Saturday, December 27, 2008

Earning money with paid surveys

As everyone knows, there are many pages in the Internet who offer you some lists of paid survey companies. But you have to pay for them!

Most of these companies are a scam. They just want your money, even they know you could find these informations in the Internet for free!

On the other side, many of them also don't tell you, that most of the offers are only for citizens of the USA, Canada or UK. The countries with the highest spending in surveys.

I have found some pages where they separated the survey companies and the participant's country.

  1. Yellowsurveys - the yellow pages for survey - free
  2. Paidsurveychoices -includes a directory - free
  3. Surveypolice - check here if it's a scam site and look how other users rate survey sites - free

Feel free to contact or comment, if you have some other pages which i should mention in this list!

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