Monday, December 1, 2008

Get paid to post/write: Guide for MyLot -Part II-

Start discussions, make friends and earn money

The first thing you should do before starting a discussion or responding to discussion is
  • read the FAQ of myLot (it's at the bottom of the web page)
  • read the guidelines for discussion, photos and blog (especially the do not's!)
  • read the terms again to understand which comments and responses will cause that they or your account (and earnings) could be deleted.
The second thing is if you want to post a discussion search at first in the top right corner for the topic you want to discuss.
If there is already a discussion going on and you post a similar one, your discussion could be deleted after some days/weeks. This will reduce your earnings (and the earnings from your participants).

Searching for similar discussions

The best search method is
  1. Click on the search box on "discussion" and
  2. then on full-text search
  3. type in your topic
  4. look when the last response was given to the topic
  5. if it's really old (let's say one year) they might not delete your discussion
  6. if it's less than some weeks, your discussion could be deleted!

Start your first discussion

  1. In the top left corner click the link "new discussion" (next to your nickname)
  2. Select the interest in which you want to place your discussion, be sure to post it in the correct one ;-)
    (behind the interest you can see the number of members who choose the same topic, the higher the number, the more members my take part in your discussion)
  3. Select your title of the discussion.
    Don't use questions which can be answered just with Yes or No!
  4. Write a message to your question, describe what you are looking for precisely.
  5. Do not use around 4 to 5 lines or 5 - 10 sentences, write more than 8 lines if possible (doubles your earnings immediately!!)
    Quality is the key to earnings!
  6. Add a picture that matches with your discussion. It gives you some more cents earnings.
    Look out for public domain images which you can find here :
    public domain pictures or
    99% of them are free to use. Otherwise you could get problems with copyright protection and myLot because they have to delete your discussion!
  7. Add tags (keywords) to your discussion so that other members and myLot can find the discussion easily.
    Your discussion title will also show up on the right side on other similar discussions with the same tags. So these members could possibly write a response to your discussion as well :-)
  8. Submit your discussion, finished!

first step is done.

Now satisfy the members who responded to your discussion
  1. by adding them as your friend
    When they approve your friendship you can write them messages and take easily part in their discussions (like you read in the middle of Part I of my guide). Some of them will take part in your discussions as well.

  2. by rating their response with the + or the - (mostly with the + :-) )
    Rate the discussions of others and their responses gives them a better reputation.
    You and the other members can see your own reputation when you achieve 100 responses (the number beside the nickname).
    Better reputation can lead to higher earnings in the future.

  3. by writing a comment on their responses
    You earn money by commenting on your discussion because it's about your topic. The more responses you get, the better for your reputation and your earnings.

  4. by giving one of your participants a "best response"
    You can mark a best response when you click after some days (for example, when there is no one responding to your discussion during one or two days) on the pencil beside one of your participants!
    You make one of your members happy and perhaps they'll give you a best response in exchange, too :-)

The most important parts are the following ones if you really want to increase your earnings in myLot!!

In Part III of my guide you'll read about
making good quality responses and what to do to improve your earnings in myLot!

In Part IV of my myLot-guide you'll read about being an active member in myLot!

Part V:Earn money with myLot using the new "stimulus package" called "Tasks"!


  1. "Do not use around 4 to 5 lines or 5 - 10 sentences, write more than 8 lines if possible (doubles your earnings immediately!!)"

    That's just plain nonsense. You'll receive much more money by furthering out discussions. This has nothing to do with the amount of lines you churn out.

  2. For sure, furthering out discussions is another method to "earn" more money and in the end you wrote still 8 lines only that you didn't write the 8 lines in one reply but in two, three or four replies toward the person who commented on your discussion!

    By the way, i would be more happy if you would uncover your anonymous name... it is NOT BRAVE at all to hide if you accuse someone else!


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