide and tell other persons about it, if you liked it!

NEW: myLot Payment proof for December 2008, payout on 14th January 2009

New: myLot Payment proof for February 2009, payout on 13th March 2009

Part V:Earn money with myLot using the new "stimulus package" called "Tasks"!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get paid to post/write: Guide for MyLot -Part III-

Make quality responses and improve your earnings in myLot!

Your next step is to respond to discussions. Therefore you can click
  1. on one of the interests on the top of their web page
    These are the topics which have been started as new discussions.
  2. on your homepage and look there for discussions from your friends, today's top discussion, your discussion and so on
  3. on the link discussion and search there through the provided links like new users, no response and so on.

TIP: When you click on one of these discussions, you should read the message below the title. Sometimes the title does not mean the same what the message inside describes.

TIP: Read the given responses, otherwise you'll write perhaps the same like someone else has already written.

By writing your response you should pay attention to a clear and easy understandable answer. This answer or your expression of an opinion should be around 4 - 5 lines. Don't expand your response with too many punctuation.... this is a DO NOT, too.


You can try different types of responses and then you can decide which one was most successful!

1. day: Write 80 responses/discussion with a length of one line

2. day: Write 20 responses/discussion with a length of four lines

3. day: Write 10 responses/discussion with a length of eight lines

Please tell me which of this techniques gave you more/the most money in a day. Just give me a comment here.

Make some paragraphs while writing, the message is easier to read and members might reply more often! Make it a habit!
You will experience it once when you get a response with more then 7 lines without any paragraphs. I get dizzy from reading such a long message :-)

Earnings are coming every 24 hours

You earn by using the described methods
  1. starting discussions with a suitable picture and with a minimum of one response by someone (depending how much responses you get at the first day, around 1 - 10 cents)
  2. by commenting the responses to your discussion (depending how long each comment will be, up to 2 cent per comment)
  3. by responding to other member's discussions (depending how long your comment will be, up to 3 cent)
In the beginning you'll earn mostly between 1 and 2 cents for each discussion and response. The more experience you get, the more money you can earn.

Every 24 hours the earnings are released. You don't get them every time after you post a discussion, a response or a comment.

In the section "earnings" you can see at the bottom the time since when the earnings have been updated.

Just be patient until they show "23 hours" after that it may take one or two hours and you will see your earnings of the previous day.

The Bonus items

After 100 responses you will see your star in front of your nickname. It indicates which reputation you gained from the other members.

You gain a better reputation by
  • responding to a friend's discussion or anybodies discussion
  • starting a discussion and getting many response
  • commenting on responses from your discussion.
The reputation is build from the + and - ratings the user give for your answer and your discussion.
Try to rate as many persons in your own discussion with a + because they take part in your discussion, add them as friends and give one of them a "best response".

After 200 responses you can use Smileys.

After 500 responses you are allowed to copy and paste and you get another bonus.
You can add pictures to your responses as well. That means you can earn additional money.

So be fast to reach these goals when you joined this web page to make money :-)

Don't forget: The best way to earn money in myLot is to help others because it is a Social Networking page!

Be active, give them answers, comment their response, give best responses for your discussions, add them as friends!

Just add me to your favorites or subscribe to my feed for more interesting topics to come soon and don't forget to tell others about this useful guide.

Some of the "tricks" will be offered in Part IV of my guide.

Part V:Earn money with myLot using the new "stimulus package" called "Tasks"!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Get paid to post/write: Guide for MyLot -Part II-

Start discussions, make friends and earn money

The first thing you should do before starting a discussion or responding to discussion is
  • read the FAQ of myLot (it's at the bottom of the web page)
  • read the guidelines for discussion, photos and blog (especially the do not's!)
  • read the terms again to understand which comments and responses will cause that they or your account (and earnings) could be deleted.
The second thing is if you want to post a discussion search at first in the top right corner for the topic you want to discuss.
If there is already a discussion going on and you post a similar one, your discussion could be deleted after some days/weeks. This will reduce your earnings (and the earnings from your participants).

Searching for similar discussions

The best search method is
  1. Click on the search box on "discussion" and
  2. then on full-text search
  3. type in your topic
  4. look when the last response was given to the topic
  5. if it's really old (let's say one year) they might not delete your discussion
  6. if it's less than some weeks, your discussion could be deleted!

Start your first discussion

  1. In the top left corner click the link "new discussion" (next to your nickname)
  2. Select the interest in which you want to place your discussion, be sure to post it in the correct one ;-)
    (behind the interest you can see the number of members who choose the same topic, the higher the number, the more members my take part in your discussion)
  3. Select your title of the discussion.
    Don't use questions which can be answered just with Yes or No!
  4. Write a message to your question, describe what you are looking for precisely.
  5. Do not use around 4 to 5 lines or 5 - 10 sentences, write more than 8 lines if possible (doubles your earnings immediately!!)
    Quality is the key to earnings!
  6. Add a picture that matches with your discussion. It gives you some more cents earnings.
    Look out for public domain images which you can find here :
    public domain pictures or
    99% of them are free to use. Otherwise you could get problems with copyright protection and myLot because they have to delete your discussion!
  7. Add tags (keywords) to your discussion so that other members and myLot can find the discussion easily.
    Your discussion title will also show up on the right side on other similar discussions with the same tags. So these members could possibly write a response to your discussion as well :-)
  8. Submit your discussion, finished!

first step is done.

