Monday, December 21, 2009

ADGITIZE ADS NOW AGAIN ONLY 14$ + Giveaway of Adgitize ads!

Adgitize has reduced the Ad price back to 14$ from today on. This was announced just minutes ago.

The members who bought ads with the higher prices will get an FREE EXTENSION OF THEIR AD DURATION (Cost will be paid by Adgitize):

If you have an ad in the system today at the higher rates then we will extend that ad for 22 days for $24 ad / 10 days for $18 ad / 5 days for $12 ad. Adgitize will pick up the cost during those extra days and you won’t see a reduction in publisher payouts with the extended ads. All ad bonuses will be paid at the level of the ad price. As we progress through January 2010 you will see earnings begin to drop each day as new ads enter the marketplace at the new prices. This will be a gradual process.
The effect on the earnings is similar to the earnings in November, this time just in the opposite direction - downwards.

To maintain a healthy financial level for Adgitize themselves, the earnings from the TOP EARNERS will be cut down by 2 - 4 $.
I think this means you only can get a cash rebate of a fully paid ad when you get more than 430 points from January/February 2010 on!

More information will come as soon as Ken Brown replies to the comments or in the forum to our questions!

The affiliate / referral bonus will sink to 5$ for a 14$ ad, 3$ for a 10$ ad and 2$ for a 7$ ad!
For the existing members the traffic will sink from now 88 visitors back to 60 - 80 visitors (depending if we reach again the 200 advertiser accounts level in the next few weeks).
In the last 6 hours since announcement 5 new advertiser accounts (could be more than 5 additional ads) have joined to the new ad price!

That's why NOW IS THE TIME to sign up (if you're not yet an Adgitize member) and start advertising in the days before Christmas and get a nice traffic boost (up to 88 visitors/daily). The earnings will be high until mid of January 2010, afterward they will reach the level before the November price hike. You will see a good income in the next two weeks as most of the blogger are in holiday (especially as Advertiser with a 31 day ad for 14$).

BONUS for my REFERRALS (who haven't advertised yet or didn't renew their ad in the last 6 months)

A 777$ Giveaway in Adgitize FIRST TIME ONE WEEK ADS (111 ads)

You can choose between

50% of my referral income for your FIRST-TIME AD via Paypal (less fee of 0.30 $ +3.9% of the amount = 0.36 - 0.42 $)
  • for a one week ad (7 $) - 1,50 $
  • for a two week ad (10 $) - 2,00 $
  • for a 31 day ad (14 $) - 3,00 $

a FREE ONE WEEK AD for 7$ (gives you 60 -80 visitors/daily -> 420 -560/week + earnings of 50 - 75 cents/daily, for the week up to 5 $ for you),

If you choose the ONE WEEK AD, you'll get a gift certificate from me (valid for 90 days).
PLEASE write me a comment on this post or in EntreCard a message so that i can sent you the certificate number (after affiliate approval from Adgitize) and you can use it immediately for your advertising and test yourself how much traffic and earnings you can achieve in this FREE WEEK.

Time to read Part 3 of Adgitize: Can we RISK advertising again? to see in which areas you can increase your earnings!


  1. AWESOME!!!!!! This just makes me love Adgi even more! Woo hoo!! :)

  2. wow great! now at least I dont have to wait for another few months to try advertising :) do u think, i should try it now?? :) or wait til Jan 2010? thanks much!

  3. @Marice:

    The earlier you advertise the better because now there are less advertiser in the system (more visits for you), it will be a less active time during Christmas and New Year which gives you higher earnings (read the previous post about the increasing earnings on weekends/holidays).

  4. Hey there. I didnt see that Adgitize reduced the rate to $14 a month again. Hopefully, Ken will keep us posted. Many thanks!

  5. @Metallman:

    Simply click on the link in the first sentence. This will take you direct to the new Blog post from Adgitize.

  6. thanks much for answering my post! :)

  7. btw if i read it right on your above post, you are offering a free advertising for a week? how generous of you! im very much interested! :)

  8. Cornyman -

    Last night, I renewed my Lottery Power Picks ad and bought another spot on the Preferred Publishers List for my BiMonthly. You can't beat the $14/month price.

    Ken & the other Adgitize members need to be applauded for there action and I am certain they will reach the 300+ advertisers soon.

    I wish you and your family a joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

    John Lottery

  9. @Marice:

    The offer is at the moment just for my own referrals (existing and new ones). In the coming days i will modify the Giveaway and allow members who are not my own referrals to take part in it (writing a blog post about this give-away).
    It will be like this:
    For 10 own referrals who start advertising or take my free ad offer, i give away 1 ONE WEEK AD to a NON-Referral.

    This will be given away from time to time as soon as 10 referrals have done the advertisement
    This means it could take some weeks until you can win this.

  10. @John:

    Good to see you back on board in Adgitize.
    As i wrote in the forum and in my previous post i just didn't agree with reducing the ad price and the members who paid 24$ will see less earnings than before.

    Now Ken made a wise decision and give these advertisers up to 22 days FREE advertising, i guess in these days i will earn up to 14$ without investing any money (until 24th January).

  11. ahh okay thanks for being so accommodating! :)

  12. So I don't forget I am stopping by to wish you, and yours a very Merry Christmas.

  13. congrats again Martin! Saw that you were able to receive your payout from Adgitize. Sad that I won't be advertising again til probably the end of January :( I didnt reach the minimum payout for December since I started advertising later this december. I truly enjoyed the additional traffic I got not to mention the earning. Thanks again!


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