Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get paid to post/write: Guide for MyLot -Part III-

Make quality responses and improve your earnings in myLot!

Your next step is to respond to discussions. Therefore you can click
  1. on one of the interests on the top of their web page
    These are the topics which have been started as new discussions.
  2. on your homepage and look there for discussions from your friends, today's top discussion, your discussion and so on
  3. on the link discussion and search there through the provided links like new users, no response and so on.

TIP: When you click on one of these discussions, you should read the message below the title. Sometimes the title does not mean the same what the message inside describes.

TIP: Read the given responses, otherwise you'll write perhaps the same like someone else has already written.

By writing your response you should pay attention to a clear and easy understandable answer. This answer or your expression of an opinion should be around 4 - 5 lines. Don't expand your response with too many punctuation.... this is a DO NOT, too.


You can try different types of responses and then you can decide which one was most successful!

1. day: Write 80 responses/discussion with a length of one line

2. day: Write 20 responses/discussion with a length of four lines

3. day: Write 10 responses/discussion with a length of eight lines

Please tell me which of this techniques gave you more/the most money in a day. Just give me a comment here.

Make some paragraphs while writing, the message is easier to read and members might reply more often! Make it a habit!
You will experience it once when you get a response with more then 7 lines without any paragraphs. I get dizzy from reading such a long message :-)

Earnings are coming every 24 hours

You earn by using the described methods
  1. starting discussions with a suitable picture and with a minimum of one response by someone (depending how much responses you get at the first day, around 1 - 10 cents)
  2. by commenting the responses to your discussion (depending how long each comment will be, up to 2 cent per comment)
  3. by responding to other member's discussions (depending how long your comment will be, up to 3 cent)
In the beginning you'll earn mostly between 1 and 2 cents for each discussion and response. The more experience you get, the more money you can earn.

Every 24 hours the earnings are released. You don't get them every time after you post a discussion, a response or a comment.

In the section "earnings" you can see at the bottom the time since when the earnings have been updated.

Just be patient until they show "23 hours" after that it may take one or two hours and you will see your earnings of the previous day.

The Bonus items

After 100 responses you will see your star in front of your nickname. It indicates which reputation you gained from the other members.

You gain a better reputation by
  • responding to a friend's discussion or anybodies discussion
  • starting a discussion and getting many response
  • commenting on responses from your discussion.
The reputation is build from the + and - ratings the user give for your answer and your discussion.
Try to rate as many persons in your own discussion with a + because they take part in your discussion, add them as friends and give one of them a "best response".

After 200 responses you can use Smileys.

After 500 responses you are allowed to copy and paste and you get another bonus.
You can add pictures to your responses as well. That means you can earn additional money.

So be fast to reach these goals when you joined this web page to make money :-)

Don't forget: The best way to earn money in myLot is to help others because it is a Social Networking page!

Be active, give them answers, comment their response, give best responses for your discussions, add them as friends!

Just add me to your favorites or subscribe to my feed for more interesting topics to come soon and don't forget to tell others about this useful guide.

Some of the "tricks" will be offered in Part IV of my guide.

Part V:Earn money with myLot using the new "stimulus package" called "Tasks"!


  1. Hello Multimastery, thank you for the compliment.
    I will do my best to improve this guide in the next days for the sake of all (future and old) users of myLot. Don't miss the myLot ABC from A to Z.

    Have a great time in myLot!


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