Now satisfy the members who responded to your discussion
  1. by adding them as your friend
    When they approve your friendship you can write them messages and take easily part in their discussions (like you read in the middle of Part I of my guide). Some of them will take part in your discussions as well.

  2. by rating their response with the + or the - (mostly with the + :-) )
    Rate the discussions of others and their responses gives them a better reputation.
    You and the other members can see your own reputation when you achieve 100 responses (the number beside the nickname).
    Better reputation can lead to higher earnings in the future.

  3. by writing a comment on their responses
    You earn money by commenting on your discussion because it's about your topic. The more responses you get, the better for your reputation and your earnings.

  4. by giving one of your participants a "best response"
    You can mark a best response when you click after some days (for example, when there is no one responding to your discussion during one or two days) on the pencil beside one of your participants!
    You make one of your members happy and perhaps they'll give you a best response in exchange, too :-)

The most important parts are the following ones if you really want to increase your earnings in myLot!!

In Part III of my guide you'll read about
making good quality responses and what to do to improve your earnings in myLot!

In Part IV of my myLot-guide you'll read about being an active member in myLot!

Part V:Earn money with myLot using the new "stimulus package" called "Tasks"!

Get paid to post/write: Guide for MyLot -Part I-

Hello, this is the Guide for myLot, a get paid to post/discuss/write-Webpage (my favorite ) with over 166.600 members!

For now there are 5 parts (including the new "Stimulus Package" from myLot with higher earnings amount in the future called "tasks") about the most common issues for new members.

Part I: Registration, more interests = more earnings?, Your myLot-Homepage, personalize it (this page)!

Part II: Earn money with starting discussions, make friends and understand the basic steps to earn money, so that your discussions or responses don't get deleted (or your money for this work will be deleted too)

Part III: Earn money with responding to discussions, some bonus items (after 100, 200 and 500 postings)

Part IV: Earn money with myLot each day by being an active member, tell others about my guide for myLot!

Part V: Earn money with myLot using the new "stimulus package" called "Tasks"!

myLot Payment proof for December 2008, payout on 14th January 2009

myLot Payment proof for February 2009, payout on 13th March 2009

Ok, let's start with it!

In myLot you can
  • post your discussions,
  • ask the other members questions,
  • respond to your discussions,
  • answer the questions of the other members or
  • respond your own opinion on their discussions,
  • make friends worldwide by adding them as your friends and
  • earn money by doing the things i mentioned just now.

Register at

The first step is your registration at myLot:

They ask you about your Name, Nickname, Password, e-mail and the Paypal-e-mail so that they can payout the money when you reach 10 US-$.

After you typed in these data, you're already logged into your myLot-account.

Don't forget to open the Welcome e-Mail in your e-mail account to approve your myLot-account!

Choose your interests!

In your MyLot-Account is now the MyLot-wizard active:
There you can choose your interests which are important because based on them you have automatically access to your preferred discussion topics, for example:
  • Roles that you play in life
  • Food and beverage that you enjoy,
  • Things you want to do in life,
  • favorite websites
  • Hobbies
  • working places
  • Music groups/artists, Pets, Books, Video games, traveling,
  • Movies, TV shows, products, technologies, cars and so on.
I suggest around 30 - 100 interests for the beginning, from each topic 2 - 5, afterwards you can add more by clicking on the link "interests" (or when you respond to a discussion you don't have in your interest list yet, myLot will ask you if you want to add it, i suggest to click on YES :-) ).

After you added as much as you felt comfortable with , you can have a look on your "Homepage" by clicking on "home".

Your start page

There you find usually on the right side
  1. Today's top discussion
  2. discussions from your interests (which you choose just in the beginning)
  3. from your friends (in the beginning sometimes none if you didn't get referred to myLot)
  4. discussions you started
On the left side you'll find
  • the activities from your friends (their responses, comments, when they get best responses, which discussion was the highest rated yesterday and so on)

Personalize your Homepage

In the right corner of your Homepage you'll find the link "add content".

You can add other items like
  • news,
  • weather,
  • discussions,
  • interests,
  • blogs,
  • private messages.
I choose for myself some of the news, "discussions i responded to" and "private messages".

The best way to earn money in myLot is by helping others. That means
  1. add them as your friends when they reply to one of your discussions

And now to the next four parts of my guide to learn how to increase your earnings and having a lot of fun in myLot!

Part II: Earn money with starting discussions, make friends and understand the basic steps to earn money, so that your discussions or responses don't get deleted (or your money for this work will be deleted too)

Part III: Earn money with responding to discussions, the bonus items (after 100, 200 and 500 postings)

Part IV: Earn money with myLot each day by being an active member, tell others about my guide for myLot!

Part V:Earn money with myLot using the new "stimulus package" called "Tasks"!
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