Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Save your MONEY - ICECOLD!

Coke with IceDid you ever enjoy a drink with lots of ice cubes in it?
What was your feeling while drinking it?

  • it refreshes my body
  • it keeps me cool on a hot day
  • simply delicious
  • and so on
but hold on before you start dreaming from your next ice cold Coke, Pepsi, Sprite or Ice Tea :)

What was your feeling after you finished the glass of your chosen drink?

Too less?
So many ice cubes left?
Still thirsty - Shall i wait until the ice cube turn into water?

Ice and Coke
If you look how many ice cubes restaurants and fast food chains put in your favorite drink, you can see very fast how less worth the spent money was (if you don't get directly a bottle + a glass with ice like in the picture above).

Up to 50% of the content of your drink is pure water/ice cubes.

In case you want to save money ask the next time in your restaurant
  • for a bottle + separate glass with ice cubes
  • for less ice cubes in your drink
  • or for no ice cubes in your drink
Unfortunately some restaurants react already on such requests (without ice) and increased the price for ice less drinks, so take care of it before you order!

I'll go now for my own Ice Tea, bye bye!

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  1. This is what I always do when I get my favorite drink in a restaurant. It should be either "no ice" or "less ice" please... :D

  2. how are you? I'm here for a weekend visit. keep in touch :)

  3. In some places, we ask them for a separate glass of ice. When I buy coke at fast foods I also tell them to put less ice.

  4. Great tip. I always ask for my drink without ice so I get more Coke. I didn't realise some places charge more :-(

  5. I sneak my own soda into the place. Then I ask for a glass of ice for my sore throat. Then when nobody is looking I pour myself a cool refreshing drink.

  6. That is a great money saving tip. Restaurants and coffee houses charge us exorbitant fees for an iced drink and yet only 50% of it is ice water.

    Maybe we should avoid ordering drinks to go along with our food next time.


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