Monday, May 11, 2009

Adgitize - Earn money and more traffic

Many of my readers of my blogs have already recognized in the last weeks that i use Adgitize as one of my online earning programs.

I have a special offer:

If you decide to advertise with Adgitize
  • you will get 3.00 $

Why do i use Adgitize on all of my blogs?

It helps you to
  • earn daily some additional money
and if you advertise
  • you get daily more visitors to your blog/website.

How can you earn money with Adgitize?

  1. Write each day ONE article (on one of your blogs is enough)
  2. Click all the Advertisers ads (at the moment around 70 to 80 ads)
  3. For the combined Page views of all your registered blogs
  4. For the combined Ad Views of all your registered blogs
  5. Advertise with Adgitize
What are the monetary benefits of Adgitize?

The money you can earn with Adgitize depends on your daily activities. The above stated activities are daily calculated into points. You can follow these principles but they are not guaranteed for the future. It always depends on the number of available advertisers + on the revenue Adgitize generated with the advertisements on that day.

Between 0 and 100 points = 0.01 $
between 100 and 200 points = 0.02 - 0.03 $
between 200 and 300 points = 0.15 - 0.28 $
between 300 and 400 points = 0.35 - 0.50 $
between 400 and 500 points = 0.50 - 0.80 $
between 500 and 610 points = 0.80 - 1.10 $

How can i achieve these points in Adgitize?

I wrote a special short guide on The One Minute Guide for achieving more points which will equal in earning daily more money!

What are the advantages of advertising with Adgitize?

When you are already member of Entrecard, you can use your 125 x 125 banner in Adgitize or you can advertise with a 468 x 60 banner, too.

You will get many new visitors each day as there are 3.000 members who have to put the Adgitize ads on their blogs to earn money for their own ad views!

Additional to the exposure from the member blogs active Adgitize members are waiting to click on your ad (because they will earn points by visiting advertiser blogs/websites).

You will get some additional benefits (time-saving) for advertising with Adgitize.
  • Each click on the advertiser's ads is worth 2 points instead of 1 point, you have to click daily on less ads to reach the 100 points!
  • You earn additional money because you will get the 100 advertising points each day (50 visits/clicks on your ads required - usually you'll get more than that)
  • Your ad view and page view points will increase because of the new visitors which adds up on the money side + the 100 advertiser points (between 0.02 and 0.60 $ daily more earnings depending on your daily activities!)
  • When you are very active (clicking ads + writing one article each day), the advertising costs are "paid back" at the end of the month (up to 0.60 $ x 30 days = 18 $)!

What are the advertising prices in Adgitize?

Prices are cheap in comparison to the exposure that you will get each day because there are more than 3.000 members.

These are the prices for 125 x 125 and 468 x 60 banners


One week costs 7 $ (12$) = 1 $ each day
For two weeks you pay 10 $ (18$)= 0,71 $ each day
For one month they charge 14 $ (24$)= 0,452 - 0,50 $ each day

For me these advantages have been very impressive and after i knew how to earn my full points in Adgitize, i will definitely book an one month advertisement in June (when we have settled our search for an apartment and then have our internet connection established in this apartment ;-) ).

Here again the special offer for Entrecard members:

If you decide to advertise with Adgitize
  1. you will get 3.00 $

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  1. I found you on and I followed you. You know you get higher ranking with more followers.

    Google will start to send you more traffic :)

    But I have never really understand Entrecard how it works. I joined recently and haven't done anything with it....

    But thanks for this info.


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