Thursday, December 25, 2008

SEO: Search Engine Optimization-Guide from Google

Today i found in the official Google-Blog the "
Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide".

I think it's mostly for persons who are
  • new to blogging or
  • who just began creating a homepage
  • and want now that other persons gain attention of their blog/homepage.
For users who have already some traffic on their webpages/blogs, it's more a refresher than something new.

I believe it's better to have a short look at it than to be sorry of missing something that we didn't know yet.

Like the guide writes in the beginning, they won't tell you how to get to the first rank in Google but with the methods you'll achieve some better pageranks.

By the way, you can use the "page rank tool" on the right side of my blog to check your homepage for your actual rank!
For my blog it was not possible yet, perhaps too young or because it's a subdomain of (the cornys-moneypage in front instead of the www.), like this and not only,
i will see after some weeks if it's only possible for "normal" websites or also for blogs :-)

If you want to have a look on their official blog announcement, you can click here for "Google's SEO Starter Guide".

On their blog you can also find a translation of the SEO Guide in Spanish, German, Portuguese and Turkish.

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