Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quickies for Adgitize, EntreCard, Contest, Comments

Hi, we are back from the visit of my wife's relatives in Penang and Alor Star (Malaysia) since the weekend.

Just wanted to make some quick announcements about new additions in Adgitize and EntreCard, the Holiday-Contest and my reply to comments.


There is now an option to BUY GIFTCARDS for Advertisement in Adgitize. This option is useful for contests, for "donations" or just as a gift for a blogger friend. They are available as 12$ gift for an ONE WEEK ad, as 18$ gift for a TWO WEEK ad and as 24$ gift for 31 DAY ad.

Throughout the 1st December the advertiser keep on dropping, it's a fact now that we lost over 60 advertiser since the end of October 2009. But this fact should not make anyone worry to stop advertising NOW.
I will keep advertising but change the ad in Adgitize to our All about babies and kids-Blog from 3rd December on.
In case you like to visit me after my Adgitize ad expires, simply follow me with Google Friend connect, bookmark me or subscribe to my blog :)

Why NOT stopping to advertise?
In every month there have been only 20% of the advertisers who earned back the money of their bought ad, this has been like this since i joined in April (there they changed the earnings system to the actual point system). And it will be again the same in December because of the specific calculation for each 100 point tier. In the coming days there will be less members in the 300/400 point tier and we saw already this effect throughout the last few days (Thanksgiving holidays).
Members who can score more than 300 or 400 points will have more stable earnings than the members who slipped in the 200 point tier. They have to share the same amount of money with more members.

More reasons to start/renew your ad now!

The last two days i see a sharp increase in clicks to my blog (around 30%-50% from the average 77 clicks --> 30th - 96, 1st December - 123):
  • one reason is that more advertisers stopped their ads and have now to click 100 ads instead of 50
  • the other reason less advertiser means higher chances to appear more often on the ad widgets and get surely a click!
In case you are not yet a member, you can join Adgitize today, start earning $$ and get traffic.
If you advertise as my referral for the first time you get 50% of my finder fee (9$) which would be 4,50$ via Paypal (Paypal may deduct fees of less than 50 cents).


After the invasion of sponsored ads in the last week the run for it has stopped as many members don't see it as an effective advertisement (too expensive as the 25$ just lasts for less than 5 days, less clicks if you advertise in one and the same category with the whole 25$).
When the spike of 12 sponsored ads had been reached, the 15% reserved air time was even exceeded by EntreCard, as many members experienced less clicks from their EC-based ads!

As an addition in the CAMPAIGN section, they added a new sign for EntreCard sponsors. The sign is a STAR in the ad image. It is also written in the user profile of these members.
It means the member has paid 5$/monthly or 48$/year to opt-out of displaying sponsored ads. On these blogs you will get now 100% airtime for your EC paid ads!
I saw in the last days four blogs with the star (Ad Master, SpicyBugz World, 2 of Maitri's Blog).

The Holiday-Contest

Thanks to the members who participated in this contest. The winners will be announced on this weekend on each of the five blogs!

Reply to your given comments during our holidays

I will reply to your comments in the coming days, so come back or subscribe by e-mail to the comments to stay in touch with the ongoing discussions!


  1. Very good updates on Adgitize and Entrecard. The reason why I always stop by your blog, not just to drop, but more importantly, to read and learn on the latest happenings and interesting updates especially on Entrecard.

  2. Awesome updates! Hope you had a GREAT time on your holidays.


  3. Welcome back CM and thanks for the great summary above. I didn't realize that the finder fees increased from $5 to $9 for 1st month? And what about the continuing reoccurring fees afterwards? Are they still $1/month or did they increase as well? As always, your friend, JL......

  4. @Eli:

    Thanks for your kind words!

  5. @John:

    Ken Brown wrote about the increase of the FINDER FEE to 8$ (+1$=9$) in the comment section of the ad price hike blog post.

    The 1 $ for advertising and renewing the ad remains the same amount.

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. @DogsDeserveFreedom:

    Thanks for the heads up!

    The Holiday update can be read on All about babies and kids :)

  7. Yehey. Goodluck to everyone.

  8. It is always good to hear your updates. I find it really informative and helpful. Keep it up!

    ... I know you have thousands of ECs already, still, I'm giving you EC credits for being one of my top EC droppers for November :)


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