Friday, December 12, 2008

Get paid to post/write: Guide for MyLot -Part IV-

(Nearly) all the answers to improve your earnings in myLot!

st of all, there is no guarantee that this will work out for everyone because only the owner of myLot knows the exact algorithm of the earnings amount but these methods increased the earnings of many members in myLot DAY BY DAY!


  • Write responses with at least 4 - 5 lines with meaningful QUALITY content that matches with the discussion, if you can write more lines it's much better :-)(
  • The more QUALITY (meaning-/helpful content for everyone who reads your response) you put into your comments, the more and easier you will earn money
  • Add the participants as your friends, they like the same discussions like you
  • Open new discussions and add a picture that matches with your discussion
  • Write some or many lines as description for your discussion, this also gives you some cents more earnings
  • Add the participants as your friends because they helped you

  • Edit your profile and change the order of "Discussions I've started" to the top of your profile (when the new friends want to see your profile, many respond to one of the discussions!!)
  • Update your profile time by time with new interests, pictures or websites you like (to promote :-) )
  • Earn additional money by uploading pictures for established or new interests!


  • Edit your homepage by adding sorties like i wrote in MyLot-Part I

  • You can earn additional money by inviting new members to myLot
  • You'll get then 25% of their earnings into your account (for each day when they are active)

Be active, give them answers, comment on their responses to your discussions, give one of them a best response for your discussion, add them as friends, be friendly!

If you want to get a member of this great social community, you can register here in myLot.

More details about the functions and the preferences to come in the coming days!!

Stay tuned, bookmark/subscribe to this guide and tell other persons about it, if you liked it!

NEW: myLot Payment proof for December 2008, payout on 14th January 2009

New: myLot Payment proof for February 2009, payout on 13th March 2009

Part V:Earn money with myLot using the new "stimulus package" called "Tasks"!


  1. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  2. Nice to meet you again, Sue, in one of our next discussions!

  3. You could also add, use of the MyLot code and rate up as many articles as you can. Good luck.

  4. Hello Jena Isle, thanks for the suggestion. I will add it in the next days!


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