Thursday, December 24, 2009

NEW @CMFAds - Get a Traffic Spike!

I just logged in at CMF Ads and what did i see a new way to get TRAFFIC to your blog! And it's a cheap way, too.

You just pay 20 cents and can get 50 visitors (0.4 cents/visitor) to your blog with the new TRAFFIC Option called Spikes.

The Advantages of Spikes

As an incentive to use this new TRAFFIC Option called Spikes the members who click on your Spike will receive for each click 0.2 cent.

That means if 50 blogs have bought an Spike (at the moment: 60), you can get 10 cents when you visit all 50 blogs. This money can be used "immediately" (i had around 5 minutes delay in recording these spikes in my funds) to buy an ad on other blogs. No longer waiting for 30 days until your first ad on your blog has finished!

As a security to get unique visitors, you can't click more than once each day on these blogs. After you refresh the page the already clicked blogs will disappear until 24 hours are over (UPDATE: or if already 50 other members have clicked on that blog it won't appear on the same day and on the following days, only if the advertiser buys again a spike!).

This system is only for Publishers, advertiser can't take part in Spikes!

The Disadvantage of Spikes

I think it will be the same like we can see in EntreCard and Adgitize with an incentive system to produce clicks (visits) for the members who bought a Spike - not only your visitors will spike but your BOUNCE Rate will SPIKE, too :)

I just clicked the 20 available spikes and that's it, you don't have to click through to another ad (like you do with Adgitize) or look for the Drop box of EntreCard. The visit may last just for a few seconds in a worst case scenario.


The Bounce rate seems to get a problem (for the advertisers) as i had already visited most the Entrecard/Adgitize-Blogs which have been in the Spikes list.
Perhaps i will use from now on this Spikes List as my start for dropping my EntreCards and Adgitize clicking. As it will give me the incentive of getting some cents for advertising or recovering/reducing the costs of my own spikes.
But nothing really new when you already a member of EntreCard - there you get ECs for each visit on a members blog- or Adgitize - there you get click points which convert at the end of the day in cents, too.

It's kind of a new paid-to-click opportunity with less cents than from Neobux but it won't turn into scam like many other PTC-Sites as it is funded by the paid advertisers!

For me a good opportunity to find some new "CMF-Ads only"-Blogs which i have never visited in the past!

What would you think about producing not only some traffic for these members but also giving them some COMMENT LOVE for getting some cents incentive from CMF-ADS?

After i missed out to comment on the first 20 blogs, i started to comment on all the other 40 blogs and will further comment on the newly added blogs!

We will see in the next weeks how many members will renew their spikes and how it affected their visits/bounce rates!

If you like to use this new cheap system at CMF Ads or if you want to place an CMF ad on my blog for 33 cents (between 5.500-6.500 ad views/month for your blog, 8.000+ pageviews/month), simply sign up here.


  1. One correction, which I too had wrong when I first posted my article. You cannot visit the same blog every 24 hours via Spike. You can only revisit that blog if that publisher buys a new Spike (50 clicks). This guarantees 50 unique visitors, not the same 10 people visiting every day for 5 days.

    The 5 minute delay before crediting funds shows you gave the system a good test. I hadn't timed it myself, but 5 minutes is much better than 30 days.

    Since the program just launched today, I would expect it to grow in popularity. That would give you more than the 20 current blogs that signed up in the last 6 hours to click on.

    You are correct in that Spike will have the same bounce rate issues as Entrecard or Adgitize. Once someone visits, there has to be something on the page to keep them interested. This is why CMF Spike is an additional feature at CMF Ads and not a replacement for our traditional banner program.

    Benefits? For some it may be killing 3 birds with one stone. EC drops, Adgitize clicks, and also earning some CMF Funds. There certainly is some overlap among those three networks.

    For others it may be the guaranteed 50 unique visitors. For those who do paid posts and charged based uypon traffic a post recieves, every little bit helps.

    The largest benefit is for those who want paid clicks, but don't want to play the games required by the other networks mentioned above. Maybe I don't want to publish an article daily, drops cards from my inbox to get people to reciprocate, or plaster my blog with 20 ads to meet some formula. I simply want 50 honest visitors to my blog as cheaply and simply as possible. I hope CMF Ads can deliver as promised.

  2. @Turnip:

    Thanks for the clarification with the unique visitors.

    This means if i didn't get 50 visitors within one day, the next day the members who visited me already, won't see my ad until my first spikes is finished with 50 unique members.

