Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CMF Ads - SPIKES Poll: Your experience!

Today i want to know what did you experience when you bought a Spikes at CMF Ads.
Was it worth the 20 cents to get 50 visitors in around 2 - 3 days or wouldn't you buy it anymore?

What effects had the Spikes caused on your blog?

Choose the effects of your Spikes in the poll (multiple answers possible) and show us how effective the Spikes have been or haven't been.

If something is missing or if you want to add some numbers, leave a comment!

What's your experience with CMF Ads - SPIKES?
Good traffic
Poor traffic
lower bounce rate than average
high bounce rate
don't stay long on my blog
stay longer than other visitors
no comments
some comments (1-5)
more comments (6-15)
not many new visitors
many new visitors
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  1. Wishing you the best for 2010 and beyond Martin. You have worked hard this year the dividends will start paying off soon.
    Warmest regards to you all there from Bulgaria.

  2. It took me a week for my spikes to run out. Geezzzz

  3. My first spike seems to be going pretty well. I'll keep running them for the time being.

  4. Martin, I hope you have the BEST 2010 and that each day becomes more of a blessing for you and your family. Thank you for being my friend and all the wonderful advice you have given to me and my readers. You are a gem.. Glenn

    PS I don't think Spikes is going to save CMF IMHO

  5. Hi Martin! Long time no see...:)) Happy 2010! I haven't checked my cmf yet. Been reading about this Spikes thing in a lot of blogs, now I'm curious....

  6. I haven't tried CMF yet, so I can't give you vote. But now, I'm interesting to try

  7. Hey Martin, is it just me or is the recent posts page now gone from CMF??

  8. @Mariuca:

    Yes, they removed the recent posts page because of the Spikes. There is now a new page called Browse Blogs. There you can find -depending on the category- all the blogs sorted from their recent posts.

    Here is the Blog post of CMF Ads new change: New: Browse Blogs

  9. @Mara:

    You should try to invest once the 20 cents. Afterward it's better to wait a few days otherwise the members will just click and run if there are no new updates.


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