Saturday, September 12, 2009

Your feedback and opinion about the contest is appreciated!

Now nearly two weeks have gone since our 1-Million EC-Contest started.and in 12 hours the first winners will be announced. To make it more interesting for our participants i would like to know (from participants, participants-to-be and our sponsors!) your opinion on several topics.

  1. Which kind of contests do you like to participate in?
    - commenting contests: comment on the sponsor's blogs on chosen topics
    - question and answer: like the previous post, just look up on the sponsor's blog the easy answer and get immediately (if i'm awake :) ) the ECs in your account!
    - your own suggestions: it should include a visit of the sponsor

  2. What's the reason at the moment not to take part in the contest yet?
    - any improvements to make from my side? Some suggest to give the Html-Code of the complete sponsor list and the post for the weekly sponsored contest (will be made tomorrow)
    - are the prizes not fair enough? 75 EC for one comment (reading + commenting may take 5 minutes, dropping 75 cards - 25 or more minutes) + the chances to win 500 EC in each of the sponsored contest + 5$
    - your reason would be interesting to know

  3. Let me know your opinion, suggestions and ideas to make this contest a better place for participants and sponsors!
    The sponsors have great content to share and our participants have amazing thoughts to share and in exchange for that both have a win-win situation!
Good luck for everyone who take, took part in our contests!

Don't forget to comment and publish an article with the weekly sponsor links on the previous articles otherwise your given comments can NOT be counted!

CHANGES from your suggestions:
  • NO MORE WORD Verification for comments
  • Just write how many posts you made on the sponsors blog, direct links no more needed


  1. Which kind of contests do you like to participate in?
    I prefer the question-and-answer type of contest,the second choice is to give my suggestion.

    What's the reason at the moment not to take part in the contest yet?
    I already take part in this contest, but i find out it is time consuming to put a comment on the sponsor site and still need to copy the link to here.

    That's my opinion. Thanks

  2. Yerps, I like the commenting format, its actually quite challenging. I do agree that it takes some time to do that. From the sponsor point of view its a good way to promote their blog.

    As for commenting here, I have no problem since this is the "center". However you really need to use suitable and friendly commenting widget/plugin.


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