Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick Give-Away: First 50 persons get 50 ECs!

As the first weekly contest is going to close soon (you still can get 75 EC/comment, up to 1.200 ECs for all sponsors + the chance to win additional 5$ and several 500 ECs!), we make now one of the quick and easy EC-Giveaways.

This time it's a Donation from The Journey

You just have to hop over to her blog, drop your card (if you like to comment on one of her beautiful picture posts, she would be happy, too :) and answer this question - it's done within ONE MINUTE:

Tell me one of her EC-Advertisers in the week from 24th to 31st of August 2009. (Solution now on the third page, just click previous entries :) )

Leave in this post a comment with the correct answer and your EntreCard-User profile (click on the "E" of your EntreCard and copy this link in the comment form).

The contest has no time limit as i will give the 50 ECs immediately to the first 50 persons with the correct answer!

This means it will end as soon as i have 50 correct answers :)

Winner list (after publishing the comments this list will be deleted) - 42 left!
1. Isker's Blog 50 EC
2. HiTechBlog 50 EC
3. Orient Lodge 50 EC
EzGreatLife - Family, Fitness and Finances 50 EC
5. So far, so good 50 EC
6. A Women remembers 50 EC
7. A lonely planet it is not 50 EC
8. My Online Contest 50 EC

Otherwise use the commenting contest to earn up to 1.200 ECs + have several chances to win 500 EC and 5$ cash, jump here to the details of the commenting contest!


  1. One of her advertiser is: Put here the link of the advertiser!

    My EntreCard Profile: Put here your EC-link!

  2. One of her advertiser is:

    My EntreCard Profile:

  3. One of her advertiser is:

    My EntreCard Profile:

  4. thanks for the 3000EC you've sponsored for my contest...

  5. One of her advertisers is: Under One Roof

    My EntreCardProfile:

  6. One of her advertiser is:

    My EntreCard Profile:

  7. one of The Journey's sponsors is Split Rock Ranch-

    my ec profile =


  8. One of her advertiser is:

    My EntreCard Profile:

  9. one of The Journey's advertisers is

    my ec profile is:

    thanks! hope i can still join considering my other ec profile received 50ec already =]

  10. One of her advertiser is:

  11. One of her advertiser is:

    My profile:



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