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Adgitize: Can you RISK advertising again? -Part 2-

Is buying an Adgitize ad a risky business?
In response to two comments of Adgitize: Can you RISK advertising again? Part 1 and the following discussion in the Adgitize's Forum i wrote the following thoughts

The comments have been about a CHRISTMAS promotion for ONE DAY (Eli) or for several weeks (John). The promotion should allow advertisers to buy the ad again for 14$!

Like i mentioned in my response to John's and Eli's comment on my blog post Adgitize: Can you RISK advertising again? Part 1 i hoped that Ken Brown won't implement a ONE DAY Promotion. (Luckily he didn't)

This will lead to the same or worse EFFECT like the LAST MINUTE ADS in OCTOBER. A lot of advertisers whose ad will expire in the next days would wait the following days until Christmas!

This would lead to a further loss of advertisers (around 5 advertisers/daily). The earnings would already fall during the time until Christmas.


After "loosing" 70 ads in the system (many have been second, third ads which won't be bought anymore with the actual prices!) -which in my opinion is a natural cleaning process- the exact same would happen again. We gain 50 to 70 (old) advertisers, some with second or third ads.

The point system gets blown up (100 advertisers points x 70 = 7.000 points) but the earnings will SINK for everyone who advertises, when suddenly 30 - 40% of the ads in the system are CHEAPER than the previous 24$ ads.

It would make the whole system worse as the old 24$ ad would expire (from the advertisers who bought a second ad) and nobody would know if they can earn again enough to cover their costs in January/February.

Who would buy an ad in the first 2 or 3 weeks of January for 24$ when you know exactly you won't get your $$ back (many members only advertise when they can earn back their invested money) but "loose" more than 30% of your invested money?

This would cause a more severe problem from mid January on and you would see that the advertiser number would drop much more than now.

At the moment is Christmas time, it should be understandable for everyone that many members have to use their money for Christmas presents or just don't have so much time during these days to invest in blogging/blog hopping.

As soon as the new year begins and the NEW PAYMENT PROOF will show the results, new (and old) advertisers will join Adgitize again as the results will be the same like in the past (20%-30% of the advertisers reach the invested amount as payout).

At the moment you can achieve with 390 - 410 points 79 - 93 cents (which covers the cost for an 31 day ad for 24$ + a small profit of a few $), even when you would achieve just 310 points on one or two WEEKDAYS/week you earn between 60 - 70 cents.

PS: Perhaps a cash rebates for advertiser who advertise continuously (or for a special time frame - loyalty rebate) would be more acceptable or like in the Preferred Publisher Program, automatic monthly subscription with a rebate (22$) or quarterly advance payment (60$) would be more attractive promotions which wouldn't hurt the overall earnings of all advertisers/publishers as these promotions would be used only by a minority.

Now i got distracted from the comments as i had other ideas for my Part 2 of this post. I will write it in Part 3 before i start the NEW CONTEST.

Over the weekend i will launch an ADGITIZE Contest, the contest will last until END OF MARCH 2010 and might have a value of 1.212 $ (depending on the amount of participants).

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  1. i really like the idea of bulk ad discounts.
    I would definitely buy a subscription if i save a couple dollars a month!

  2. After reading Ken's reply to this discussion i guess that there will be in the next months some kind of promotion going on.
    I hope it will be something similar to my suggestion (small discounts of 5 - 20%) as this won't hurt the overall earnings but help Adgitize to maintain and strengthen their financial situation in case they need earlier new servers or workers.

  3. Martin, Tis the season to be TIRED. I am sorry to have been away for awhile, but the holiday season tends to take all your free time and blogging time away from you. With that being said, I wish you a Very Merry Holiday and hope you get to enjoy many warm smiles with your whole family, kindest regards Glenn and all your friends at MOB :-)


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