Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is a SCAM-program??

Get paid To Promote at any Location

I guess many EntreCard and Adgitize members saw this Get paid to Promote at any Location-advertisement on a lot of blogs in the past days because one guy promoted this program in Adgitize ;)

I signed up for this program some months ago but never copied the code in my sidebar until i saw this ad in Adgitize.

As they increased their CPM-Rate up to 4$ for 1000 page views for specific countries (United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, for these countries 2$/1000 page views > Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain), it's a good deal to try it now.
Especially when the payout date should be the 15th and 30th of each month, you wouldn't loose much and we could test if it's now a SCAM-Program or not.

I put the code on 11th September on my blog and the earnings have been counted each day in their statistics. They varied between 5 and 16 $-Cents each day, depending on the location of the visitors and the length of their visit on my blog.

The big surprise came as i opened today my mailbox and found in my spam file a Paypal-Mail. This time it was not a Scam-Mail :) It was the small payment of 0,47 $ from Paid-to-promote. Now i have to put it on all my blog and see if they pay me again on 30th September :)
Anyone else got paid from this program yesterday?

Next post will be an earnings update from Adgitize and some information to their new free traffic-program!

I deleted the code from this blog (on my other blogs it seems not to be such a big problem) as it appears that many users from the USA, UK and Australia get redirected to some advertiser pages!
In this case you will loose more readers than you can earn with this program!


  1. It just sounded too good to be true and I posted a blog entry about on my blog too right after I joined. We have nothing to lose if we try it cos all we have to do is post the code on our site and that's about it. :D Our earnings will depend on how many visitors we get and how long they stay on there to read.

  2. I also signed up for that, but totally forget to check it out. Will try and see if I had earned there too :)

  3. Well I tried it too and put it on my blog. To my surprise I got a mail from paypal telling me that I have a payment from paid-to-promote.

  4. it's not a scam, they just piss off your readers because they play annoying sounds, redirect you to other sites without warning, etc.

  5. Hi. paid-to-promote was down yesterday and today is still down... Any news?

  6. @lucia:

    I don't have problems to login in my account.

    It is counting the clicks like everyday for me...

  7. @Lucia: I think I experienced the same trouble. but it's up again after a short while.

    @cornyman: hey, thanks for the comments on my blogs. I also sent you mail. Anyway, I tried it on one page of my blog and it earned me 10cents a day. But when I placed it on the main page and on the other blog, it now earns me 20cents.

    Yet, I don't understand the: "if you score less than 94cents yesterday".. they won't be crediting your earnings then?

    Anyway, I have yet to know if they'll be paying me. I joined sept 14th but didn't receive any on the 15th. maybe at the end of the month I'll be expecting some amount. heheh! thanks, martin.

  8. Do they still redirect the traffic to other pages? DO they pay for indian traffic ?

  9. hmmm its mean paid to promote is cheating now a days by redirecting


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