Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our contest-winners of 5$ and 500 ECs!

Here are the winner of the prizes of the 2nd commenting contest:

5$ from Businessphere : HiTechBlog

4 x 500 EC each to:

The prizes will be transferred within the next hours (cash prize as soon as the paypal-mail is available). The 100 ECs for each comment will be transferred in the next days from the sponsors!

Thanks again for participating!


  1. I've just found that you have canceled the contest. This is a shock. Please don't let this put you off carrying on with other enterprises, the effort you have put is was incredible I know.
    Take care and chin up Martin please.

  2. Hey Martin. Thank you so much for the 500ECs. I really enjoyed commenting on the blogs who participated.

    I hope this won't be the last contest you'll organize. I can't imagine hosting something this big myself since I get easily overwhelmed what with too many numbers involved.

  3. Thank for chosen me as the cash prize winner. I really appreciate the advice you give to me. Cannot wait to participant the 3rd commenting contest.

  4. Got my 500 ECs. Thanks for organizing this contest Martin!


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