Friday, December 4, 2009

Adgitize: Have you heard this news yet? I guess you have :)

The next quicky about Adgitize as they published yesterday a blog post about new enhancements as we are now a group of more than 5.000 members (just 100 members one year ago!) and 150 advertisers! Congratulations to this achievement :)

The new enhancement would be that you can see now on the Preferred Publisher List the NEWEST ARTICLE of your blog.

But there is at the moment a glitch in the system if you have MORE THAN ONE BLOG registered in your account and if the blog which is preferred publisher is NOT THE BLOG which will be fetch by the Feed reader at first.

This problem will hit these members
  • who publish only one or two articles for their blogs per day but not necessarily for their preferred publisher blog (like it is in my case with The One Minute Guide - today there was my previous article from this blog mentioned!).
  • who have more than one blog in the preferred publisher program as the Feed reader only takes the first written post of the day from ONE BLOG
How to solve this problem!

Go to the Contact Us link (right side at the top) and write Ken Brown a message that he should temporarily disable to display the "Last post title" for your preferred publisher blog(s) until this glitch is resolved.

But you can use it for your advantage, too! :)

Just use an attractive title and when the members look now more for the title than the blog name, you can add up some new visitors or readers for that day (even when the post is on another blog, perhaps you should link in this case to this specific blog!).

Sign up additionally for the Preferred Publisher Program (see my Adgitize Preferred Publisher tutorial) in Adgitize to promote your website as this is now a much better value when you post interesting articles (it doesn't have to cost you a dime when you use the free option for one of your blogs!)

Update for the ongoing Project: Let's see what's going on in Adgitize (earnings/advertiser statistic to proof the earnings prediction from 7th October)

I will publish this update on the weekend or when the first weekly earnings are out (9th December) and it won't be anymore a simple list which takes you hours to read and look only at hundreds of numbers like in the last one :)

As for the first published earnings day on 1st December, i can say the effect was still influenced by the old 14$ ads as they expired on that day. We saw the biggest drop in advertisers with a loss of 13 "ads" from the system to 158 active ads.
On the 2nd December there has been a smaller loss of advertiser with just 6 leaving the system to 152 ads.
In the first hours of 3rd December we dropped further to 149 ads but recovered to 151 ads.
Same for 4th December dropped by 3 to 148, guess we will recover little bit :)

Even when we lost now advertisers, the earnings are still profitable for members who can score more than 400 points daily (will improve after the weekend!) and as advertiser you get again MORE CLICKS for your ads than in November!

Earnings for 1st December with 470 points - 0.88 $ (+10 Cents profit as 78 cents/daily needed to pay for an ad)

2nd December
with 500 points - 1.06 $ (+38 Cents overall) -predicted earnings have been 1.20 $ but we have 30 advertisers less than in the prediction, a good enough number for the 1st day without old 14$ ads!!


  1. Cornyman,

    It's great to hear that some advertisers are getting to the levels that they can earn their money back.

    But I wonder: How much money did they spend to get 470 - 500 points?

    I was able to earn 480 points when I bought 2 ($14) ads, clicked on all sites, published, and was a free preferred publisher, etc. And I doubt this level would be difficult to acheive for bloggers with only 1 ad.

    So, even though someone is receiving this many points now & getting $0.88 - $1.06, they most likely spent more than the $24 that you are comparing the numbers to.

    On the other hand, if indeed folks are getting this many points w/ only 1 ad, please share the secret -- I'm sure many others would like to know the insight for getting more traffic & points.



  2. Hi JL,

    can you wait for the article in a few hours... as there is only one secret that lead you to so many points daily with which you can claim your free ad in Adgitize.

    Until then, keep on dropping!


  3. Based on my own experience, if you have only ONE blog and ONE ad, which many bloggers advertising in the Adgitize are, it is impossible to earn 470-500 points daily.

    So I'm wondering.

    In my case, for example, when I publish and do Adgitize 100, and with my paid preferred publisher's 25 points, I can only earn 425 points, broken down as:

    Article points -- 100
    Click points -- 100
    Ad views points -- 50
    Page views points --50
    Advertiser points -- 125
    Total points -- 425

    With the points, I earned $ 0.78 - $ 0.92.

    But to get these points I'm spending a total of $ 31.00 ($ 24.00 for a 31-day ad + $ 7.00 monthly subscription as preferred publisher).

    Of course, when I had 2 ads I was getting 475 points, but then I had to spend more.

  4. Hi Martin,

    I would like to know about how many advertiser required to make our earning as per prediction ($1.20 for 500 point)..?

  5. @Bachrum:

    The earnings prediction from Ken Brown was based on 180 advertisers, so we need 30 more advertiser in the system (as of 11th December: 151) to achieve on average 1.20 $ for 500 points (on weekends/Christmas it could be achieved already with less visitors).


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