    After 2 hours i got now 4 visitors for my blog (and 1 from myself, perhaps this should be changed too, that the own account can't visit himself :) ) for the beginning a good number.

    We will see how fast the 50 visits are made by the members as they will look into this new option.

    Something else, i haven't been for most of the Spikes members at the moment a unique visitors as i visited them already from EntreCard, your system can't monitor such members.

    But it's good to have now a third choice in generating additional traffic and take them in my visiting routine with EntreCard & Adgitize!

  3. I promise you there will be more tweaks tomorrow. #1 feature I would like to see is the number of Spikes available for me to click on in the sidebar. As for seeing your own Spike, you don't have to click it. If you do, you will get paid for it. I noticed this issue as well early in our testing. We decided it was a good feature, because it gives additional confirmation that your Spike purchase went through, and that the link is working properly.

  4. Hey Cornyman - thanks for the review. We just added the number of spikes you haven't clicked yet to the navigation bar. I even found this post by clicking on your spike. So, thanks for supporting us, and we hope you get the most out of Spikes. Have a great Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours Cornyman!

    I tried the Spikes out today, will let you know how it worked out in a couple of days.

  6. After visiting more than 30 member who bought a Spikes, i just can say, you may get the traffic but there haven't been many comments from these visitors.

    This leads me to my first conclusion it's more to get the money than interacting with the blogs.

    I comment since today on all the Spikes-members to leave my traces on their blogs!

    Do you want to join the Comment-Spikes-Movement (traffic is not everything)

  7. Martin, may the joy and blessings of Christmas be yours and your family always.

    Re: your post on CMF Ads Spikes, I'd like to join in the Comment Spikes-Movement.

    Unfortunately I was not qualified in the Spikes because am not a publisher, but an advertiser. In fact I'd like to try the Spikes also, to gain extra blog traffic.

  8. Merry Christmas, Martin. Wish you have a nice day with your family.

    I try out Spikes but until now(10+ hours), i still have 21 spikes more to go. I wonder it really bring more traffic to my blog. And is Spikes worth to be use?

  9. Hope your Christmas is decorated with the laughter of loved ones,the warmth of good cheer,
    and every joy of the season.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Hi Martin, Have a restfull Christmas with your family.

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog through Spikes and for this article as well. I have always liked CMF ads and this just makes it even better. Your article and Turnip's response was very helpful.

  12. Hi Martin! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I saw the SPIKES system yesterday, and it looks great! I'm concerned about the bounce rate, but the community is strong; hopefully that will help to ease high bounce rates.

  13. I'm headed over to check this out. But I wanted to say Merry Christmas, Martin!

  14. I went through the spikes as well and I think it looks promising but admins and members have to address the potential bounce rate somehow.

  15. Hi Martin!Hats off to you on being among the firsts who are always on the lookout for new ways of earning money online and for not failing to share such information to people with the same interest like us! im not a CMF member yet because im just fairly new in blogosphere and ive decided to take one step at a time.. but for sure i know where to go if ill be joining CMF.

    and also I would like to THANK YOU for such a wonderful gift this holiday season! I saw it already and Im really grateful! :) No wonder why you are always blessed because you dont hesitate to share your blessings to others! thanks again! and Have a more fruitful new year ahead!


  16. Thanks for the review. I stopped using cmf about 3 months ago because I got less return compared to adgitize and EC, maybe I will give cmf another try.

  17. @everyone who wished Merry Christmas:

    Thanks for your wishes!!

  18. @Archon Digital:

    Yeah, the bounce rate is really to high and the time on the site is lower than from other Ad networks.

    The first Spike purchase seemed to be ok but on a second look i saw that only 7 of 32 recorded visits stayed longer than 30 second, 4 stayed less than 30 seconds and 21 stayed 0 seconds which means they open the website and close it immediately (to get the $$ from CMF).
    The second Spikes purchase (24 hours after the first one expired) is worse after 75% is used up. Less time on the site, higher than average bounce rate :(

  19. Just tried it today.
    Clicked 6 spikes but only credited for 1.

  20. Charmaine - you do not get credited immediately - it can take up to 1 hour before you get your payment. If you check the Transactions page, you should have been paid for all of the clicks. If you have further issues or questions, please talk to us directly at - posting comments on member's blogs is not an official support route. Thanks!

  21. wow. i'm still thinking if I'll give it a shot. maybe after contests I've sponsored. hihi


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